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Item #: SCP-828-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-828-KO is a containment chamber in and of itself; it does not need additional containment. Changes in the subject's status are to be immediately reported.

Revised 20██/█/█: An outpost has been constructed near SCP-828-KO. Outpost personnel are to moniter SCP-828-KO, and subdue SCP-828-KO-1 by all means necessary if it exits SCP-828-KO.

Description: SCP-828-KO is a containment chamber located at Foundation territory of the ████ desert. The subject's surface is made of an unknown metal with a Foundation logo drawn on it. Reports show regenerative capabilties of the metal when a damage of over 5mm in depth is done to it.

On 20██/█/█, personnel related to SCP-828-KO were able to recall some information related to the subject. The list below is compiled based on the testimonies of the personnel.

SCP-828-KO is a containment chamber built according to Dr V████'s proposal. The subject is built for complete containment of any SCP. For that reason, multiple anomalous devices were involved in the construction of the subject. The subject's parts are listed below1

  • A device that generates and cooks food.
  • A monitor that displays simple media for entertainment
  • A device that combines tunes to play music.
  • A layer capable of absorbing about 80% of the shock it receives.
  • A notably sturdy wall with properties similar to SCP-828-KO's surface.
  • An antimemetic conceptual proliferation inhibitor.
  • Scranton Reality Anchor that adjusts the interior Hume concentration to 1.5.
  • A spacetime [DATA EXPUNGED] which neutralizes itself before destruction.
  • Scranton Reality Anchor that adjusts the interior Hume concentration to 2.2 on the destruction of the device above.
  • Xyank-Anastasakos Constant Time Singularity.
  • A barrier that blocks internal radio signals.
  • The surface of SCP-828-KO

Dr V████ seems to have made and entered SCP-828-KO at 19██/█/██ for testing purposes, before activating it, locking himself in.

Addendum: On 20██/█/█, as fragments of information regarding SCP-828-KO reappeared in the memories of related individuals. It is hypothizised that Dr V████ broke the antimemetic conceptual proliferation inhibitor. Due to this, it is possible that he may have turned into a Keter Class anomaly, leading to Dr V████ being designated as SCP-828-KO-1; updated containment procedures are implemented.

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