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One of SCP-906-JP-1.

Item #: SCP-906-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-906-JP-1 are to be surrounded by 5m tall wire fences. Entry into the containment area is prohibited unless accompanied by a heavily armed security team, and the approval of Level 3 or higher staff. If a new instance of SCP-906-JP-1 is discovered, the cover story of electrical wire work is to be used to set up containment. Personnel are to avoid touching SCP-906-JP-1. Personnel that make contact are to not to move or speak. In the event SCP-906-JP-2 appears, the use of lethal force is authorized.

Description: SCP-906-JP consists of high-voltage transmission towers made out of steel (designated SCP-906-JP-1), and a giant spider-like lifeform that inhabits them (designated SCP-906-JP-2). As of 20██, █ instances have been found in Tottori Prefecture, and █ more in Okayama Prefecture.

SCP-906-JP-1 appears no different than normal steel towers of its kind. They are extremely robust, and the steel comprising them exhibit the same level of endurance as expected of the metal. The powerlines they are attached to display no abnormal properties, even when an electrical current is flowing through them.

SCP-906-JP-1's anomalous properties manifests when it is touched by an object with a temperature between 30°C and 50°C able to emit sound and vibrations. The part of the object that makes contact is glued to the tower. The strength of the adhesive is strong, resisting 200kg of force when attempting to peel away. If actions such as screaming or attempting to escape while stuck persists, SCP-906-JP-2 will appear at the top of the tower.

SCP-906-JP-2 measures approximately 2m long, and closely resemble the species Nephila clavata. Its most notable feature is that its entire body appears to be made out of an unidentified metal, possibly steel, that allows it to be extremely robust against impacts. In addition, it is speculated that its physical strength exceeds over a force of 200 kg. One JP-2 instance inhabits each tower, which have all been identified to be separate entities. Their reproductive organs appears similar to Nephilia spiders, and examination discovered all specimens to be female. To date, no instance with male reproductive organs have been observed.

SCP-906-JP-2 instances exhibit immediate reaction to noise or vibrations, approaching any sources with a speed of approximately 60km/h. Upon reaching a target attached to JP-1, it will tear off inanimate objects, or, if it is living, it will instead consume the subject while [REDACTED]. Feeding lasts for around █ hours. When finished, JP-2 will return to the top of JP-1 and disappear.

Specimens are almost invulnerable to standard MTF weapons. However, they will flee when attacked, even while they are feeding. Fire is the most effective against JP-2 instances, and it is permitted for use at the discretion of each containment site.

SCP-906-JP was discovered in May 198█ when a suspicious number of deaths were reported among electrical workers in the Tottori Prefecture. The first instance of SCP-906-JP-1 was discovered shortly after. Retrieved documents confirmed that prior to the deaths the transmission tower exhibited no anomalous properties and functioned as normal. An embedded agent serving as an executive of ██ Electric Power Co., Ltd., which owned the tower, sold the property to a Foundation front company to establish containment.

Since its discovery, new instances of SCP-906-JP began to manifest at a slow rate, about once every four to five years. It is still unknown what causes a transmission tower to become another instance, or where SCP-906-JP-2 disappears to. Research is currently underway to find a prevention against the spread of new instances.

Addendum 1: On 06/30/200█, an instance of SCP-906-JP-2 manifested with a spherical object estimated to have a diameter of around 60 cm attached to its abdomen. The creature disappeared after leaving the sphere at the top of the transmission tower. Examination concluded that it is likely an egg sac, but as of 20██ it has not hatched. The only observable change since it appeared are parts that have swelled up. A search for a male instance of SCP-906-JP-2 is ongoing. The removal and relocation of the egg sac to a secure storage facility is being considered.

Addendum 2: Patterns on the egg sac were examined via microscope to reveal human faces. Researchers found that the faces have a 95% match with an electrician who died in 05/10/198█.

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