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Item# SCP-988-TH-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, there are no special containment measures for SCP-988-TH-J. If any personnel encounter SCP-988-TH-J at Site-██, they should immediately report to O5-4 and be administered Class D amnestics, claiming that it is blood pressure medication, and escorted to their residence.

Description: SCP-988-TH-J is an elderly woman who lost her husband in a war, aged between 80-90 years old. She lives with her son in a flat. SCP-988-TH-J is in good health and is surprisingly lively compared to her younger days.

The daily behavior of SCP-988-TH-J is often a cause for concern among her neighbors. SCP-988 tends to sleep during the day and awaken during the night. At night, SCP-988-TH-J disappears from her residence through unknown means and reappears at dawn, with red stains resembling blood on her shirt and sarong.

Addendum-1: Late at night on ██/██/19██, Agent ██████, who was undercover as a local police officer, received a report of a terrifying event from a group of teenagers who were driving through Soi██████. They claimed to have encountered something horrifying, resulting in several severe injuries among them.

The following is an interview with Mr.████, a witness to the incident:

Agent ██████: I'm going to start the recording, and I'd like you to recount the events of that night.
Mr.████: Well… that night, my friends and I had planned to go to a nightclub, so we took a shortcut.
Agent ██████: And what happened next?
Mr.████: At first, nothing unusual – just a desolate, dark road near a temple area. But since we were in a big group, we weren't afraid. Then we heard a noise from behind. I turned around but couldn't see anything because it was so dark. After a while, my friend screamed, and I looked again… (Mr.████ pauses)
Agent██████: What did you see?
Mr.████: I don't know… but I can tell you, it looked like an old person moving incredibly fast, almost floating, coming straight at me. I was at the back of the car and saw this terrifying figure with red stains like blood around its mouth. Its eyes stared intently at me… that image still haunts me. Then, it disappeared.
Agent ██████: Did you see it disappear?
Mr.████: No, it was too fast. It just appeared and vanished into the darkness.
Agent ██████: Thank you for the information.
Later, Mr.████ was administered Class B amnestics.

Addendum-2: On ██/██/19██, a raid was conducted on an illegal gambling den in ██████, operating without a permit and beyond the legal hours. Police arrested almost all suspects, but one person escaped. Agent ███, who was undercover as a police officer, reported that the escapee was not clearly visible but appeared to be an elderly person. Authorities are currently pursuing the suspect, who fled at an incredibly high speed and disappeared into the woods near Soi██████. Officials recovered a container holding a red liquid, believed to be [redacted], that was spit out by the elderly suspect.

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