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Item #: SCP-916-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-916-KO cannot be contained. Therefore, MTF unit Psi-13 ("Recoverers") is to locate and search places of residence affected by SCP-916-KO for SCP-916-KO-1 instances. Located instances are to be stored in a custom container at Site-59K, away from civilian buildings for a month. All SCP-916-KO instances except one are to be incinerated on request of the director.

Description: SCP-916-KO is a phenomenon in which instances, referred to as SCP-916-KO-1, appear in residential buildings, localised to ██████, Republic of Korea. After SCP-916-KO's manifestation, family members of the residents affected perceive SCP-916-KO-1 as the family patriarch instead of the father, and the instance replaces the original father in the family members' memories. In the process, the original father ceases to exist, yet objective and physical evidence of him remains. When presented with this evidence, family members will refuse to accept/acknowledge any discrepancy, and 3% of individuals will display signs of severe cognitive dissonance.

SCP-916-KO-1 is a crudely assembled mannequin. The head and torso are composed of fibreglass, whilst its legs are wooden. The right arm has been broken off; the cause of this is currently unknown. The torso is covered with nail marks and illegible scribbles drawn with crayons, ball-point pens and pencils. In place of standard facial features, SCP-916-KO-1 has eyes, a nose, and a mouth drawn in crayon.

SCP-916-KO-1 will manifest inside the house at a random location, where it will remain motionless unless moved. Once every 24 hours, items of a moderate monetary value (e.g. jewellery, cash of a value under KRW 100,0001) appear within a 1m to 3m radius of the instance.

If SCP-916-KO-1 stays in the same residence for over a month, it will disappear from its location and reappear within a 1km radius, severely damaged. Damages have included the loss of its head and the separation of its torso and lower body). For one to three days after de-manifestation, the affected family will attribute the instance's disappearance to the "father" temporarily leaving for business purposes, recreational travel, and other reasons. SCP-916-KO-1 has not manifested in the same residence more than once.

Addendum 1: Below are some of the noteworthy records of the anomalous activity of SCP-916-KO.

Date: 05/08/1998
Observation log 916-13
Notes: The family's original patriarch died in an accident, leaving behind his widow and their son. When family members first discovered SCP-916-KO-1 in their home, they tried to interact with the instance in disbelief, whilst crying. The family did not notify outsiders of SCP-916-KO-1's appearance, and the instance disappeared after a month. When questioned on this, the family stated 'he returned to where he should be'.

Date: 27/04/2008
Observation log 916-58
Notes: Ten days after SCP-916-KO-1 appeared, the mother of the family, ██████ Hong, began to disassemble SCP-916-KO-1. After the disassembly was complete, ██████ Hong was observed placing SCP-916-KO-1's individual parts into bags and then burying them at a nearby hill. The Foundation safely recovered the bag and administered A-Class amnestics to all of the family members.

Date: 16/06/2014
Observation log 916-81
Notes: The family's interaction with the SCP-916-KO-1 instance was limited to simple dialogue and the retrieving of gifts. After ten days of observation, the Foundation recovered the SCP-196-KO-1 instance.

Addendum 2: Addendum 2: SCP-916-KO-1 Torso Inscriptions
On 26/06/2014, a segment of the writing on SCP-916-KO-1's torso was able to made translated. Due to crude penmanship and poor legibility, interpretation and confirmation of the writing are in progress.

I'm tired of being your father.
I'm not a money-making machine.
I'm off for a vacation.

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