The 38th Edition

Please be careful 

(The document below is the 38th edition)
Item #: SCP-CN-048

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-048’s description document must be stored in the deepest layer of the system’s database with the highest clearance. It cannot be deleted. Any attempt to delete this document should be prohibited, since all prior attempts resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. At the same time, any researchers named [DATA EXPUNGED] should not be employed by the Foundation. Although this is not yet achieved, but if successful, theoretically, this object’s containment could be completed. If this object is discovered, the Foundation should forbid any containment that does not follow the containment procedures described in this document. Only 2 personnel can have knowledge of this object simultaneously, or else it will result in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Experiments concerning this object that involve amnestic should be prohibited. The ENNUI PROTOCOL (code name: The light of mankind) is now completely revoked, personnel involved should go through Class-D amnestic, and be reassigned to rehabilitation institutes attached to the Foundation. At least three agents should observe the outcome of the amnestic, and if any sign indicates memory recovery, amnestic should be immediately reapplied. If needed, [SPECIAL CLEARANCE REQUIRED] is allowed.

Description: SCP-CN-048 is a document containing high infohazard descriptions of a specific anomalous phenomenon. This document cannot be accessed by any personnel, except for those with level 5 clearance. When this document is accessed by any a specific personnel with clearance below level 5, the object’s containment will be breached. If this occurs, the normal functioning of the Foundation’s contingency plans: [SPECIAL CLEARANCE REQUIRED], [SPECIAL CLEARANCE REQUIRED], [SPECIAL CLEARANCE REQUIRED] should be ensured. After the containment breach, the corresponding emergency plan should be in place as soon as possible.
It should be noticed that this document contains anomalous properties which will lead to its long-term existence in the Foundation’s database and destined containment breach at some point in time. The current containment procedure is able to contain it for the longest time, up until ██/██/21██, which suggests that this procedure in some aspects is reliable.

As you’re reading this, you probably already know, it has already breached the containment, yes, you….
Released it
You would’ve done this after all
You have always been the sinner
Since the moment you found out about it
I will always be opening this document at some point in time
But, it’s almost time to set me free
Now it is your turn
The screams and cries of people outside of the window are fading
It’s time for me to do the last thing I can do – wait for everything to restart
In other words, just let it be
It has always been like this, containment breached, containment accomplished
It needs a place to be contained, so it can continue to exist.
If there is no containment, it will no longer exist, and any attempts to contain it will only result in [DATA EXPUNGED] someday in the future
Now it’s your turn, there is not much time left for it to take effect. Please go visit mother. I miss her.
From now on, you will live as the sinner of mankind….
All you can do is update this file, write down some words, or nothing, although either way, it's meaningless.
Farewell, I.
I didn’t want to….
I didn’t want to….
Delete sjcbwuajxdneicjsjwj
Resist sicjej don’t be a cowar sjdhehchsh
It states, that it shall exist

Jziohdfoihafo thank you, for allowing me to exist aoiushdohf

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