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Item #: SCP-999-JP-J

Object Class: Safe Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-999-JP-J is allowed to walk around the facility as long as he wishes, but otherwise he must stay in his cage. SCP-999-JP-J will not be allowed to leave the cage at night except while on duty, as it could be misinterpreted as a suspicious person. The cage is kept clean and their diets are supposed to be given plant-based protein and supplements several times a day. All personnel's are free to enter the SCP-999-JP-J cage. If the subject looks bored or speaks to you in a calm tone of voice play along.



Description: SCP-999-JP-J is a moderately resilient, large, cohesive, muscular, opaque, Orange colored milk-chocolate colored slime weighing approximately 154 kg. Despite SCP-999-JP-J's constantly changing poses, it mostly looks like a large middle-aged man.

SCP-999-JP-J's personality is often described as playful and dog-like. As an example, when approached by someone, SCP-999-JP-J will approach the person at full speed, After that, while stroking the object's head with the fourth false leg the sound of meeking and ticking is made. then leap forward and "hug" the target with its three false legs.

The creature that touched SCP-999-JP-J's skin felt a sudden weakness and pleasant pain. The longer touching SCP-999-JP-J's skin, the more severe they are, and the lasts it long even when you leave SCP-999-JP-J. SCP-999-JP-J's favorite activity is "tickling-wrestling," often semi-forced by hardened down a person from the neck down and tickling them until begs for it to stop (though it does not always immediately comply with this request).

As you may have guessed, SCP-999-JP-J is truly SCP-999. After witnessing the tragedy that occurred during the interaction experiment with SCP-682, he realized that he had to become stronger in order to protect everyone. Thus, he left the facility, taking advantage of the containment breach, and began his journey of training. As a result of his jelly training and battles with powerful enemies around the world, he has returned to the Foundation with a body of steel and a new tickling technique.

Addendum SCP-999-JP-J-A: The following is a report from an experiment in which SCP-682 is exposed to SCP-999 in the hopes of the all Foundation personal that this time completely curb the creature’s omnicidal rage.

SCP-999-JP-J is released into SCP-682’s containment area. SCP-999-JP-J landed using the Five-Ground Turn method and immediately ran towards SCP-682.

999: (elated meekings)

682: (unintelligible groans, growling)What are you?

SCP-999 moves in front of SCP-682, jumping up and down in a dog-like manner while calling out in a battle cry of victory noise.

682: (groans) Disgusting…

SCP-682 immediately tries to step SCP-999-JP-J and flatten it out, but SCP-999-JP-J's body survives the pressure.

682: Hmmm? (unintelligible) You, sometime… (low vocalization, almost like a drawl) What, what are you doing!

SCP-999-JP-J pried open SCP-682's fingers, crawled up the side of SCP-682's body, clung to his neck, and began to gently stroke SCP-682's pseudopod, SCP-682's large mouth gradually opening and weakening.

682: (deep breathing) I can feel… oh… that feels bad. No, it feels good…? (moaning) I'm unhappy…I'm happy…

SCP-682 rolls around on its back, slamming its tail upon the floor with dangerous force, alternating between "unhappy" and "happy" for several dozen minutes.

682: (bellowing softly) Stop it! I know it feels good! no tickling!

999: (In a thick voice) Hmm… you're pretty stiff here. I'll try to press harder.

682: (scream)

SCP-999-JP-J applied a strong pressure on SCP-682's pores, and SCP-682 disintegrated, releasing an unidentified wave of energy from its body. All the Personnel members who were in the range of the energy waves experienced physical abnormalities such as accelerated metabolism, corrected joints, and improved depression, which improved their job efficiency.

A ickle lizard was found in the wreckage of SCP-682.

Memo from Dr.████: While the test was successful ended, that had to be the horrifying thing I have ever seen. However, there is no doubt that SCP-999-JP-J could be the savior of the Foundation, or even of humanity. I never thought that the day would come when I would think of 999 as "manly". Oh, there's no need to send the security tape all we need now is a pair of pants for a slime to wear.

Addendum SCP-999-JP-J-B: Since the experiment proved its usefulness, the Foundation decided to reclassify SCP-999-JP-J as Thaumiel and actively use it to deal with dangerous and troublesome anomalies.SCP-999-JP-J is currently a member of MTF Omega-7 ("Pandora's Box"). The following is an excerpt from the list of objects SCP-999-JP-J has been involved with so far.

Subject Result
SCP-049 Successful transfer of technology. The company's goodwill is recognized.
SCP-055 Couldn'tt find any pressure points, tickling gave up.
SCP-076 Won 11 and lost 8. currently undergoing treatment for his frozen shoulder.
SCP-096 Became his first friend.
SCP-105 Complained about the way was dressing.
SCP-173 The combination of faces and blood became more abundant than before.
SCP-231 "Thanks for the help, a healthy boy was born safely!"
SCP-343 It was Tokujiro Namikoshi.
SCP-447 Currently using as a new type of protein with high absorption efficiency.
SCP-811 Aiming for harmlessness through physical modification. "Aé going be big."
SCP-978 Got a best shot. It's huge!
SCP-990 "I didn't expect him to travel to my dreams."
SCP-1000 All SCP-1000's have been forgiven. Peace with humanity established.
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