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Steroid injection suspected to be SCP-903-KO

Item #: SCP-903-KO

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-903-KO solution must be kept in sealed glass containers, ready for weighing at all times. The solution is weighed weekly, and in case of weight decrease, mnestics are to be applied to suspects. Any experiments using SCP-903-KO are prohibited.

Due to SCP-903-KO's prevalence in the public market and resemblance to regular steroid solutions, complete containment of SCP-903-KO is currently impossible. Therefore, SCP-903-KO's containment procedures are further subdivided into containment and retrieval procedures.

Special Retrieval Procedures: Users of SCP-903-KO are to be deduced by observing the reactions of suspected anabolic steroid users.

The list of questions provided to suspected SCP-903-KO users is as follows:

  • Have you used steroids?
  • Is your bulk completely natural?
  • At which point did you start working out?

Suspects showing excessive denial to these questions should go through mass index measurement and physical performance testing immediately. If the mass index1 shows extreme readings over 30, or if the suspect shows an unusual spike in performance, the suspect is to be locked and dosed with mnestics. If such measures prove the suspect is an SCP-903-KO user, they are transported to a private mental asylum.

Description: SCP-903-KO is a type of anabolic steroid. Samdaecheon Healthcare is known to be the first manufacturer of SCP-903-KO2. However, the current manufacturer is unknown.

Scientific analysis cannot distinguish SCP-903-KO and regular steroids. SCP-903-KO's molecular structure is identical to regular anabolic steroids. SCP-903-KO's anomaly manifests when injected into the user's body. The user denies ever using any performance-enhancing drugs, including SCP-903-KO. This applies to users who previously admitted to using steroids, as they deny all steroid usage, including those before injecting SCP-903-KO. Also, SCP-903-KO users read negative on all known steroid doping tests.

As such, SCP-903-KO users firmly believe that they did not use steroid and conversely shows hostility towards steroid users.

Injection of SCP-903-KO cannot be recorded on any medium. Witnesses of such injections also fall victim to SCP-903-KO's anomaly. The only currently available method to distinguish SCP-903-KO is using mnestics. When memories are revived via mnestics, the user expresses extreme guilt. 95% of users dosed with mnestics showed depression, 37% of which attempted suicide.

Generally, weekly doses of SCP-903-KO over 750mg cause side effects of regular anabolic steroids, such as acute cardiac arrest, disturbances in sex hormones, nerve damage, and psychiatric disorders. However, SCP-903-KO's side effects are more common and further amplified due to the indiscreet overdose caused by the users' obliviousness to their own steroid usage.

The Foundation obtained SCP-903-KO's production procedures, and thanks to Foundation intervention, Samdaecheon halted further SCP-903-KO production. However, SCP-903-KO instances with the same anomaly as the Samdaechoen batch were found to be manufactured in bulk in places such as the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. Following the discovery, SCP-903-KO's containment perimeters were widened from South Korea to the entire world. SCP-903-KO's object class was redesignated to Keter.

SCP-903-KO users are commonly seen actively advocating for each other. Whether this is SCP-903-KO's unknown anomaly is yet unclear.


Promotional text on time of initial SCP-930-KO obtainment:

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