Describing SCP-CN-009 Practice Test
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Name: Hu Qi | No.: Level 3 Clearance | School: SCP Foundation Site-CN-21 Information and Intelligence Department

Maximum Marks: 100 Time Allotted: 60 minutes

(1) What is the Item Number used by the SCP Foundation to refer to this anomalous object? (5/5)
∵ This anomaly's number out of the SCP-CN objects contained by the SCP Foundation's Chinese branch is 009. (3/3)
∴ This SCP's Item Number is SCP-CN-009. (2/2)

(2) Using the information available to you, determine SCP-CN-009's Object Class.(3/15分)
∵ SCP-CN-009 does not1 possess sapience, intelligence or sentience. (1/3)2
Also ∵ the infohazardous effect of SCP-CN-009 is limited to textual descriptions of SCP-CN-009, and will not change the basic meaning of the affected text3 (2/2)
∴ The danger posed by SCP-CN-009's anomalies is low, so the object has been classified Safe.4 (0/10)

∴ While SCP-CN-009's anomalous qualities present low danger, later experimentation5 revealed the object possesses a degree of sapience and intelligence. SCP-CN-009's Object Class has been raised from Safe to Euclid on 2009/05/06.

(3) What are the Special Containment Procedures enacted for SCP-CN-009? (9.5/10)
①∵ The risk posed by SCP-CN-009's anomalous properties is extremely low6.(0.5/1)
∴ When not being tested, SCP-CN-009 is to be kept in a locked Standard Containment Locker in Site-CN-21 with soft material padding on the interior. (4/4)

②∵ SCP-CN-009 has not shown abnormal hardness, indestructibility or autonomous repair ability. (0.5/0.5)
Also ∵ SCP-CN-009's constituent material is primarily ordinary glass. (0.5/0.5)
∴ SCP-CN-009 is fragile.7 When moving or testing SCP-CN-009, please be careful not to damage SCP-CN-0098. (4/4)

(3-1) Alternate Practice: Update SCP-CN-009's Special Containment Procedures based on its reclassification to Euclid. (0/10)
Answer: Since SCP-CN-009's Object Class has been raised, the Containment Procedures have been amended to include: All documents infected by SCP-CN-009 save for this one9 are to be contained in Low-Security Anomalous Object Storage at Site-CN-21; a record and inspection of all affected documents is to be carried out regularly, with a focus on whether the information is altered or reduced. If any anomaly is noticed in any affected document, it is to be reported. (10/10)

All SCP-CN-009-1 produced by SCP-CN-009 are to be treated as unreliable.10

(4) Based on currently known information, describe SCP-CN-009's external appearance and anomalous qualities. (45/60)
Answer: ① SCP-CN-009 is a transparent sphere of radius 5.3 cm massing 23.5 g. Testing has shown that it is made of 100% regular glass and its physical and chemical properties do not show any anomalies.

② Relevant tests indicate that the object possesses a degree of information alteration. When a document describing the object is created, it will automatically be altered within 24 hours into a document titled "Correctly Describing XXX (where XXX is the name the writer uses to refer to SCP-CN-009) Practice Test" in the format of an examination (the description and question styles will still present some degree of content variation). The contents can be divided into three sections: "Questions", "Answers" and "Comments".

  • "Questions": The content that appears after SCP-CN-009 affects an object, consisting of the information related to SCP-CN-009 split into four themes, which are formatted as questions11
  • "Answers": The original content prior to SCP-CN-009 modifying the document, appearing below the questions. This content is not significantly altered in meaning, and is presented in either a "∵/∴" (because/therefore) or "Answer:" format.12
  • "Corrections and Comments": After SCP-CN-009 has finished altering information, a large number of explanatory comments (SCP-CN-009-1) referred to as "Corrections and Comments" will manifest within 24 hours. Regardless of the document's format, SCP-CN-009-1 will be written without punctuation and in italics, with its font size dependent on the original size of the text. The content of SCP-CN-009-1 may be objective corrections to incorrect or missing information in the original document's description of SCP-CN-00913

Of note is that in very few SCP-CN-009-1, SCP-CN-009 displays a subjective conscience and personality, and is able to express it's thoughts on the Foundation; however, the veracity of SCP-CN-009-1 has not yet been confirmed. Active attempts to communicate with SCP-CN-009 have failed; it is currently still under investigation whether SCP-CN-009 possesses sapience.

Congratulations on completing this test!
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