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Photo of SCP-890-KO's hull on time of discovery

Item #: SCP-890-KO

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area within a radius of 2 km of SCP-890-KO is disguised as military areas and quarantined. Unauthorised entry, especially civilians, must be kept out of the area. Unauthorised personnel approaching the area are to be treated with Class-A amnestics and then released. Containment personnel should observe SCP-890-KO for noticeable changes at all times and report it to higher command twice a day. Revision of containment procedures is under discussion due to new impending information about the subject.

Description: SCP-890-KO is a submarine that closely resembles the Kriegsmarine submarine U-534. However, the details show differences to a regular U-534 vessel, particularly its communication system, which cannot be built with World War II-era technology.

SCP-890-KO was found on 201█, on a beach near Site-██. Both its interiors suffered severe corrosion, indicating prolonged submersion. The exterior showed no signs of a torpedo strike, but there were tracks of interior structures necessary for sailing being artificially removed. This lack of instruments is presumed to be the direct cause of the boat's sinking. However, how the sunken boat rose and reached the shore is unknown.

Analysis of the communication device inside SCP-890-KO showed that it connected to a closed server inside Site-██ that has not been used since 19██/██/██. The designated researcher found large amounts of information related to Project 890-Alpha and the production, disposal and communication logs of U-890-Alpha. All documents, except for the transmission log, were available only to the O5-Council members. The list of documents is as follows:

  • Design of U-534 covert submarine and Project 890-Alpha in response to incident [REDACTED]
  • Overview of Project 890-Alpha
  • U-890-Alpha
  • Report of defects of U-890-Alpha
  • Proposal for the disposal of U-890-Alpha
  • Procedure [REDACTED]
  • Progress report of Procedure [REDACTED] and discussion of response
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