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A Shūshū-in document depicting SCP-981-JP。

Item #: SCP-981-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-981-JP must be contained within a containment chamber composed of acrylic glass. In order to mask the surrounding cave system housing SCP-981-JP's containment chamber, a power plant will be constructed in the area by the Foundation. Unauthorized access to the site must be prevented.

Description: SCP-981-JP is comprised of the anomalies SCP-981-JP-1 and SCP-981-JP-2. SCP-981-JP-1 is a hemispherical object composed of biomatter and approximately 18m in diameter, located in the vicinity of a cave1 at Chekhov's Peak, near the town of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on Sakhalin Island, Russia. The entire surface of SCP-981-JP-1 is covered in smooth skin, and appears to lack any sensory, digestive, excretory and/or other types of organs. The physical structure of SCP-981-JP-1 is extremely fragile, with even mild pressure applied by human fingers causing its tissue to collapse. However, SCP-981-JP-1 possesses an extraordinary regenerative capability, as any and all injuries sustained have thus far been observed to completely heal within 35 minutes. While it SCP-981-JP-1 appears to expend some amount of energy during this healing process, how it acquires this energy is something studies have not yet been able to determine.

Tests have revealed SCP-981-JP-1's genetic makeup to be identical to that of of humans (Homo sapiens; the internal anatomy of SCP-981-JP-1 appears to be comprised of cells containing an amalgamation of DNA from a multitude of different human individuals. Further Foundation research has uncovered approximately 14 vital organs2 containing human bodies with intact brains. It is speculated that the nature of SCP-981-JP-1 is that of 14 distinct human beings having been fused together by anomalous means. Furthermore, the bloods vessels, lymphatic systems and blood vessels appear to be connected and shared between all 14 groups of organs. Lymph nodes display signs of hypertrophy commonly encountered in subjects infected with viral sexually transmitted diseases. The skeletal structure of SCP-981-JP-1 is radically different from that of normal human beings, instead extending like an umbrella around the body in order to preserve its hemispherical shape. Yet, in spite of these numerous physical abnormalities, SCP-981-JP-1 still appears to retain normal biological functionality.

SCP-981-JP-2 are groups of organic entities periodically released by SCP-981-JP1. Though outwardly resembling a human colon, autopsies show its internal composition to be completely different to that of normal human beings. SCP-981-JP-2 excretes a mucous substance from an organ similar in appearance to a human vermiform appendix3, which is attached to its endpoint. Said mucus displays anomalous properties when it comes into contact with either metal or human beings respectively: When a metallic objects comes into contact with the mucus, the interacting section will instantaneously vanish via unknown means; when a human subject comes into contact with the mucus, they reportedly experience intense abdominal pain immediately afterwards, lasting for approximately six hours whereafter the subject expires. At this point, the subject's colon will transform into an instance of SCP-981-JP-2 and exit the body by rupturing the abdominal wall. In addition, observations have confirmed that, despite lacking any form of brain or muscle, SCP-981-JP-2 is still capable of a snake-like locomotion, and will actively seek out metals or humans on which to blow its mucus. It is understood, however, that when made to choose between metals and humans, SCP-981-JP-2 will invariably favour metals. It should also be noted that not only does SCP-981-JP-2 lack any regenerative capabilities, but its lifespan is limited to about a mere 3 days from the moment of its expulsion.

At regular intervals, SCP-981-JP-1 will cause itself to rupture, thereby releasing several new instances of SCP-981-JP-2. The frequency of these expulsion events has been shown to correspond to the SCP-981-JP-1's level of brain activity. Its neural activity is therefore kept at consistently low levels by the continuous administration of various sedatives. In order to avoid SCP-981-JP-1 from becoming resistant to any one substance, it must be administered a wide variety of different substances on a rotating schedule. Despite this induced low neural activity, however, expulsion events regularly keep occurring about once a month.

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