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Item #: SCP-841-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-841-KO was originally contained in Site-27K. However, it is currently under temporary seizure by orders of the Foundation Korean Regional Command Internal Inspection Department. Site-04K Memetics Department is assigned for incident investigation duty.


Description: SCP-841-KO is the computer program "WeCU.exe", which is presumed to have been distributed to Pink&Green IT Academy1 SCP-841-KO's main function is pinpointing the physical location of visual hazards in a given image. (It should be noted that the program cannot find the hazard embedded in the image itself.) No information is known about its further functionality. The program is coded with a completely non-anomalous code. However, it produces its value via an unknown procedure. Despite the full reverse engineering by the research team, they were unable to deduce the program's mechanism.

A substantial amount of evidence points to a specific location outside the academy as SCP-841-KO's source, but nothing is known about it.





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    Notice from the Foundation Korean Regional Command

    On 15/11/2019, discussions on non-anomalous disaster response guidelines were conducted. This notice is posted on each site's open portal and SCP-841-KO document.

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      11/15/2019 Thaumiel Protocol.pdf 98.77KB//

      The Korean Regional Command positively reviewed the proposal above. The file contains the new protocol and a list of renewed site action procedures. Each site's administrative councils are to adequately apply said documents and report the newest orders. Disciplinary action against Dr Lee has been waived as per this council member vote.

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