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The photo of SCP-903

Item #: SCP-903-TH

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-903-TH is to be kept inside a large containment cell made from steels and reinforced concrete that are strong enough to withstand any impact that may occur. SCP-903-TH needs to observe their behaviors and activities that the specimen performed at all times by Foundation's personnel in a small observation tower, for camouflaged SCP-903-TH from knowing that there are humans watching it1. Any access to SCP-903-TH should only be done by Class-D personnel and other research is now temporarily canceled.

In case of containment breached (which is very often) , MTF Alpha-223 will take over the area and find a way to capture SCP-903-TH again by using steel nets or ropes to hold the specimen's legs in place and distracted SCP-903-TH by Class-D.

Descriptions: SCP-903-TH is an anomaly creature from Dinosaurs Era which its true identity is currently unknown. SCP-903-TH always be in form of huge dinosaurs2. SCP-903-TH is hunting other humans or other living organisms for food but at this point, it appears that SCP-903-TH is not hunting for food, but hunting for fun because, in reality, SCP-903-TH doesn't need food to survive. SCP-903-TH can get hurt by gunfire but tranquilizers don't affect the specimen. Any wound on SCP-903-TH's body will have clear white substances flowing out, further investigation indicated that the clear white substances are [DATA EXPUNGED] that can be found in, more than 20 million years, fossil ores.

However, SCP-903-TH doesn't have any abilities other than changing its forms. Any communication with SCP-903-TH using human languages doesn't help it to be understood or obeyed and SCP-903-TH also can't be trained as a pet or other SCPs similar to the specimen.

Addendum: SCP-903-TH was in Foundation's interests after someone posted a photo of a dinosaur walking on the road in the desert south of the ███████████████ city at midnight and also rushed in and attacked the person who captured this photo. Causing the photographer's car to lose control and roll down to the side of the road for a distance of 15 meters. Before dragging ██████ , who is the driver, outside to eat before disappearing into the darkness. After that, the same incident happened many times that many people thought that there were many dinosaurs. Agent North, the Foundation's agent, and his team were ordered to investigate the area where SCP-903-TH was found, they also encountered SCP-903-TH in the form of a Tyrannosaurus rex which killed 4 members of his team. After that, the Mobile Task Force equipped with equipment that capable to catch SCP-903-TH was later sent to capture SCP-903-TH, which caused SCP-903-TH to transform into a much larger Carcharodonthosaurus than the Tyrannosaurus rex form before. Attempting to capture SCP-903-TH lasted several hours as the tranquilizer was not had any effect on SCP-903-TH as described above.

After that, The photo of SCP-903-TH has been erased and every witness is amnestied.

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