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This report has undergone major revisions with the implementation of Protocol Idol-835.

Item #: SCP-835-JP

Object Class: Keter Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, containment of SCP-835-JP is currently impossible. In the event of a suspicious death of a Foundation employee allegedly involved with this object, Mobile Task Force Ku-3 "Bonfire" is to cordon off the crime scene and investigate it. It is recommended that the deaths be disguised as unrelated incidents whenever possible, with consideration for the morale impact on surrounding personnel.

SCP-835-JP "Keteru Yamiko" has been neutralized by Protocol Idol-835, described below. The possibility of strengthening containment by expanding the scope of the protocol outside the Foundation is currently being studied in order to prepare for potential containment breaches that could result from a major cognitohazard or similar incidents within the Foundation.

Description: SCP-835-JP is described as a teenage girl with long black hair who wears mainly black school uniforms, named Keteru Yamiko. Although her age and appearance may increase or decrease in about 10 years, and she can wear clothing that is not a student uniform, she is generally considered "attractive". Her character is often described as melancholic due to her taciturnity and lack of emotional ups and downs, and she greatly dislikes the idea of ​​others seeing her.

"Keteru Yamiko" can teleport from one dark area to another regardless of distance or obstructions; she utilizes this ability to approach, attack, and kill targets quickly with a large kitchen knife in her possession. She is also said to have the ability to control darkness at will, engulfing objects and making them disappear, although the principle behind this is unknown. Due to her abilities, she was kidnapped and raised as an assassin by a Group of Interest that is hostile to the Foundation, and it is believed that this is how her current personality was formed.

Further detailed information about "Keteru Yamiko" is available in its dedicated archive.

SCP-835-JP was originally a phenomenon that occurred only to the Foundation personnel, first identified in 19██. The phenomenon occurs in a cycle of about 1 to 3 months, and the subject who encounters it disappears from the place in a few seconds to a dozen, with a large amount of blood left behind. No subject, dead or alive, has ever been rediscovered. Investigations have confirmed that the blood left at the scene was the subject's, and its amount suggests that the subject was fatally injured before the disappearance. There are no significant common features of SCP-835-JP in terms of subject, time, or location, except that the victim is invariably a Foundation employee and the scene is a dark places with poor visibility1.

Due to its unpredictability, suddenness, and the fact that the victims disappear without exception, no experimental observations of this phenomenon have been successful, and the details remain unknown to date. Based on the limited information obtained from the testimonies of witnesses who were present at the scene, as well as surveillance video footage, it is known that the victims acted as if they were being attacked by some imperceptible entity; however, the existence of the attacker has never been corroborated.

Incident 835: On ██/██/20██, a booklet with a hand-drawn, anime-style girl titled "Artist's Impression of SCP-835-JP" was found on the desk of Research Assistant ██. After reviewing the contents of the booklet on the spot, it was discovered that the character in question had been given the name "Keteru Yamiko" and a set of attributes such as personality, origins, and abilities. The booklet was submitted to Head Researcher ███ on the same day; it was later announced that Research Assistant ██ admitted that the booklet belonged to him and that he would be transferred after a few days of suspension.

However, since Incident 835, the phenomenon that had previously occurred in a cycle of at least 3 months remained inactive for about 5 months. Dr. ██, believing the two are somehow related, enacted Protocol Idol-835.

Addendum 835-1: Protocol Idol-835: Due to the prolonged inactivity of SCP-835-JP "Keteru Yamiko" after Incident 835-JP, it was speculated that the anomaly was influenced by the perceptions of the Foundation personnel. Based on this hypothesis, Dr. ██ recommended and received approval to implement Protocol Idol-835, with the goal of embedding a shared perception of SCP-835-JP in the Foundation personnel. As a common setting for dissemination, the setting of "Keteru Yamiko", which was acknowledged by a significant number of personnel during Incident 835, was adopted as it was, considering the fact that it had already been effective to some extent, and because of the importance of smooth and immediate transmission of information.

On ██/██/20██, the Protocol was put into practice. Firstly, all documents and information referring to SCP-835-JP were revised to make it easier for the viewers to associate them with "Keteru Yamiko", by including a detailed setting and replacing the object's designation number with a unique name. In addition, as part of a publicity campaign for staff, a large number of public relations magazines, supplies, common items printed with the character visual of "Keteru Yamiko", which was designed by the Foundation illustrators, were widely disseminated at the facilities. Fictional novels, manga, animations with "Keteru Yamiko" as the main character were produced in sequence, and their viewing was recommended. Through these efforts, the Foundation has succeeded in making almost all personnel share the recognition of SCP-835-JP "Keteru Yamiko" in a few months, and no activation of the object has been reported since then.

Although these publicity campaigns are currently being scaled-down, items featuring "Keteru Yamiko" remain in various facilities in order to maintain a certain level of recognition, and the Foundation regularly organizes creative sessions based on the theme of "Keteru Yamiko".

SCP-835-JP is probably a manifestation of the instinctive fear that something threatening oneself may be lurking in the darkness. But the imaginary monster we once feared has now been reduced to a clichéd character with Protocol Idol-835. —Dr. ██

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