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SCP-828-JP-A-72 after recovered

Item #: SCP-828-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In accordance with Protocol-828, SCP-828-JP-A is to be transported to its designated Foundation Site as soon as recovered. The archaeological site where SCP-828-JP-A was discovered and its surrounding area have been cordoned off under the cover story of a landslide in order to prevent civilians from entering the area.

Description: SCP-828-JP-A is the collective designation for anomalous entities, whose shape bear close similarities to haniwa, discovered from ████████ Archaeological Site located in the town of ████████, ████████, ████████ Prefecture. All instances of SCP-828-JP-A are identical in appearance and are excavated from the same location every two months; initially, these were classified as Anomalous Item as other properties were not detected. As of this writing, up to 20 instances of SCP-828-JP-A can be excavated at the same time.

When several instances of SCP-828-JP-A gather within ██m of each other, the gravity in a 2 m radius around each instance is weakened. The gravity of the affected area become exponentially weaker in inverse proportion to the space density of SCP-828-JP-A instances. This phenomenon also occurs when SCP-828-JP-A has already lost its original shape. While SCP-828-JP-A can destroy by using any tools, its fragments retain anomalous properties; therefore destroying of SCP-828-JP-A is not recommended.

When 10 or more instances of SCP-828-JP-A are arranged next to each other, their anomalous effect become more pronounced. Not only weakening the gravity, SCP-828-JP-A fuse with the adjacent instances and transform into a rocket-shaped cylindrical structure (hereafter SCP-828-JP-B). While the appearance of SCP-828-JP-B varies, it consistently takes the shape of a multistage rocket (including Saturn V and Ares I) with haniwa-shaped nose cone. To date, there are no cases of SCP-828-JP-B transforming back into SCP-828-JP-A instances.

Containment Breach Report: 20██/11/██, an instance of SCP-828-JP-B breached the containment during the transfer from Site-55██. SCP-828-JP-B broke through its transfer container and stood upright, before launching itself into the sky. The impact of its launch destroyed the transport vehicle and severely injured 2 personnel. Captured footage revealed that the shadow of a humanoid figure was reflected on the "window" of SCP-828-JP-B. The identity of this humanoid, as well as the whereabouts of the launched SCP-828-JP-B, is currently unknown.

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