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Item #: SCP-918-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-918-JP is contained in a 20×20×20cm showcase installed inside a 5×5×5m containment room at Site-8137. The information on the last page of SCP-918-JP is to be regularly recorded to confirm whether the information inside increases or decreases. SCP-918-JP should always be observed through a security camera, and if any new SCP-918-JP-A are encountered, staff in charge must be notified in order to protect them.

Any new SCP-918-JP-A instance is to be contained in a room adequate for their physiology, and experiments are to be carried out by personnel Level 2 or above. To prevent escape and loss of SCP-918-JP-A, they must be constantly given medicine and kept in a mild depressive state.

Description: SCP-918-JP is a book with an immeasurable amount of pages, with “That's Someone else's Lost Dreams” engraved on its cover.

SCP-918-JP’s abnormality automatically fills itself with information about an individual’s wishes that they’ve given up on in the past. There’s no particular point in common amongst the individuals written about, with some of the information contained within referring to already deceased individuals. When asked about the information on SCP-918-JP, they all reply with “I don’t remember filling in any of it”. Except for the cases mentioned below, no information contained within SCP-918-JP has been lost.

Another anomaly SCP-918-JP possesses is the irregular appearance of a biological entity a 2m radius of SCP-918-JP (Hereafter referred to as SCP-918-JP-A). Currently, there are three SCP-918-JP-A instances contained (SCP-918-JP-13, -15, -16). The limit on how many SCP-918ñ-JP-A instances can exist at the same time has not been determined1. SCP-918-JP-A claims its a “wish” or “dream”2 that has been abandoned for over a year. Furthermore, SCP-918-JP-A possesses a special skill appropriate to the wish or dream. A person with desires will be unable to touch or understand the language SCP-918-JP-A uses. On the contrary, people without desires or dreams are able to touch and understand SCP-918-JP-A, with SCP-918-JP-A being extremely friendly to the person, so all experiments and interviews are to be conducted by people fulfilling the conditions mentioned above.

Interviews conducted on SCP-918-JP-A reveal that they have the purpose of “holding someone else’s wishes and dreams”. When SCP-918-JP-A achieves its goal, it disappears. Following SCP-918-JP-A’s disappearance, the correspondent information inside of SCP-918-JP will disappear. Due to this, SCP-918-JP-A’s containment process was updated, and the current special containment procedures were enacted.

Below is a list of currently contained SCP-918-JP-A instances:
Contained SCP-918-JP-A Number Appearance Wish or dream Special skill
SCP-918-JP-A-13 White rabbit Dream of becoming a rabbit in the next life No special skills3.
SCP-918-JP-A-15 Eagle Dream of spreading one’s wings through the sky. Longest confirmed flight of ████m.
SCP-918-JP-A-16 Guide dog Dream of leading a friend People entering a radius of 30m from SCP-918-JP-A-16 will walk the same path SCP-918-JP-A-16 walks for five minutes.

Addendum 918-JP: SCP-918-JP was stored at the ███ Library, ██ prefecture, and was scheduled for disposal. On the day of its discovery, the library’s manager went to the storehouse to dispose of SCP-918-JP, at which point SCP-918-JP-A-1 manifested from SCP-918-JP, attracting the interest of the Foundation. Following a 1-month investigation, SCP-918-JP’s anomalies were confirmed, and was officially contained. SCP-918-JP-A, who appeared at the time, disappeared 3 months later.

Addendum 918-JP-2: Several people attempted to talk to a humanoid SCP-918-JP-A, SCP-918-JP-A-11, where it was discovered that only Researcher Fujimitsu was capable of speaking with them. Researcher Fujimitsu discovered that they’d abandoned their dream over frustrations after a leg fracture. The following is an interview log on SCP-918-JP-A-11, conducted by Researcher Fujimitsu.

Interviewee: SCP-918-JP-A-11

Interviewer: Researcher Fujimitsu

Note: As staff other than Researcher Fujimitsu cannot comprehend SCP-918-JP-A-11’s words, SCP-918-JP-A-11’s words are to be recorded via a transcription of its audio log by Researcher Fujimitsu post-interview.

<Start audio log>

Fujimitsu: Hello, SCP-918-JP-A-11.

SCP-918-JP-A-11: Ess? What’s that?

Fujimitsu: You can think of it as your given name.

SCP-918-JP-A-11: I understand.

Fujimitsu: That being said, for the sake of it, what is your name?

SCP-918-JP-A-11: Unfulfilled dreams have no names. No feelings either. All I remember is that child’s memories. If I was forced to choose though… “A smile’s dream”, I’d say.

Fujimitsu: “A smile’s dream”, huh. What about this unfulfilled dream?

SCP-918-JP-A-11: An unfulfilled dream is exactly what it sounds like. A dream that cannot be seen, a dream that no one will ever see, a dream one’s tired of seeing… That’s why it’s an unfulfilled dream. “A smile’s dream” is an abbreviation of that child’s dream.

Fujimitsu: I see. Next, do you know anything about SCP-918-JP? It’s that book you came from…

SCP-918-JP-A-11: As you people might know, that book is like a trash can that collects dreams that have been thrown away or have been given up on. And so, dreams that still wish to be held again for long escape from it. I too fled here, wishing to be held by that child again. Other dreams are fine being held by others, but if it’s not that child, then… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for saying such selfish things.

Fujimitsu: Don’t worry about it. About that, when you say “that child”, you mean the child holding you, correct?

SCP-918-JP-A-11: Yes, you’re correct. That child is a child who had just started kindergarten. That child’s father always had a deplorable look on his face, and would lash out whenever her mother said a thing. If that child said anything, he’d lash out. It’s like that everyday. And one day, that child read a picture book. There was a picture there of a family that is always smiling. And in this picture, that child saw an ideal family.

Fujimitsu: I see. So what happened to that child’s dream? Did they give up on it while growing up?

[30 seconds of silence]

Fujimitsu: SCP-918-JP-A-11? Are you ok?

SCP-918-JP-A-11: Yes, I’m ok. I was just thinking about answering frankly. That child’s… Their father would relentlessly abuse them. That child struggled to keep that dream alive, against all odds. However, that child’s father cut off all ties and left. So they threw away, or rather gave up on their dream.

Fujimitsu: I see. Thank you. This was very helpful.

SCP-918-JP-A-11: I’m glad.

<End audio log>

Closing report: After other SCP-918-JP-A entities, including SCP-918-JP-A-11 were only being friendly towards Researcher Fujimitsu, they were appointed as SCP-918-JP’s Head Researcher.

Case 918-JP-1: On 1993/12/26, SCP-918-JP-A-2, a horse-shaped entity, was found to be missing from its containment facility. Surveillance cameras show that right before its disappearance, SCP-918-JP-A-2 was running around its containment room with a lively pace while making loud noises. Later investigations proved that the racehorse holding SCP-918-JP-A-2, “Tokai Teio4” injured its left gluteal muscles, having to recover for about a year, but despite this, still performed well, winning the Akima Kinen horse race.

Case 918-JP-2: On 20██/█/██, when Researcher Fujimitsu went to administer medication to SCP-918-JP-A-11, they complained of sudden physical pain. Researcher Fujimitsu initially believed this to be an excuse to avoid medication, so they ignored SCP-918-JP-A-11, administering the drug. However, the next day SCP-918-JP-A-11 seemed to have become more pale, and held a pained expression in their face. Below is the conversation log conducted in a hurry between SCP-918-JP-A-11 and Researcher Fujimitsu. SCP-918-JP-A-11 completely vanished 3 minutes after the interview log.

Fujimitsu: Even if you’ve been in pain since yesterday, why didn’t you tell us?

SCP-918-JP-A-11: I did tell you. You didn’t believe me…?

Fujimitsu: [Silence]

SCP-918-JP-A-11: Dreams that disappear go out in pain. it’s the same for people. It’s the end.

Fujimitsu: Where do dreams go when they disappear?

SCP-918-JP-A-11: I don’t know. It’s just like when a living person doesn’t know if there’s a heaven out there or not. The only difference is that they leave with regret…

Fujimitsu: I see.

SCP-918-JP-A-11: Owch… Haha, I’m really putting up with it. Goodbye, Fujimitsu. Ah, that’s right. There’s something I want to tell you guys. Can I say it?

Fujimitsu: You can.

SCP-918-JP-A-11: This is how dreams that are thrown away disappear. So please, properly fulfill the dreams you hold… Tell them that, ok?

Fujimitsu: I will.

SCP-918-JP-A-11: That's good. Thanks.

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