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Item #: SCP-829-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The traits and size of SCP-829-KO make physical containment of the object unavailable. An observatory built near SCP-829-KO is to constantly measure the gravitation of the object. Measures to deploy nuclear weapons around the object are currently under discussion.

Attempts to neutralize POI-0544 are to be postponed as long as SCP-829-KO exists.

Photographs of and incidents related to SCP-829-KO are to be dealt with per standard disinformation protocol.

Description: SCP-829-KO is a sphere eight kilometres in diameter, thought to be two asteroids merged together. SCP-829-KO maintains a relative distance of 100 kilometres from earth, over [REDACTED] in the Pacific Ocean. No methods have proven successful at moving the object. It was visible to the naked eye at its initial time of discovery, but currently, no visible observation, including radio wave observation is possible.

Destruction of SCP-829-KO is impossible. Four destruction attempts have been made. In the first three attempts, the methods to destroy it were destroyed instead, and on the latest attempt, all personnel related to the attempt were turned into paper. The employees returned to normal a week later.

If SCP-829-KO crashes into earth, an XK-Class End of the World Scenario is expected to happen.

A word which reads "████" is carved onto the surface of SCP-829-KO. Searching the word on the Foundation database showed it was the name of POI-0544. Under the scripture, the following contents are written under the title: "SCP-829-KO or the FAQ for KTE-Boschu-Green-Child."

To the SCP Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition

  1. I am indeed the person you classify as a reality bender or a type green, and yes I did some dirty deeds in the past.
  2. Of course, I do not have any intention of doing those deeds again, and I am resting somewhere on earth. Also, I made this thing to take a break in peace. I don't want to get killed by you.
  3. I'm constantly applying force to this here, so don't attempt to move it or something. If I die, the power will disappear, and this rock will crash into the ocean and end the world or whatever.
  4. I think the GOC will confirm that I didn't use any sort of spell that binds this to my life, so you can't launch this to outer space after breaking some kind of spell.
  5. Attempts for destruction are futile. You'll probably know that by now since you've tried about ten times to do so. But I'll allow some things like taking a sample of this rock. I'm not that rigid of a person. However, if you do take a sample, please return it in a month.
  6. I have sent the same message to other organizations such as the Serpent's Hand so that you don't need to contact those groups.
  7. If you want to make this invisible, stick a note here. Of course, you can still touch it, and it'll fade off when I die. If you want to make it visible again, leave another note here.

In short, leave this thing alone.
p.s. I'll neutralize this myself when I'm about to die of natural causes.

The Foundation undertook a joint investigation with the GOC for a month after SCP-829-KO's discovery, and it proved the scripture true. Per an agreement, the Foundation and the GOC began respective investigations for two weeks. After that, a note was delivered to SCP-829-KO. A combined effort has censored all photographs of SCP-829-KO with the GOC.

Satellite logs show that SCP-829-KO stayed at its current location since ██/█/20██. Its discovery was made two days after, during the shipwreck of the SCPS Schinus. The GOC seems to have discovered the subject at approximately the same time. The two parties engaged in a minor battle that was quickly resolved, following SCP-829-KO being reported to both sides.

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