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Item Number:SCP-CN-044-J

Object Class:KeterSafe

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-CN-044-J should be kept in a standard Safe-level object storage locker in the low-risk anomaly containment area of Site-CN-44, and SCP-CN-044-J should not be caused by Leave the containment locker for more than 12 hours for any reason. Relevant matters need to be approved and supervised by Dr. Resolver. When any activity or suspected activity of SCP-CN-044-J is discovered, it should be reported to Dr. Resolver and the acting HMCL supervisor on duty immediately.

Description:SCP-CN-044-J is a glass mug. The height of the cup is about 13.1cm, and the diameter is about 7.4cm. The handle of the cup is about 8.3cm long, about 4.4cm wide at the widest point, and about 3cm wide at the narrowest point. The anomalous nature of SCP-CN-044-J is currently unclear, but it can be confirmed that SCP-CN-044-J is a high-risk anomaly.

Discovery: **2021/4/1, Dr. Resolver saw SCP-CN-044-J fall into the pool downstairs of a resident from an unknown location while walking in the ████ community. Dr. Resolver immediately took SCP-CN-044-J out of the pool, and used a cardboard box to contain it on the spot. Rsr.Tether in 1 minute? When passing by here, the two packed SCP-CN-044-J in a cardboard box and brought it back to Site-CN-44 for formal containment and a serial number, during which **an ordinary man who could no longer be ordinary stopped him The two also showed Dr. Resolver a note with unknown content, and Dr. Resolver continued to contain it after tearing up the note.

Interview Log 1/CN044-J:




**Note: **After Dr.Resolver contained SCP-CN-044-J, Dr.Resolver kept holding the containment cabinet of SCP-CN-044-J and asked to conduct an interview with himself to explain in detail the discovery of SCP-CN-044 -J process.

[recording begins]

Dr.Location walked through the door, sat on the chair opposite Dr.Resolver and opened the notebook.

Dr.Location:Dr.Resolver, today is the second day of your sick leave with Rsr.Tether due to "psychological trauma" (emphasis) during the ████ incident, correct?

Dr. Resolver:…Yes.

Dr.Location: Very good, then please tell me that you are a bastard level 3 researcher who casually asks for leave and plays cards with bastard Tether because the site director is your brother Why do you do an interview for yourself.

Dr.Resolver: (Punches the table and stands up.) Location! This is serious! Seriously!

Dr. Location: Huh? What extremely irrelevant thing you have to say quickly.

Dr. Resolver: (rubs hands and sits down) You can see what I'm talking about.

Dr. Resolver opened the containment locker.

Dr.Location: This… God, (drops the pen in his hand to the floor) How did you contain this high-risk anomaly.

Dr.Resolver: I… don't know, anyway, there's a cardboard box and I just put it on. I really have no other way, people just hope there is something to block it in front of it, it feels too scary.

Dr.Location: There's nothing wrong with it, I feel the same way when I look at it. Oh, by the way, back to the topic, after all, it is the interview you requested.

Dr.Location: What anomalous properties does it have?

Dr. Resolver: I don't know.

Dr.Location: How can we ensure its containment?

Dr. Resolver: I don't know.

Dr.Location: Can we survive its grasp?

Dr. Resolver: (lowers his head)…I…I don’t know.

Dr.Location:…What do we, or the Foundation, humans know about it?

Dr.Resolver: (shuddering) Nothing… don't know.

Dr.Location walked behind Dr.Resolver, put his hand on his shoulder, and remained silent.

After a long time, Dr. Resolver rushed out the door after only saying a word

Dr. Resolver: I, will change this.


**Experiment records: **After the interview record 1/CN044-J, Dr. Resolver began to conduct experiments on SCP-CN-044-J, the following are the more noteworthy parts of the 11249 experiment records.
Actions Feedback
Observation program on mnestic drugs No response
Placed in an open space No response
Hit D-Class on head with object No response
Send a psychologist to negotiate with the project No response
Filled with water No response
Pretending to drop the object from a height of 100m No response
Contribute a Chinese beef cattle, three Jinhua pigs, and a peacock mantis shrimp to the project No response
Abusive Items No Response
Item was discarded without hesitation A day later Dr. Resolver saw and contained the item again at a lost and found
Chanting the Great Compassion Mantra next to the item for 7 hours No response
Observation item wearing Foundation standard memetic armor type II No response
Interview with multiple anomalous science experts including Department of Misinformation, Department of Pataphysics, Department of Tactical Theology, Foundation Space Army how to deal with SCP-CN-044-J All interviewees agreed that this matter has no solution.
Sell Items Under the Overpass No Response, No Buyers
Play Chinese Chess with the project No response
Use a leash to hoist the item The item started to struggle, then confirmed The tether is an abnormal item, and the item does not respond after changing the tether
Writing a Rockwell Horror novel featuring an item No Responses
Weaponizing Items with Rsr.Tether? Heads-up All challengers lose and think Rsr.Tether? The equipped gun has anomalous properties
Seeking help from the apex-type multifunctional entity Pangloss Containment Project

**Event Log 1/CN-044-J: **Site-CN-444 level researcher Dr.Resolver, requesting the site director to submit a proposal to the O5 Council: remove SCP-CN-044-J from Site-CN-44 All exceptions were handed over to other sites, and the proposal was passed.

**Event Record 2/CN-044-J: **Site-CN-44 Deputy Site Director Dr. Resolver submitted a proposal to the O5 Council: Site-CN-44 will be researched in addition to SCP-CN-044-J The communication of other anomalous organizations is intended to jointly fight against SCP-CN-044-J, and the proposal is passed.

**Event Record 3/CN-044-J: **Site-CN-44 site director Dr. Resolver was unable to continue the research on SCP-CN-044-J containment measures due to age, and handed over to the O5 council to take SCP- 006's request, the request is approved.

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