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Item #: SCP-830-KO

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-830-KO is contained in a standard botanical containment facility. The subject is to be sprayed daily with water using a sprinkler.

SCP-839-KO-1 must be contained in a standard Safe SCP object containment safe or small items storage. Experiments with the object require the approval of personnel of Level 3 or higher. Test subjects are to be administered C-Class amnestics after experiments.

SCP-830-KO-1 is stored in the employee lounge in a box. Site personnel can freely use SCP-830-KO-1. (Refer to Addendum 3)

Description: SCP-830-KO is visually and genetically identical to a common apple tree (Malus pumila). Its fruits (referred to as SCP-830-KO-1) are similar to a common slipper in terms of shape, texture and composition. Each SCP-830-KO-1 instance contains 1g of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and water, and is suitable for human consumption.

SCP-830-KO-1's anomaly changed drastically after Experiment 830/K-04.

Addendum 1: Experiment Log

Experiment 830/K-01

Conductor: Dr Springer
Test Subject: D-8871
Notes: D-8871 is a 27-year-old Caucasian female who worked in an orchard for 4 years before she was detained by the Foundation. She is guilty of five cases of arson. The experiment was conducted in an empty containment chamber at Site-██. Each process of the experiment was recorded with a camera inside the room. D-8871 had no prior knowledge about SCP-830-KO. At the date of the experiment, SCP-830-KO was not given a formal SCP designation yet.

<Start of Log>

Dr. Springer: Ah, Ah, D-8871, can you hear me?

D-8871: Yes, I can hear you. That's what you asked, right?

Dr. Springer: Correct. State your age and date of birth.

D-8871: Twenty-seven, ██████ ████. My birthday's around the corner by the way. Do you give out cakes here?

Dr. Springer: Just answer the question. Now tell me what fruit is on the table placed in the centre of the room.

D-8871: Okay. That's a tangerine… No, wait, was that an apple? What is that?

Dr. Springer: Describe how it looks like.

D-8871: That looks like… an ordinary apple. Red, round, stem on top but no leaf.

Dr. Springer: Why did you think it was a tangerine?

D-8871: I don't know. It just feels like it, I guess. In fact, that thing still feels like a tangerine. You know, when you know it by brain but can't comprehend it by heart. I'm a bit confused.

Dr. Springer: Now approach it, touch it, and describe the touch.

D-8871: Alright. [D-8871 approaches SCP-830-KO-1 and touches it] What is this?

Dr. Springer: How does it feel?

D-8871: It's obviously smooth since it's an apple. But uh… this feels like a cantaloupe. This is fucking confusing, what the hell?

Dr. Springer: Can you feel it in other ways, too?

D-8871: Okay. Let me smell first. This smells like… Right, a peach! Wait, no, it smells like apples… What the…

Dr. Springer: Try other senses too.

D-8871: Next is sound. Oh, this sounds like a watermelon. I still don't know why this is happening, but I guess I'd have to accept. I wonder how it tastes like.

D-8871 immediately consumes SCP-830-KO-1

Dr. Springer: Wait, we didn't do the toxicity tests ye… Crap.

D-8871: (Mumbling) Huh? I wasn't supposed to eat it? I think I swallowed a bit. Wait.

D-8871 immediately spits out SCP-830-KO.

D-8871: Dang, this tastes like lemon.

Dr. Springer: Thank you. Now you can come out.

<End of Log>

Notes: E-██████-1's sensory traits are quite peculiar. Extensive research is needed. Due to its effects, the subject will be issued a formal SCP designation. Also, seeing that D-8871 ingested the subject with no adverse effects, the subject seems to have no toxicity. — Dr Springer

Experiment 830/K-04

Conductor: Dr Springer
Test Subject: D-8874
Notes: D-8874 is a 32-year-old black male guilty of committing two murders. D-8874 was found and arrested at a small AWCY exhibition, and is proven to have no ability to make anomalous objects. The experiment was conducted in SCP-830-KO's containment chamber. Each process of the experiment was recorded by a camera inside the room. D-8874 had no prior knowledge about SCP-830-KO.

<Start of Log>

Dr. Springer: D-8874, can you hear me?

D-8874: I can. What is it again?

Dr. Springer: It's not much. Describe that for me.

D-8847 approaches SCP-830-KO-1.

D-8874: It's just a… (5 seconds of silence)

Dr. Springer: Speak.

D-8874: Just a moment. (3 seconds of silence) Can I break a twig from this tree? (Muttering) It needs just a little more something…

Dr. Springer: You may. Go on.

D-8874 breaks a branch from SCP-830-KO and throws it at SCP-830-KO-1, but misses.

D-8874: Crap.

Dr. Springer: What are you doing?

D-8874: Just wait. I can't make stuff but I'm quite good at seeing it.

D-8874 grabs the branch again and throws it horizontally. This time the branch hits SCP-830-KO-1, but it flies through the subject.

D-8874: There.

Dr. Springer: Did you just…

D-8874: See? I can.

D-8874 pushes his finger into SCP-830-KO and wears it. From this moment, all SCP-830-KO instances are recognized as slippers, including in prior recordings such as videos and photographs.

D-8874: Slipper.

Dr. Springer: What did you just do?

D-8874: I'll explain it later. Can I go?

Dr. Springer: (3 seconds of silence) Yes, you can.

<End of Log>

Notes: Reviewing all photograph and video records of the subject after the experiment showed SCP-830-KO-1 shaped like a slipper. Investigation of possible reality-bending did not yield results. After an interview with D-8874, re-classification of SCP-830-KO is to be considered. — Dr Springer

Addendum 2: Interview log

Interview Log 830/K-a

Interviewer: Dr. Springer
Interviewee: D-8874
Notes: This interview was conducted to ask D-8874 about experiment 830/K-04 approximately seventeen hours after said experiment. D-8874 was planned to receive a memory wipe and relocated nineteen days later but died due to drug misapplication by personnel.

<Start of Log>

Dr. Springer: Now we'll talk about the experiment.

D-8874: I don't think you'll understand, but I'll try.

Dr. Springer: First, explain what you did.

D-8874: It was a simple method to solve a trick. Nothing more, nothing less.

Dr. Springer: A trick? Can you briefly explain it?

D-8874: Well, alright. It's not that hard or anything. As far as I know, in the art world, this was made by someone who performed some sloppy stuff in front of people, saying it's performance art or whatever. I don't know that guy's name but he put down a white canvas, wrote down something in the lines of 'tell me what you want' under it, and sat down behind the canvas, watching.

Dr. Springer: And you didn't see this in person?

D-8874: Of course not. Let me continue. So, one of the bystanders said 'money' and the canvas suddenly was filled with drawings of money. Then the audience looked for some kind of audio-triggered device, but it was actually the artist drawing the picture in a second and then moving it on the canvas with some kind of mumbo-jumbo.

Dr. Springer: Interesting story.

D-8874: So anyway, he produced more works, each more diverse and complicated than the last. One example is a sculpture called 'pet a cat or a dog', to which he did something to make it look like the animal out of the two the petting person prefers. The actual sculpture actually had needles densely stuck on the surface, but the audience felt as if they were petting a cat or a dog while being stabbed by the needles. Anyways, I know how to see art, so I tend to catch those tricks well. It's the same this time. Oh, for your information the artist was hiding inside the pedestal.

Dr. Springer: Do you mean that the tree is also a work from AWCY?

D-8874: Nope. Nobody can do something like this, even artists. If anyone can do it they wouldn't be doing art.

Dr. Springer: Then what's this?

D-8874: Simply speaking it's (5 seconds of silence). Do you get it?

Dr. Springer: I don't understand.

D-8874: Of course. I wasn't expecting much. So, it's (5 seconds of silence). You don't seem to understand. Can I continue nevertheless?

Dr. Springer: Proceed.

D-8874 stands up and starts to sing. The song continues for approximately three minutes.

D-8874: How was it?

Dr. Springer: You sing well. But how does it matter now?

D-8874: A song! (Sigh) Yeah, I expected nothing from you. Let's stop the interview. You can't understand it anyways. Torture and drug me all you want but you'll never get what you want from me. Maybe you can understand, though.

Dr. Springer: But can't you explain it one more time?

D-8874: (Sigh) Okay. Let's do it.

D-8874 stands up again and starts to sing. The song continues for 20 seconds until Dr Springer stops him.

Dr. Springer: I think that's enough. Let's conclude the interview.

D-8874: I wasn't expecting anything.

<End of Log>

Notes: A series of interviews followed the initial interview but yielded no useful information from D-8874. Planning to obtain useful information from existing interview logs. — Dr Springer

Addendum 3:

SCP-830-KO is (SCP-830-KO-2)

Therefore, SCP-830-KO is reclassified as Keter. —

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