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SCP-903-JP-1-2, under SCP-903-JP’s influence

Item #: SCP-903-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-903-JP and SCP-903-JP-1 are contained within a standard biological and standard humanoid cell, respectively. All personnel must not observe SCP-903-JP without proper authorization. SCP-903-JP-1’s dancing must not be stopped without proper authorization. Experimentation involving SCP-903-JP requires approval from at least one staff member with Security Clearance level 3 or higher. At least three SCP-903-JP-1 instances must be contained at any given time. If instances fall below the required number, organisms with the longest life span possible are to be exposed to SCP-903-JP.

Description: SCP-903-JP is a female Japanese raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides viverrinus) specimen with memetic infecting abilities. Other than more flexible neck joints, SCP-903-JP possesses no other physical abnormalities.

SCP-903-JP manifests when it folds its hind legs and puts its forehead towards the floor in what is known as the dogeza posture1.All living organisms that see this action are implanted with the idea that dancing is wonderful. Those exposed to SCP-903-JP are designated SCP-903-JP-1. These effects do not disappear when an SCP-903-JP-1 instance is given amnestic treatment. SCP-903-JP-1 refer to SCP-903-JP as “Mr. Kojirō”.

In many cases, SCP-903-JP-1 instances begin dancing on the spot. There are individual differences in the dancing. SCP-903-1’s bodies are optimized for the sake of dancing. Especifically, the increase in joint movement of all limbs, the increase of limb strength, and the strengthening of the torso to benefit bipedal walking have been confirmed. Currently, 125 SCP-903-JP-1 instances are in containment. Most are non-anomalous animals and human beings. However, some anomalies have been affected by it, redesignated as SCP-███-JP. Besides sleeping and eating, SCP-903-JP-1 spend all their time dancing. Although it is possible to stop the dancing, due to SCP-903-JP-1’s opposition, it’s not recommended. Following post-exposure dancing, SCP-903-JP-1 search for other SCP-903-JP-1 instances, attempting to form a “group”. These groups are composed of 12~69 members. 4 such groups have been observed thus far.

SCP-███-JP was found during recovery of SCP-903-JP, under its influence. It’s currently contained in a different facility from that of SCP-903-JP. Please refer to annexed report for details on SCP-███-JP.

SCP-903-JP-1 instances examples
Designation Species Significant enhancements Notes
SCP-903-JP-1-1 Domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) Limb strengthening Stands up and hula dances.
SCP-903-JP-1-2 Domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) Torso development Pole dances despite the lack of any pole.
SCP-903-JP-1-6,7 Pig (Sus scrofa domesticus) Lower half development Creative dance between the two instances.
SCP-903-JP-1-25 Human (Exposed during initial containment) Torso strengthening Performed artistic gymnastics. Continues to perform highly-skilled moves. Claims to have been unable to dance this way before.
SCP-903-JP-1-58 Yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) Abnormal development of fins. Bipedal locomotion out of water. Breathing on land. Synchronized swimming is conducted both underwater and on land.
SCP-903-JP-1-79 Huntsman spider (Heteropoda venatoria) No enhancements Breakdances. Occasionally legs tangle, making gestures as if falling down.
SCP-903-JP-1-94 Northern giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) Remarkable lower half strengthening Robot dances while walking on two legs. Matches traits from individual who disappeared from the ██ Zoo.
SCP-███-JP Soft bodied organism with features inconsistent with all known species Enhancements unknown Continuously twists whole body. Three D-class personnel were present within 30m of SCP-███-JP’s twisting anomaly, resulting in the deaths of two of them. Survivor became exposed to SCP-903-JP.

SCP-903-JP was discovered when a group of suspicious people appeared on a TV station, 11 people ending up exposed to SCP-903-JP. SCP-903-JP led all SCP-903-JP-1 instances to the back, doing the dogeza pose at the station’s entrance as each SCP-903-JP-1 instance danced. Containment of SCP-903-JP and SCP-903-JP-1 was successful despite two Foundation agents being exposed to it. Separately, SCP-███-JP was contained alongside 8 exposed Foundation agents. Two of the instances exposed to SCP-903-JP survived exposure to SCP-███-JP.

Addendum: SCP-903-JP died of old age in 20██. Suddenly, SCP-903-JP-1-1, SCP-903-JP-1-6,7, SCP-903-JP-25, and SCP-███-JP began exclaiming “I am Mr. Kojirō’s successor”. This claim was made evident through the noises that each individual was capable of making. Afterwards, SCP-903-JP-1-1, SCP-903-JP-1-6,7, SCP-903-JP-25, and SCP-███-JP began dancing one after the other. Then, and despite SCP-903-JP-1 instances being isolated from each other, they began “critiquing” each of their dances for the sake of the “succession battle”, with them finally agreeing on SCP-███-JP being the most adequate successor. Following this, SCP-███-JP lost its special traits, and gained those of SCP-903-JP. Subsequently, SCP-███-JP was redesignated as SCP-903-JP.

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