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Item #: SCP-849-KO

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The single-detached house where SCP-849-KO is currently located has been purchased by the Foundation, and two Foundation personnel are stationed inside the home. Personnel are to observe the interior of SCP-849-KO and record any internal changes at any time.

As of 02/09/20██, SCP-849-KO has been reclassified as Neutralized. Containment procedures are not currently required.

Description: SCP-849-KO is an extradimensional space located in the basement of a single-detached house in Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do. Since the house's construction in 1985, neither the owner of the property nor the construction company were aware of SCP-849-KO's existence. Only Choi Young-sik, the son of the couple who lived in the house in 2003, was able to confirm that he knew of the existence of the space. Choi Young-sik does not currently reside in the house where SCP-849-KO is located.

At the time of discovery, most of SCP-849-KO was found to be moldy; the majority of organisms living within it were found dead, some of which were found to have undergone significant decomposition; and SCP-849-KO-4 structures had collapsed or were about to collapse. The exact reason for this phenomenon is currently unknown, but it is presumed to have occurred after former resident Choi Young-sik moved out of the property SCP-849-KO inhabits.

Addendum 1: SCP-849-KO Present Status

Designation Description
SCP-849-KO An extradimensional space located in the basement of a single-detached house. Much of the space is currently moldy, and the sky is a muddy color. Distortions in the interior of the space have also been captured.
SCP-849-KO-1 Bipedal brown felines measuring 150 centimeters in height; male instances wear suits and female instances wear dresses. Currently, a majority of the instances are either dead or decomposing.
SCP-849-KO-2 Humanoid entities measuring nine (9) centimeters in height that possess two pairs of wings on their back, which live in SCP-849-KO-5. Their appearance is presumed to be similar to that of Tinkerbell, a character in the fairy tale Peter Pan. Currently, a majority of the instances are either dead or decomposing.
SCP-849-KO-3 Elephants measuring three (3) meters in height; instances possess purple skin and wings on their back. Currently, a majority of the instances are either dead or decomposing.
SCP-849-KO-4 Two-story log huts, inhabited by SCP-849-KO-1. The majority of the instances are currently collapsed or about to collapse.
SCP-849-KO-5 A forest which SCP-849-KO-3 instances lived within. It has been identified that there were previously candy-producing trees and singing flowers. The majority of plant life in the region is currently dead and bent.

Addendum 2: Interview Log

Interviewer: Dr. Park Gi-hyung

Interviewee: Choi Young-sik

(Begin Log)

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: First of all, thank you for taking the time to attend the interview.

Choi Young-sik: Yes, you're welcome. By the way, what's this for?

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: Before we begin, could you tell me your name and age?

Choi Young-sik: My name is Choi Young-sik, and I am 29 years old.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: Have you ever lived here when you were young? Dr. Park Gi-hyung shows Choi Young-sik a picture of the house which SCP-849-KO resides in.

Choi Young-sik: Choi Young-sik examines the picture carefully. Hmm… Ah! That's right. I lived there when I was ten.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: A hidden space was found in the basement of the house, along with your diary.

Choi Young-sik: Wait a minute. Did you go in there?

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: Yes? Why?

Choi Young-sik: As far as I know, I'm the only one who can go there.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: Could you elaborate more on that?

Choi Young-sik: My mother once went down into the basement. So, I was afraid she would find that space, but she didn't seem to notice.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: By the way, why were you afraid that your mother might find out about that space?

Choi Young-sik: Growing up, my mom was honestly a little scary. She was also very strict, and I felt that if people knew that I had that kind of thing going on, she wouldn't let it go.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: So how was the space discovered?

Choi Young-sik: I went to the basement and suddenly it appeared. My mother had been busy since I was young, and I used to play in the basement every day, making a fortress using futons; and as I was playing as usual, suddenly a light came out of the wall and the space appeared.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: I see. There were strange life forms at the time we examined the space. They are all dead, of course. What, if anything, do you know about these life forms?

Choi Young-sik: Life forms? Oh… They're all dead?

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: Yes. By the time we found them, many of them were already severely decomposed.

Choi Young-sik: I see. By the way, what life forms were there exactly? I haven't been there for a while, so I don't even remember.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: There were bipedal cats, Tinkerbell-like creatures, and winged elephants; almost all of them are dead and decomposed.

Choi Young-sik: Oh… yeah, right… Right?

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: I'm curious, how long has it been since you went there?

Choi Young-sik: Oh, there? I played there for about 40 days or so, which would make it about 19 years since I last went there.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: 19 years? Is there a reason why you didn't go for such a long time?

Choi Young-sik: Well, I moved and couldn't go. I was busy with cram school after moving.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: Right. Then, could you tell me about the strange creatures that I mentioned earlier?

Choi Young-sik: Actually, I haven't been there in a while, so I don't remember much; but the cats and elephants were directly from my childhood imagination. As for Tinkerbell, well Tinkerbell was my favorite character.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: So, did you make those creatures directly?

Choi Young-sik: No. They lived there since I had moved in.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: Yes. I see.

Choi Young-sik: I have a question.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: Yes? What is it?

Choi Young-sik: How is the current situation there?

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: As I said earlier, most of the life forms living there are dead, the plants are dead and kinked, and the majority of the buildings have collapsed. And there was mold growing inside the space. Any guesses about that?

Choi Young-sik: Yes, there was one time I couldn't go there for about 15 days. When I went back there it smelled a little bit of mold. All the people that lived there were in pain. The houses were a mess. But it got better when I kept staying with them.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: Oh, really?

Choi Young-sik: So, perhaps the reason why you came here was to wait for me to come? I mean, I can go there at any time.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: So, do you have any plans on going back over there?

Choi Young-sik: No. I'm busy at work. Plus, I'm 29, and it's a bit embarrassing to go to places like that.

Dr. Park Gi-hyung: I understand.

(End Log)

Addendum 3: The following are the contents of Choi Young-sik's diary


Today, while playing fort in the basement alone, a large hole appeared. When I went inside, I saw a wooden house and a field. I looked around and came out when mom came home. I'll go again next time.


Today, I went inside with snacks and fairy tales. When I went inside, my cat friend greeted me. It was similar to the one I drew in the book. My cat friend introduced himself as Peter. I ate sweets and played with Peter while reading fairy tales.


When I got there today, Peter offered me a ride on a big elephant, and I flew. I was scared at first, but it was fun. I want to ride again next time.


I didn't see Peter today, but I met my new cat friend, Tina, who made me delicious bread. It was so good. I want to make delicious bread like Tina.


My mom was terribly angry with me for not doing the dishes. I went to Peter and told him that my mother was mad at me. Peter hugged me and comforted me. He also put medicine on my wound. Peter seems to be a good friend.


I played with Tina today. Tina asked me to go to the woods with her. I went to the woods and there were my favorite Tinkerbells. Tina picked candy out of a tree. It was really good. Flowers sang to me afterward.


I'm in a bad mood today. I can't go to the basement anymore, because my mom won't go back to work for 15 days. My mom doesn't like it when I play in the basement. I wanted to play with my friends…


I'm worried about how Peter and Tina are doing. I want to bring a lot of delicious food and have fun together.


Today I went inside with lots of delicious snacks and I smelled something strange. When I went to Peter's place, I saw that he was in pain. I looked around in surprise and saw that my other cat friends were also in pain. I cleaned up the mess in the room and stayed with my cat friends, and everything got better. I was really happy.


My mom told me I was going to move out; she said I was going to a cram school. I really don't want to. I want to stay here for the rest of my life, but I worry about Peter and Tina and my other cat friends and my elephant friends and my Tinkerbell friends. They will be fine without me, right?

Addendum 4: On 02/09/20██, an incident occurred in which the entrance to SCP-849-KO gradually and completely disappeared. Currently, the entrance to SCP-849-KO is blocked by a wall, which the following note was attached to.

If it was long, it was a long moment; if it was short, it was a short moment. I don't know if you were too busy to come or what happened, but those moments with you were a blessing to us. You may have forgotten us, but we will never forget that time.

Note: SCP-849-KO has been reclassified as Neutralized.

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