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Item #: SCP-CN-007

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Except with the permission of the Project Lead or 4/CN-007 clearance, personnel are not to enter SCP-CN-007-A. Personnel with clearance are not to remain within the object for more than 30 minutes.

In view of the object's immovability, Site-CN-7 has been constructed around the object to cover up its existence. Civilians attempting to approach its location are to be turned away under the premise of rockslide risk.

Description: SCP-CN-007-A is an anomalous building located on the outskirts of ▇▇▇, Jiangsu, China. Its interior appears to be an ordinary residence. Despite SCP-CN-007-A's exterior appearing as if it has been built within the last 10 years, investigation has revealed that no new buildings have been constructed in this area in the past 50 years.

SCP-CN-007-A possesses a moderate anomalous compulsive effect that causes personnel to want to enter the object. However, this effect can be resisted by changing the object of focus. The anomalous effects typically manifest as the following: When a subject enters SCP-CN-007-A, they will observe some SCP-CN-007-B entities outside the building through all connections with the outside world (such as doors and windows). Such effects cannot be observed from the exterior of the object.

SCP-CN-007-B is the collective designation for anomalous entities appearing within SCP-CN-007-A. SCP-CN-007-B appear to be the limbs organs or tissues of a large unknown entity. They do not possess the capability to cause harm, but appear to possess a certain degree of sapience, and will appear to offer services to personnel entering the object, such as large hand-like appendages appearing near the door to take off the subject's jacket. During these "services", personnel within the object will hear a source of unknown origin using extremely formal Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) explaining the service performed by the SCP-CN-007-B object. (See Experiment Log CN-007)

All attempts to analyze SCP-CN-007-B's DNA or bone structure have failed for various regions; it is currently only possible to determine what organ the object corresponds to through visual observation.

Addendum: Investigation into the possibly-existent Group of Interest "OB Media" is currently ongoing.

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