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Item #: SCP-925-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-925-KO-1 is contained in a greenhouse for roses in Biological Site-103. To prevent containment breaches, no organisms with advanced intelligence can enter the greenhouse without authorisation outside of testing purposes.

SCP-925-KO-2 is contained in a modified humanoid containment chamber. Small chores can be given to the subject on request. Monthly X-Ray scanning is performed to check for additional mutations. Clothes worn by the subject are incinerated to prevent anomalous effects.

Personnel entering SCP-925-KO-1 and -2's containment chambers must wear a full-body non-organic biohazard suit and a gas mask. Personnel suffering headaches or rapid emotional change must be contained and monitored in a separate room for one hour to check for anomalous effects. If any anomalous regions are discovered, they must be surgically removed immediately and incinerated. Personnel involved in incineration must also wear a full-body non-organic biohazard suit and a gas mask.

Description: SCP-925-KO-1 is a Paul's Scarlet Climber Rose (Rosa hybrida Hortorum). Aside from its anomalous properties, elevated flower count, and diversity in colour, SCP-925-KO-1 displays no difference from roses of the same species.

SCP-925-KO-1 emits anomalous pollen at irregular intervals. The pollen is proven to be infertile and is still emitted even with the stamen removed. When SCP-025-KO-1 touches a higher animal (SCP-925-KO-1-a), the animal's body morphs following these three stages:

Stage 1: SCP-SCP-925-KO-1-a suffers light migraines and rapid emotional change. This stage continues for approximately five minutes to one hour after contact. The magnitude of the symptoms in this stage does not affect the later stages.

Stage 2: After Stage 1, SCP-925-KO-1-a's headache disappears. Simultaneously, the region that touched SCP-925-KO-1's pollen grows a bud of SCP-925-KO-1. The length of time for this stage varies depending on the affected region. During this transformation, the victim shows high anxiety levels but no signs of pain. If the region is surgically removed during Stage 2, the transformation does not advance into the next stage.

Stage 3: When SCP-925-KO-1 completely covers the affected region, the instance blossoms, and the remaining body of SCP-925-KO-1-a also morphs into SCP-925-KO-1. Unlike Stage 2, the transformation in Stage 3 occurs at a cellular level and continues even after the transformed region is amputated. Victims do not exhibit pain during this process. SCP-925-KO-1-a, after complete transformation, shows the same anomalous properties as SCP-925-KO-1 and seems not to retain its original consciousness.

SCP-925-KO-1's flower colours depend on SCP-925-KO-1-a's original personality. In all known instances except one, the flowers had multiple (from 4 to ██) colours. For non-human subjects and human subjects who had committed no serious crimes, the flowers tended to be naturally-found colours such as red, yellow and white. However, if the subject committed felonies, such as murder or rape, the flowers tended to be of unnatural colours, such as blue, grey, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Notably, if SCP-925-KO-1-a was jealous of the victim of the crime, green flowers were more frequently observed.

SCP-925-KO-2 is an Asian male, presumably in his early 30s. The instance claims he was the head researcher of the Ontokinetics department of the "Dawn Office", which was confirmed by an investigation. Parts of SCP-925-KO-2's organs, including the right eyeball and some of his vital organs, were replaced with fully-blossomed SCP-925-KO-1.1 Nevertheless, SCP-925-KO-2 functions exactly like a non-anomalous human, albeit he suffers from chronic depression. SCP-925-KO-2 seems not to be further affected by SCP-925-KO-1's anomalous traits.

SCP-925-KO-1 and -2 were found in an abandoned building in █████ Laboratories, a front company for the Dawn Offices.2 SCP-925-KO-2 himself called a Foundation frontage organisation number, during which information about SCP-925-KO-1's anomalous effects was obtained. During the rescue operation, the operation tea retrieved three (3) instances of SCP-925-KO-1, five (5) sachets of SCP-925-KO-1 pollen samples, SCP-925-KO-2, a severed right arm affected by SCP-925-KO-13, and █ instances of other anomalous objects, including SCP-███-KO. No survivors aside from SCP-925-KO-2 were found in the lab.

Addendum 925-KO-1:
Interview log 925-KO-3

Interviewee: SCP-925-KO-2

Interviewer: Dr. Glaicer

Introduction: SCP-925-KO-2 was interviewed about his current situation. This interview was conducted to obtain information about the Dawn Office.

<Start of log>

Dr. Glacier: Good morning, SCP-925-KO-2. How are you feeling nowadays?

SCP-925-KO-2: Always the same.Nothing seems to be improving, and I feel miserable about myself. But I kept thinking while I was here that it was best for me to come here.

Dr. Glacier: What do you mean by that?

SCP-925-KO-2: At least you stopped my mistake from spreading further.

Dr. Glacier: You mean… You made SCP-925-KO-1?

SCP-925-KO-2: (Nods, feebly) Yes. Though, I did not intend it to be this way.

Dr. Glacier: Oh… Well, go on.

SCP-925-KO-2: I wanted to prove souls existed, that souls are separate from the person. With that, I wanted to show there is a way to cleanse the souls of the guilty without harming anyone else.

Dr. Glacier: That's why you made the rose? The one that blossoms with the colour of one's soul?

SCP-925-KO-2: Yes. Of course, I wanted the flowers to separate from the person. It doesn't cause harm anyway. I wanted to prove souls exist, not kill anyone. I didn't want the pollen to spread this much and…

Dr. Glacier: You intended well, but you created a monster.

SCP-925-KO-2: (Long Silence) The first tests using lab animals were successful. And the next ones, too. That's when I decided to try it on myself.

Dr. Glacier: And that's when problems arose?

SCP-925-KO-2: (Sobs quietly. No tears flow from the rose-replaced eye.)

Dr. Glacier: Well, at least no pollen is coming out from that eye instead of tears; that's a relief.

(Five minutes of continuous sobbing.)

SCP-025-KO-2: …I'm sorry. I couldn't hold it in…

Dr. Glacier: I see. Go on.

SCP-925-KO-2: I told you I decided to try it on myself. But that was when problems started appearing. Its properties changed. Other people came to help me in panic and as a result…(Long silence)

Dr. Glacier: I see… Don't you know why they changed?

SCP-925-KO-2: Yes, and why I am still alive. I am the head researcher, and I still know absolutely nothing. Rubon, Hanawa, Yumin4, Kise…

<End of Log>

Conclusion: The name Kise appeared on the research team document found later but was not written on any nametags on SCP-925-KO-1. This, along with the fact that SCP-925-KO-2's right arm is intact, suggests that the severed arm found in the lab belongs to researcher Kise. Seeing that SCP-925-KO-1 on the right arm is still budding, it is unlikely that Kise has entirely morphed into SCP-925-KO-1. A search is underway to find Kise's whereabouts.

Addendum 925-2: Document logs
Below is a document found in Kise's room in the residence hall of █████ Laboratories. The document was damaged at the time of discovery, but the Foundation was able to recover some information.

██/██/██: The Ontology department decided to start a new project. I submitted the project that I had planned a long time ago. Now I only need some funding.

██/██/██: Dammit. Asami5's project got picked, not mine. On top of that, he got promoted to team leader. Why? I got here first, and I have the skills, but why does he get the chance? He's a nobody!

██/██/██: I am assigned to Asami's team. The guy said he's looking forward to working with me. Do they want to follow him around till the end? Fuck you.


██/██/██: He said we are almost there. I didn't want things to get awkward, so I made up some empty words. The bastard said we could come here thanks to me. No shit. Hell for you. That place was mine, not yours.


██/██/██: [EXPLETEIVE REDACTED]. At this rate, he'll go higher, and I'll keep following his ass around. I'm not having that. I can't stand seeing him in his bed of roses.

██/██/██: Tomorrow, he's testing it on himself. If that succeeds, everything's done. And it's likely that he will succeed, considering the current situation. That's right. Now all I've got to do is…

██/██/██: That's it. I feel much better now. I write here to leave my joy. Now what's left to do is to burn this diary and watch him suffer. Then, I can go on with my plans. Goodbye, diary. Goodbye, Asami, you bastard.

Appendix: The writing on the document matched researcher Kise's writing on other documents. Considering SCP-925-KO-2's trust in researcher Kise and the risk of negative emotions causing a containment breach, it was decided that the SCP-925-KO-2 would not be informed of the journal.

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