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An instance of SCP-831-JP.

Item #: SCP-831-JP

Object Class: Extranormal Euclid 

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, twenty instances of SCP-831-JP are stored at Biological Site-8102 for research purposes. The SCP-831-JP containment team and researchers are required to wear the prescribed attire that does not expose their bare skin at all times. Any personnel who come into direct contact with SCP-831-JP are to be immediately administered a Class A amnestic.

In order to detect unidentified cases of SCP-831-JP-1, ENT and psychiatric records in █████████ Prefecture are to be constantly monitored, as well as the Foundation search algorithms to scan online discussions of illness and hallucinations. When a suspected symptom of SCP-831-JP-1 is detected, agents are dispatched to confirm it. In case the subject is in the early stage of SCP-831-JP-1, they are to be administered a Class A to C amnestic (depending on when the symptom started) and are to be monitored until November seven years later; particular attention should be paid to the final year. Class D amnestic should only be administered with the permission of a personnel with a Level 3 Security Clearance.

In situations where more than twenty days have passed since the onset of symptoms without amnesticization, the subject is to be treated in the same procedure as Phase 2 patients. In such a case, the procedure must be conducted before the subject enters Phase 2.

Any affected individuals who have entered Phase 2 of SCP-831-JP-1 are to be terminated as victims of general illness, accident, or disappearance between January of the following year and December of six years later, in accordance with Protocol 831-JP-09 [Summer Course], which is audited by the Ethics Committee. Ideally, the procedure should be carried out in an enclosed indoor area. Detailed instructions are available in the attached document: [Collection Process for Separated 831-JP-1 Instances]. Level 3 Security Clearance is required to view the termination list of subjects. Changing the order is prohibited except under sudden and unforeseen circumstances. All generated instances of SCP-831-JP are to be collected and incinerated in accordance with the procedure, unless necessary for research.

Description: SCP-831-JP is an entity that closely resembles Hyalessa maculaticollis of the family Cicadidae, commonly known as min-min cicada in Japan. Its typical lifespan is expected to be similar to that of other cicadas, and it emerges from affected individuals of SCP-831-JP-1 around September and October. When an individual makes bare skin contact with an instance of SCP-831-JP, either alive or dead, it geometrically unfolds itself, contracts inward, collapses, and completely disappears within thirty seconds. This phenomenon occurs only when the contact is made while the subject recognizes the presence of SCP-831-JP. Approximately thirty minutes later, the subject has a 70% chance of contracting SCP-831-JP-1. All known instances of SCP-831-JP are male, and no females have been found as of 20██. While it is believed that they emerge among normal cicadas every seven years via SCP-831-JP-1, their biology prior to 197█ is unclear.

SCP-831-JP-1 is a hallucinogenic condition that causes three major phases of symptoms to the subject who is exposed to SCP-831-JP.

Phase 1: Approximately thirty minutes after contact, the affected individual begins to experience auditory hallucinations of a single cicada's call at all times. In addition, they feel the temperature to be 27-30°C, regardless of the actual ambient temperature and humidity. Since these are uncomfortable but not intolerable, approximately 20% of affected individuals may not seek medical attention, thinking that they are simply experiencing tinnitus or other symptoms of fatigue. The symptoms subside in around thirty to fifty days. If the memory of contact with SCP-831-JP is successfully amnesticized during Phase 1, the progression to Phase 2 does not occur.

Phase 2: If no intervention is taken during Phase 1, the affected individual experiences louder auditory hallucinations of cicadas and an increase in sensory temperature at roughly the same time period seven years later. The auditory hallucinations are described as "dozens of cicadas singing in [one's] head", causing the subject to have difficulty in talking and sleeping; the perceived volume is estimated to be around 150 decibels, interfering with social life. The sensory temperature is estimated to be approximately 40°C. When the subject in Phase II expires, dozens of SCP-831-JP instances are generated from their head. SCP-831-JP instances initially take the form of a typical cicada nymph and emerge from the victim's head, either through the eye sockets, nasal cavity, or conical holes about 1.5cm in diameter drilled from the inside by unknown means. Once outside, they immediately shed their skin to become adult cicadas and fly away, leaving husks on the subject's head. No trace of physical material is found inside the holes. These symptoms subside in thirty to fifty days if the subject survives; however, approximately 30% of affected individuals develop PTSD after recovery, and some may attempt suicide due to intolerable stress.

Phase 3: Currently, only one case of affected individual progressing to Phase 3 has been observed1. Phase 3 symptoms arise when an additional seven years have passed since the cessation of Phase 2. While It is believed that the affected individuals experience auditory hallucinations that are even louder than Phase 2, the details are unknown because communication could not be established. The subject, a D-Class personnel, expired in a few hours and generated 326 instances of SCP-831-JP.

SCP-831-JP-1 was categorized as an Extranormal Event during the period from the first occurrence on 197█/09/10 to the re-occurrence on 198█/09/██. The following is the record of this period.

Event Description: Nine residents of the town of ████████, █████████ Prefecture, consulted ENT and psychiatric clinics due to auditory hallucinations of a cicada singing. Further examination of their symptoms revealed that they were also experiencing sensory temperatures of around 30°C. Both symptoms gradually faded away, and there were no more residents complaining of symptoms by mid-October.
Date of Occurrence: 197█/09/10
Location: The town of ████████
Follow-up Actions Taken: The town residents were provided with a cover story of stress disorder caused by extreme heat, and several residents and doctors were administered Class A to B amnestic as necessary. It has been four years since the incident, and no unusual events have occurred in the residents since then.
If only my vacations became longer along with the summer season, I wouldn't complain. - Dr. ████████

Addendum 831-1: Object Class Reclassification Timeline

On 198█/09/05, during what was essentially the second outbreak cycle, the symptoms resurfaced in seven residents who had complained seven years earlier in 197█, as well as in additional twenty four residents (including three individuals in █████████ Prefecture who were subsequently identified as former town residents of ████████ in 197█). Fourteen residents who had experienced the symptoms in 197█ (including seven individuals who did not seek medical attention at the time) complained of hearing cicadas singing at an even more unbearable volume and experiencing an increase in sensory temperature.

The amnesticization of the patients who entered Phase 2 had no effect, and forced sleep with medication was only mildly effective. While the symptoms subsided in mid-October as previously observed, two suicide attempts had been made by then, three individuals developed mental disorders, and six others showed residual PTSD. A cover story about psychiatric disorders caused by a toxic substance accidentally leaked from a nearby chemical plant was disseminated, and compensation was paid to several residents.

On 198█/11/██, the corpse of a man (███ █████████) living alone in an apartment in ████████ was discovered. It had been fourteen days since his death, and his notebook indicated that he was suffering from Phase 2 of SCP-831-JP-1. His face and head were covered with numerous holes and forty two husks of SCP-831-JP nymphs, and inside the room there were thirty one carcasses of SCP-831-JP that failed to escape from the apartment. A police officer who entered the room came in contact with a carcass of SCP-831-JP and experienced Phase 1 symptoms of SCP-831-JP-1; following the report by an undercover agent in the police department, the subsequent investigation was handed over to the Foundation.

Two town residents who were administered Class A amnestic in 197█ were found not to have experienced a resurfacing of symptoms in 198█. When the non-amnesticized SCP-831-JP-1 victims were asked to recall events around the onset of their symptoms, it was revealed that many of them had been in contact with entities suspected to be SCP-831-JP instances, such as being hit by a flying cicada or kicking a cicada carcass in their flip-flops.

Since a close causal relationship between SCP-831-JP and SCP-831-JP-1 was deemed almost certain, this phenomenon was reclassified from an Extranormal Event to an Euclid-class anomaly.

Addendum 831-2: Protocol 831-JP-09 [Summer Course] Establishment Timeline and Subsequent Incidents

On 198█/04/██, an amnesticization procedure for Phase 1 subjects of SCP-831-JP-1 was proposed, as well as Protocol 831-JP-09 [Summer Course] for future Phase 2 subjects. While the amnesticization procedure was approved, Protocol 831-09 [Summer Course] was withheld pending completion of a long-term follow-up experiment with a D-Class personnel who was intentionally infected with SCP-831-JP-1 (D-225641).

On 199█/04/██, an individual affected in 198█ and suffering from mental disorders due to it committed suicide in his room, which generated an estimated over three hundred instances of SCP-831-JP. Approximately one hundred instances escaped outdoors, and in the following month, thirty six people — including two family members who were living together with the victim — were infected with Phase 1 of SCP-831-JP-1. In view of the undeniable possibility that the accidental deaths of Phase 2 subjects in an unenclosed environment could result in a major containment breach at a level that could not be concealed, Protocol 831-JP-09 [Summer Course] was approved before the completion of the D-Class experiment, and was implemented for the 198█ Phase 2 subjects.

199█/09/██, the third outbreak cycle. Twenty five Phase 1 cases and sixteen Phase 2 cases of SCP-831-JP-1 were newly recorded; the amnesticized 198█ subjects did not report any symptoms. D-225641 entered Phase 2 but subsequently recovered.

199█/09/██, the fourth outbreak cycle. Fifteen Phase 1 cases and four Phase 2 cases of SCP-831-JP-1 were newly recorded; the amnesticized 199█ subjects did not report any symptoms. D-225641 entered Phase 3 and expired a few hours later. 326 instances of SCP-831-JP were generated from his head, all of which were retrieved.

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