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Item #: SCP-876-KO

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Undercover agents in civilian organizations inspect safety instruction manuals for SCP-876-KO related information; when found, the agents are to edit or delete said information through adequate procedures. Other facilities conducting the instruction and the year thereof are to be investigated and reported to the Foundation. Suspected recipients of the education are recorded as potential SCP-876-KO-A instances.

Foundation personnel are to retrieve SCP-876-KO-A corpses found in out-of-Foundation disasters, and implement adequate measures to conceal the actual cause of death. Witnesses of SCP-876-KO-A's death are to be amnestied.

Mobile Task Force Upsilon-4 ("Sugar Pill") is currently searching for a cure for SCP-876-KO. The developed cure are to be distributed to the public on Rank-2 priority.

Description: SCP-876-KO is a cognitohazardous meme that affects safety instruction manuals used by educational facilities in the Republic of Korea. Affected instruction manuals focus on notifying others of the disaster and the management thereof. Details include:

  • An emphasis on the importance of notifying others in emergencies such as fire, earthquakes, or heart attacks, and evacuation procedures on such occasions.
  • The role, mechanism, and importance of sirens and beacons. This section is usually unfitting for typical safety instructions but is considered adequate nonetheless.
  • A vow to notify others when disaster strikes to facilitate evacuation added on the last part of the instruction.

After the vow, individuals show anomalies. Affected individuals are referred to as SCP-876-KO-A.

SCP-876-KO-A's anomaly manifests when an 'emergency' requiring evacuation happens. What specifically 'emergency' is is dependant on the instance's judgement. For example, a massive fire is typically considered an emergency, but, the anomaly may not manifest to a firefighter sent to extinguish the fire.

On acknowledging the emergency, SCP-876-KO-A loses control of their head and neck, making sounds and turning their necks. The sound includes sirens and evacuation instructions. The head fully rotates once per second. Evacuation notices are based on the -A instance's knowledge.

Typically, SCP-876-KO-A's neck rotates more than 360 degrees, regardless of body movement. Because of this, the instance expires from a broken neck after manifestation. Experiments proved that rotating the body along with the rotation of the head, will prevent expiration. The results are distributed to SCP-876-KO affected Foundation personnel as countermeasures for the anomaly.

SCP-876-KO was first acknowledged in Site-30K, following SCP-███-KO's containment breach. It was initially considered an extranormal event. However, investigation of casualties of subsequent containment breaches proved otherwise.

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