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The logo of SCP-923-KO-1A

Item #: SCP-923-KO

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-923-KO is impossible. The current containment procedure instead focuses on concealing the existence of SCP-923-KO-1. Upon discovery of SCP-923-KO-1 instances, Mobile Task Force γ-64 ("Disney's Legal Team") should hide all information about SCP-923-KO-1, and administer B-class amnestics to all civilians who know about SCP-923-KO-1.

Description: SCP-923-KO is a conceptual entity that is parasitic in nature. It takes groups of humans as its host, where it takes the form of SCP-923-KO-1. Since SCP-923-KO is a powerful cognitohazard, hosts with SCP-923-KO are able to acknowledge and record SCP-923-KO-1 instances, but they will think the instance is perfectly normal. Due to the nature of SCP-923-KO-1, it is impossible to find and contain instances beforehand. This effect disappears when the entity leaves its host.

SCP-923-KO-1 is the form that SCP-923-KO takes when it is parasitic to its host. Regardless of its host, instances use the name “The Anti-Disney Department”. SCP-923-KO-1 is initially founded as a small department of 50 to 60 people and grows in size as the host provides personnel and finance. When SCP-923-KO resides in its host, the host undergoes multiple projects related to the Walt Disney Company, all of which are useless and inefficient. When the size of KO-1 grows to about 100 to 150 people, SCP-923-KO leaves its host. Immediately after, everyone with information about the SCP-923-KO-1 instance will acknowledge its abnormality.

SCP-923-KO was first discovered on 12/15/1966 when the SCP Foundation first questioned the existence of the Anti-Disney Department (referred to as SCP-923-KO-1A below). Revision of recordings about SCP-923-KO-1A has shown that it was founded on 10/26/1923 under the approval of Director ██████ █████. At the time of its founding, 52 people were in the department. No information about SCP-923-KO-1A was recovered as at the time of discovery, as every staff member of the department, including Director ██████ █████ were found dead. SCP-923-KO-1A was disbanded without any problems and classified as neutralized. At the time of disbanding, there were 113 personnel in the department.

On ██/██/2003, an instance of the Anti-Disney Department (referred to as SCP-923-KO-1B) was discovered in NASA. Research has shown that SCP-923-KO-1B was founded shortly after the disbanding of SCP-923-KO-1A, on 12/16/1966. Fifty-five people were part of SCP-923-KO-1B at the time of its Foundation. Information about the instance was concealed, and B-class amnestics were administered to related individuals.

On ██/██/2003, an instance of the Anti-Disney Department (referred to as SCP-923-KO-1C) was discovered in Moscow State University. Research has shown that SCP-923-KO-1C was also founded on 12/16/1966, shortly after the disbanding of SCP-923-KO-1A. At the time of its founding, there were 58 people in SCP-923-KO-1C. Information about SCP-923-KO-1C was classified, and B-class amnestics were administered to related individuals.

It is noted that the date of disbanding of SCP-923-KO-1A is the same as the founding date of SCP-923-KO-1B and SCP-923-KO-1C and that the sum of the members in SCP-923-KO-1B and SCP-923-KO-1C at the time of their foundation is equal to that of KO-1A at its disbanding. This fact led to Dr █████ ██████ theorising that SCP-923-KO propagates.

SCP-923-KO is uncontainable and there is a possibility that there are many SCP-923-KO-1 instances unnoticed by the Foundation. Therefore, the entity has been re-classified as Keter.

Document SCP-923-KO-1A
The following document was written by members of SCP-923-KO-1A and is unaltered. Other documents related to the instance can be requested from SCP-923-KO's designated researcher Dr █████ ██████.

Item #: SCP-e

Object Class: Hokma

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-e is to be contained in a lead-plated 3 m by 3 m by 3 m metal container. Personnel who have ingested Malus Domestica less than an hour ago should be prohibited access in an area of 500 meters from SCP-e. If any person who has ingested Malus Domestica less than an hour ago approaches said area, the person should immediately be terminated, and X-ray flashes should be popped continuously for three hours or more. All experiments using SCP-e is prohibited.

Description: SCP-e is a poster for the 1937 animated movie, <Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs>. Physically, SCP-e is the same as a regular poster. If a human that ingested Malus Domestica less than an hour ago is closer than 500 meters to SCP-e, SCP-e, [DATA EXPUNGED]. The personnel [DATA EXPUNGED]. If the entity that ingested Malus Domestica was not human, or more than an hour has passed since ingestion, nothing happens.

SCP-e was found at the [REDACTED] Cinema on ██/██/1939. At the time of discovery, the [REDACTED] Cinema was [DATA EXPUNGED]. [DATA EXPUNGED]. Agent ████ acquired SCP-e. [DATA EXPUNGED]. Agent ████ was [DATA EXPUNGED]. Current containment procedures were established after Agent ████ [DATA EXPUNGED].

Analysis of the poster in the document has shown SCP-e was, in fact, a regular poster.

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