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SCP-890-JP, with its lid removed.

Item #: SCP-890-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-890-JP is to be contained in the BSL3 Quarantine Zone at Site-8163, with the bowl and lid together. Experiments using SCP-890-JP are to be conducted in the Quarantine Zone; after the experiment, SCP-890-JP is to be dry heat sterilized before recontainment. Autoclave or other sterilization methods that may expose SCP-890-JP to wetness must not be used.

Description: SCP-890-JP is a flat bowl made of colored porcelain. It is circular in shape, 9.1 cm high and 24.2 cm in diameter, accompanied by a lid of the same material.

When any liquid is deposited on the inner surface of SCP-890-JP, a cell designated SCP-890-JP-A appears in the portion in contact with the liquid. SCP-890-JP-A is a human skeletal myoblast with anomalous viability and proliferative potential. SCP-890-JP-A is capable of actively multiplying and differentiating to form skeletal muscle tissue even in uncontrolled temperature and carbon dioxide concentrations as long as there is a minimal amount of culture medium1. Genetic analysis of the genes obtained from SCP-890-JP-A suggests that its origin is an Asian female with blood type O Rh+.

Discovery: SCP-890-JP was found in a paulownia box in an alley in [REDACTED], Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, on ████/11/23. Two adult males with severe stab wounds were lying near the location of discovery; one was found dead and the other was unconscious and in critical condition. Based on the conditions at the scene, it is believed that one of the two men attacked the other with a knife, resulting in a scuffle that ended in them stabbing each other.

Initial investigation by the Kyoto Prefectural Police identified the deceased man as Tachibana ████████, then age 48, a member of the Kyoto City Assembly, and the man in critical condition as Suyama █████████, then age 35, a Western-style painting artist residing in the same city. After the anomalous nature of SCP-890-JP was confirmed, the case was transferred to the Foundation via the Prefectural Police Security Department.

Because of the likelihood that he has some knowledge of the circumstances of this incident and of SCP-890-JP, Suyama was designated as POI-5819-JP. He was transferred to Site-8163 in an unconscious state and later recovered to the condition where he was able to speak through medical treatment. The following is the testimony obtained from the interrogation of POI-5819-JP.


A sketch recovered from POI-5819-JP's residence. POI-5819-JP testified that "Ms. Shiina" served as the art model for him when he drew this.

Since regaining consciousness, POI-5819-JP has been in a severe and persistent state of depression. Continued appropriate treatment and strict monitoring is recommended in case of unusual behavior, including sudden suicide attempts.

Addendum: The day after the incident, an envelope was delivered to POI-5819-JP's home. The address on the envelope was "Mr. Hayase", which led to suspicion that it was related to the "Sekiryu Club" mentioned in POI-8519-JP's testimony, and the Foundation decided to retrieve it. The envelope had no sender's name or address, and was postmarked by the Kyoto Juraku Post Office. Inside the envelope was a tri-folded sheet of letter paper (designated Document 890-JP-01).

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