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Item #: SCP-973-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-973-KO-1 is to be placed in a location where constant monitoring is possible. In the event that SCP-973-KO-1 disappears, it is to be contained by following gunshot murder incidents where the killer is unidentified. In addition, the client of the hired gun should be traced by investigating the benefactors of the murder. The clients are to be searched for possession of SCP-973-KO-2 and treated with B-Class amnestics. Additional SCP-973-KO-2 found are to be stored in File ██ of Site-██. Security clearance level 4 or higher is needed to access the files.

Description: SCP-973-KO is composed of SCP-973-KO-1, a drawing of a man in a suit, and SCP-973-KO-2, a murder contract form. SCP-973-KO-1 is always shown holding a pistol in his right hand and his left arm crossed to his chest.

SCP-973-KO-2 has the space for the target's name, age, gender, address and photo, and on the bottom-right is a space for the client's signature. When the form is filled, the cost of murder appears, and the contract is sealed by burning SCP-973-KO-2 with the displayed amount of cash. Within seven days, SCP-973-KO-1 appears on any piece of paper near the target and assassinates the target through gunshot. The form's required fields are the target's name and photo, and the contract can be sealed without the other fields being formed. The target's social status and difficulty of killing decides the cost. When the cost is not paid, the contract is not sealed.

Contractor testimony revealed that placing two sheets of paper on top of each other and writing [REDACTED] on it may cause the bottom sheet to turn into SCP-973-KO-2. Special Containment Procedures have been updated to include the admission of B-Class amnestics to the contractor and their acquaintances.

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