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Item #: SCP-949-JP

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-949-JP is to be stored in the vehicle containment facility located at Site-8116. All figurines generated by SCP-949-JP are to be disposed, with the exception of ones to be kept as samples. There are currently 200 figurines stored at the Site as samples.

Description: SCP-949-JP is a large-sized bulldozer manufactured by ███████ Ltd. Its structure and function has no difference from the same model.

SCP-949-JP previously had an anomalous property of generating non-anomalous figurines behind it while it was moving forward, at a rate of about ███ instances per second. The generated figurines are made of stone-powder clay and are small in size, around 4cm high. These figurines precisely imitate humans in appearance, and a few of them have been observed to be shaped like a combination of several humans. The apparent gender, age and ethnicity of figurines are not constant.

On April 4, 2001, SCP-949-JP was recovered after the Foundation intercepted a report from a construction site about a large number of figurines coming out of a bulldozer. Accounts from workers at the scene suggested that SCP-949-JP suddenly developed its anomalous property while it was in motion. Subsequent investigation confirmed that ███████ Ltd, the manufacturer of SCP-949-JP, was not involved in this incident by any means; the cause of anomalous property of SCP-949-JP remains unknown.

Anomalous property of SCP-949-JP was unexpectedly lost during the attempt to maneuver it for verification. See SCP-949-JP Neutralization Record for details.

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