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Item #: SCP-838-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The quarantine of SCP-838-JP affected area has been deemed to be impractical as SCP-838-JP's range of activity has encompassed the entire city of [REDACTED], where has several world famous tourist attractions. Affected area is to be patrolled by Mobile Task Force み-2 ("Molewhackers") to prevent the manifestation of SCP-838-JP beforehand. Any witnesses of SCP-838-JP are to be administered the amnesiacs and released. Any informations verifying/suggesting the existence of SCP-838-JP are to be thoroughly concealed.

Description: SCP-838-JP is the collective designation of SCP-838-JP-A to -E, the anomalous entities that manifest throughout the city of [REDACTED]. Appearance and notable features of SCP-838-JP-A to -E are as follows:

SCP-838-JP-A Vehicular traffic signal. Some instances have been noted to have the arrow signal light.
SCP-838-JP-B Pedestrian traffic signal. Some instances has adopted the pedestrian-control style by a push button.
SCP-838-JP-C Mailbox. Thus far, no postal matters have been placed into SCP-838-JP-C by the civilians.
SCP-838-JP-D Streetlight.
SCP-838-JP-E Road sign.

SCP-838-JP-A, -B and -D can function normally despite the lack of power supply. There is the individual differences of -A/-B/-D's lighting time and -E's categories; further informations are available in Attached Document 838-1.

SCP-838-JP manifests on the ground surface of affected area with no advance notice; the condition/absence of the pavement, traffic density and importance have no relation to the manifestation point of SCP-838-JP. SCP-838-JP immediately after the manifestation is perpendicular to the ground, about 1mm in height. Over the course of approximately 10 minutes, SCP-838-JP grows to be the same size to its non-anomalous counterpart, and becomes visually indistinguishable. In addition, SCP-838-JP has observed to imitate the aged deterioration of its surrounding objects and landscape. While the frequency of manifestation is still unknown, it has estimated that at least 10 SCP-838-JP instances appears throughout the city every day.

If an individual who directly observes an SCP-838-JP instance felt a certain level of distrust towards its presence, SCP-838-JP instance in question vanishes immediately. It is not currently known how SCP-838-JP senses the observer's feelings, as well as the exact level of distrust that causes the de-manifestation of SCP-838-JP; for reference, all known SCP-838-JP instances have not kept their presence more than 1 second after it was sighted by the Foundation personnel. In accordance with this, the clarification of composition and manifesting/growing process of SCP-838-JP has been considered to be unrealizable. Interviews with the persons who are known to touched SCP-838-JP instances in the past have revealed no useful information, except for the statements that those instances were "ordinary signals".

Due to its nature, SCP-838-JP was initially believed to be hallucinatory phenomenon as no evidences of its existence wasn't found despite a large number of report by civilians. However, a video footage including the growing process of an SCP-838-JP-B instance was discovered during the investigation, and SCP-838-JP instances were officially recognized as physical entities. Currently, 5 kind of SCP-838-JP instances are known (designated SCP-838-JP-A to -E).

Addendum-1: Further investigation revealed that a suspicious note paper was recovered in the city of [REDACTED] on 19██, prior to the discovery of SCP-838-JP. Document in question contains insufficient information, and was considered to be a kind of mischief at that time. However, the relation between this document and SCP-838-JP was pointed out by the Foundation personnel; these suggestions were deemed to be sufficiently persuasive. Contents of the document are as follows.

How have you been? We are having a good time.
We sent some of our jolly fellows, hope they already arrived to you.
They will sprout from the ground to do their best before long.
I'm only afraid that you think they are the misplaced kindness.
If you feel they're annoying, they will just disappear…

From Drunkness Street, with love

Addendum-2: In view of the discovery date of above-mentioned document, MTF members patrolled across the city while referring to a map for construction works of 19██; as a result, ██ instances of SCP-838-JP were disappeared. This has deemed to be a strong evidence that SCP-838-JP has spread all over the city by 19██. While the public disturbance due to the disappearing of SCP-838-JP instances was mostly suppressed by disinformation operation, the information control and monitoring are still continuing in the light of this anomaly's widespread nature.

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