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Item #: SCP-CN-011

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Site-CN-108 has been constructed around SCP-CN-011-a to serve as a containment location. MTF-乙未-8 ("Invincible Fortress") has been assigned to this Site to assist in containment operations. An full unit of Foundation researchers is to be stationed at SCP-CN-011-a's security room. The information within Document CN-011-████-██-██ has been confirmed to be able to ensure the subject survives and is effectively contained. Two groups of standard Level 0 transport personnel have been assigned to Site-CN-108 for courier work. Current containment procedures have been devised based on Document CN-011-████-██-██. Containment program should be carried out based on Document CN-011-D-1.

Document CN-011-D-1

(Based on contents of Document CN-011-████-██-██)



It has been confirmed that SCP-CN-011 can only survive if the following procedures are followed. Please perform containment work in accordance with the following program:

The entire containment process is to operate on a six-day cycle, with days designated D1-D6:

D1: Broadcast Message A, clear up products from the previous cycle. All remaining products are to be brought to Zone 3 after taking a sample.

D2:Broadcast Message B. Retrieve goods from Zone 2. Goods marked "new product" are to be placed in Zone 1's "new product zone". All other products are to be placed as required.l

D3: Broadcast Message C, inspect Site-CN-108.

D4: Broadcast Message D, inspect placement of goods, inspect Site-CN-108.

D5: Sales day 1, open 40% of Zone 1.

D6: Sales day 2, open the remaining 60% of Zone 1.


All personnel are to use non-lethal weapons. SCP-CN-011 instances are not to be allowed into Zones other than Zone 1.

Description: SCP-CN-011 is a humanoid organism that typically walks on two legs; however, when its body is overloaded, it will crawl on all fours. No mouth, visual perception organ, or olfactory perception organ has been found on SCP-CN-011; autopsy shows that the organism does not possess any organ that performs the function of the human brain. The object possesses 4 to ██ irregular limbs extending from its back; the abdomen is creased, allowing it to be expanded into a bag-like structure. Initial autopsy shows that this structure can hold up to 1.5 L; however, the surveillance footage shows that this structure can hold objects totalling 3-4 m³. As this structure rapidly shrinks and disappears after a SCP-CN-011 instance dies, no further research has been possible.

SCP-CN-011 was discovered in a major nature reserve; however, the Foundation confirmed in ████ that this was not an official nature reserve of the area's government or a front for a Group of Interest. After dispatching MTF-庚午-1 ("Sacrificial Lambs") to this area for further investigation, the Foundation discovered a large supermarket designated SCP-CN-011-a, a cassette tape containing four recorded messages, and Document CN-011-████-██-██, the contents of which have been integrated into current containment protocol. The condition of the area indicates that SCP-CN-011-a had not been opened for use; for the full process, see Report CN-011-2███-05-██.

Document CN-011-████-██-██ confirmed the existence of SCP-CN-011. ██ days after initial containment, SCP-CN-011 instances showed a negative turn in behavior and began to die in large numbers. The site director, Researcher Lin Jian, made a request to the Ethics Committee and subsequently began containment trials; however, after Researcher Lin died of schistosoma, a new site director was sent to the site to officially begin containment work. SCP-CN-011 did not act between D1-D3. At 22:00 on D4, SCP-CN-011 gathered at the front door of SCP-CN-011-a, and after its opening entered the building, using their forelimbs to pick up items and put them into their bag-like structures, after which SCP-CN-011 will leave from the cashiers; after being told at the window that "their spending exceeds the quota", SCP-CN-011 instances will use their forelimbs to break off the limbs on their back and place them on the other side of the payment counter.

Analysis of the product packages indicates that they contain SCP-CN-011's severed limbs.

Addendum 1: Document CN-011-████-██-██:

RICPI Executive Committee

Species No.: 20619790902001

Species Name: Homo sapiens bagii, Romero, 1979

Protection Level: Rarely Neglected

Distribution: Originally discovered in [DATA EXPUNGED], after which occasional specimens were discovered in various provinces in Eastern China. Due to the species' weakness, RICPI artificially moved the subjects to PS-CC-12. No reports from other regions.


Research History: Professor Romero discovered this species in 1979. Research on the species has been continuous up until today; however, frequent accidents and external factors1 lead to many subjects' deaths. By 2███, the species numbered [ERASED]. RICPI decided to collect the remaining specimens in a protected zone. See "Protection Measures".

Protection Measures: As members of the species will die if left without vital energy for too long, containment operations shall focus on "maintaining the vitality of the species" and "preventing the death of organisms". Protection Site PS-CC-12 has been constructed in Central China Zone 12, and consists of two components; the primary source of food for the species consists of Species 10003 planted underground2 to ensure the continued life of SCP-CN-011; the Site itself is used to train the species to maintain their vitality. See below.

Training Process: The training of the species is to operate on a six-day cycle. Each cycle consists of two sections, D1-D4 being "advertising", and D5-D6 being "sales". The cycle is as follows:

D1: Broadcast Message A, clear up products from the previous cycle. Class A and B products are to be relabeled and moved to the "Bargain Zone". Class C products are to be placed in the sorting section. Do not enter the warehouse.

D2:Broadcast Message B. Workers are to retrieve products from the warehouse, Goods marked "new product" are to be placed in the "New Arrivals Zone", Workers who are unwell are to immediately return to St. Bloodstone Park. Stock goods.

D3:Broadcast Message C, stock goods. Personnel are to go for checkups.

D4:Broadcast Message D, stock goods. Personnel are to go for checkups and implementation of the protection measures is to be checked.

D5:Sales period begins. Open 40% of the area.

D6:Second day of sales period begins. Open the remaining 60% of the area.

Notes and Examples of Unexpected Occurrences: [DATA LOST]

Addendum 2 - Contents of SCP-CN-011-a Broadcasts

Message A: A 1 hour and 16 minute talk show in which two reviewers discuss a new model of a "famous" manufacturer's "famous" product. The contents of the discussion include whether the new model exists, and when it will be released. Of note is that what the "famous" product actually is or does is omitted from the broadcast.

Message B: An advertisement for the new model of the "famous" manufacturer's "famous" product, including information such as "the product will soon go on sale", "a full remodeling of the previous generation". As above, no concrete information about the product is provided.

Message C: Broadcast of over 3 hours, containing an apology from the "famous" manufacturer over delays in production, a street interview with the public about the delays in production of the "famous" product, and two talk shows, of which the first discusses what effects the delays will have on the market, and the second discusses whether the product actually exists.

Message D: A short message: "Thanks to the diligent effort of our company and all of you, the new product will be released tomorrow at 7."


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