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SCP-901-TH which had already cleaned before it was kept in a warehouse for the first time.

Item #: SCP-901-TH

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-901-TH was contained in a glass cabinet in Zone A2 A1. Object class of Euclid Safe of Warehouse-29a (which was transferred at 29/03/20██). SCP-901-TH will be checked-up and cleaned for every 3 months from Level 3 personnel. As for the same for other objects in the Zone, there is no more any testing with an object. The testing could be found at the addendum.

Description: SCP-901-TH is a (handcrafted) head of giant which often uses for wearing in the performance. It was made from paperboard and brass. SCP-901-TH will be suited for everybody’s head even though the object seems to be smaller than their head. SCP-901-TH has never been used for the performance due to the effect to the one whom wear it. This incident was happened at the performance practice of ██████████ at 12/08/19██, see the incident 901-A.

SCP-901-TH has the effect to any human whom wears it. That person will be dominated by something which is unknown and he or she will lose himself or herself. The person whom is effected from SCP-901-TH will have more strength than ordinary human. Then, he or she will rabid hurt, kill everybody, also break into pieces by bare hands. All attempting to take SCP-901-TH off from the head of the person whom wear it by alive are failed. Only one best method to take SCP-901-TH off is chopping the head.

Test subjects who wear SCP-901-TH for too long time will have the growth of body parts on the body which looks like the new growth of lizard’s tail but faster than it. These body parts will be arms and hands which are grown at beside body or at the back of the body. They are 4-5 pairs and they are connected at the backbone or the rib. They also could be used. This happened procedure is unknown. Taking SCP-901-TH off from the body does not take body parts which are overgrown away.

Addendum: At ██/██19██, D-632 was tested with SCP-901-TH at the concrete testing room. After wearing, D-632 rabid ran around the room, attempted to take SCP-901-TH off by himself before he ran to the wall until the wall was broken. However, D-632 was able to stand even though he was bleeding. After that, his back had growth arms. There were 4 agents entered to the room to terminate D-632 which cause D-632 killed 2 agents and another one agent whom was severed at his legs. Attempting to stop D-632 with bullets were failed. D-632 ran out from the room and killed all personnel who he saw by breaking their body into pieces. Then, D-632 was chopped at his head in the hall by Agent Philosafix.

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