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Item #: SCP-CN-002

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Paper and digital copies of the object are to be contained in a standard SCP object containment locker. All other copies retrieved are to be incinerated on discovery. Personnel without Level 5 clearance are forbidden from reading the object.

  • Carrier SCP-CN-002-1, human, is already deceased. Its corpse has been deemed to no longer require containment, and is currently stored in a freezer in Site-CN-12 while preparations are made to return it to ████████ ██████ University. Care is to be taken to maintain the corpse's appearance.
  • Carrier SCP-CN-002-2, human, has been contained in a 6m × 6m standard containment chamber equipped with a quantum-encrypted communication device connected to the council. Personnel not on the council are not to converse with the object. The basic human rights of the subject, save for the above restrictions, are to be guaranteed, and the subject is to be provided with high-quality rations and comfortable lodging within reason

The subject itself is incapable of causing risk of a containment breach, and a tracking chip has been inserted into its body. If a containment breach occurs due to another object, the subject's life is to be considered of the highest priority; however, the subject is not to be allowed extended contact with civilians who have completed secondary education.

Description: SCP-CN-002 is an algorithm, which can be briefly described as: when necessary information relating to a human subject and a relevant law of the jurisdiction it resides in are input, the output will be a prediction of whether the human subject will deliberately violate this law in the future. Through secret monitoring of society and referencing big data, it has been determined that the predictions have an accuracy of at least 99%.

  • SCP-CN-002-1 (F████ ██) was the dean of ████████ ██████ University Department of Social Sciences researching societal game theory prior to containment, and was the inventor of SCP-CN-002. SCP-CN-002-1 died of organ failure caused by old age on 2016/10/08 at the age of 107 with no remaining living relatives.
  • SCP-CN-002-2 (C███ ████) was a lawyer with American citizenship prior to containment. Prior to containment, he had been in close contact with SCP-CN-002-1 for two years and had attempted to use SCP-CN-002-related objects and related documents as evidence in court. After this was discovered, he was brought into Foundation containment; the original case was taken over by Foundation lawyers and is now complete. No anomalies were detected.
  • In addition, two other relevant personnel may be carriers of the anomaly and are recorded as SCP-CN-002-3 (W███ ██ ███) and SCP-CN-002-4 (█. █. S████), both human, and are important members of the United States Senate and Supreme Court respectively. As such, there are no means of effectively containing them; they are currently under Foundation supervision.

This object is probably the least anomalous-looking object in Foundation containment, and perhaps some of you may feel that this being one of our contained objects might be a bit strange — although there's always a "least anomalous-looking object", but I should supply at least a basic explanation.
To put things simply, if the public knew and trusted that there was such a kind of algorithm, they would believe that the government would be able to predict the occurrence of crime — and, of course, stop the crimes before they happen. But this is impossible — predicting the possible criminal activity of one person is not difficult, but how do we know who to monitor? If we monitor everyone — and as you know, China has 1.3 billion people, the US has around 400 million, and this algorithm is complex. To put it conservatively, a government carrying out this many calculations on all of its people would raise government spending several times over, and even if we did carry out such a computation, by the time we finished the laws would have changed and the predictions would be useless. In particular, if when we were to intervene on a large scale, the results would already be vastly different — new crimes would have been created, perhaps more than before we intervened. So we have no way to stop the cycle, and that's without considering that someone might use it for less than scrupulous purposes.
And it's easier to see that if some civilians were to hear about this, there would be no way to stop angry victims blaming the losses they suffered as a result of crime on the government or law enforcement, especially when they were not sufficiently compensated (and this happens more often than not); this would lead to a loss of trust in the government and law enforcement, and then to an increase in crime — another vicious cycle. You may think that this is just alarmist talk, making a mountain out of a molehill, so to say — people might just talk about it for a while and go back to their old ways of living, but our expert conclusion is that after enough time, this will lead to terrible effects on society — and how terrible? I have no way to tell you in more detail, and even if I did you might not understand. In any case, the Foundation's intelligence banks' estimates are not particularly positive.
As for why we are telling you this, we trust that you will not put the blame for such things on the Foundation, as you yourselves are members of the Foundation — to put it simply, if you break our regulations, we will find you and punish you. The Foundation will not discuss reasoning with you. Here, there are only rules and discipline.
The Foundation is small, so our "government" is more powerful than those outside.
— Journal, Dr. ████████, Foundation External Affairs Department Law Consultant

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