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Item #: SCP-CN-026

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The carrier of SCP-CN-026 is currently contained in a standard small safe at Site-CN-██, and the code is to be changed weekly. Experimentation with SCP-CN-026 requires the approval of a person with level 4 security clearance or higher. UPDATE: Since Incident CN-026-01, experiments with SCP-CN-026 are prohibited.

Description: The carrier of SCP-CN-026 is a piece of paper torn from a notebook with the words "Mud Doll, Mud Doll, a Mud Doll, I'm its dad, I'm its mom, love it for all long"1 written in scribbled handwriting. When the paper is soiled, the paper will slowly return to its original state depending on the degree of soiling, the process takes 5 seconds to 20 minutes (see experimental record CN-026-01 for detail).

The anomalous properties of SCP-CN-026 manifest that individuals who read the item (classified as SCP-CN-026-A) will produce anomalous effects when the following conditions are met simultaneously within the next two hours:

  1. The individual chants the contents of SCP-CN-026 twice without error;
  2. The individual maintains physical contact with an item throughout the chant;
  3. The individual has full ownership of the item;

Upon completion of the chant, the item will transform into an SCP-CN-026-B instance with the consciousness equivalent to a 12-year-old human child, with random gender. The object will regard the individual as its most important "parent", and the individual will also regard the object as his or her most important "child", no matter how many descendants the individual has before. It is important to note that both the object and the individual are aware of the physical properties of the individual. The same SCP-CN-026-B can only trigger the SCP-CN-026 effect once in a lifetime.

Addendum CN-026-01: Following the occurrence of Incident CN-026-01, a piece of written paper appeared next to the shredder, with the following contents, in the same handwriting as on the front of SCP-CN-026.

Please stop

Even if your wife is no longer alive

Even if I'm just a photo

You should also guard her last wish

May you no longer be alone

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