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Item #: SCP-CN-096

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-096 is to be contained in an open-air area in Area-CN-10; it is not to be placed vertically under an obstruction or within a building. A monitoring camera is to be placed 20 m from the object. If any inscription appears on the ground near the object, two Class D personnel are to be dispatched to handle the situation with standard chemical waste disposal protocol.

If the object is to be moved, direct contact with the object is to be avoided. If any member of personnel touches the object, the object is to be set down immediately and personnel are to remain where they are until the anomalous effect ceases. Due to the anomalous properties of SCP-CN-096, all subjects who enter the second stage of its effects are to be reassigned as Class D personnel; direct execution is to be the preferred course of action.

Archived Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-CN-096 is a doorknob equipped with a lock; attached to it are splinters that indicate that it was forcibly removed from a door.

  • Stage 1: The subject will perceive all doors and windows as the same closed door (designated SCP-CN-096-1). If the subject sets down SCP-CN-096, its effects will cease within 1 ~ 2 minutes.
  • Stage 2: When the subject "touches" SCP-CN-096-1, continuing anomalies will manifest; the subject will perceive all SCP-CN-096-1 it has touched as the same door, through which they may pass; all other doors will be perceived as SCP-CN-096-2. Upon entering this stage, the effects are irreversible.
  • Stage 3: When the subject "rotates" SCP-CN-096-1's "doorknob" and opens it, their entire body will become black, and at a [REDACTED] pace become a 50-cm-large Chinese character "stop". The resulting object will constantly produce utterances such as "don't come in", "stop" and "go away" in the subject's voice. The SCP-CN-096-1 touched by the object will [DATA EXPUNGED]. Onlookers report a severe feeling of apprehension, which can only be remedied with Class C amnestics.

According to the subjects' descriptions, SCP-CN-096-1 is a old wooden door painted bright green, covered in black corrosion marks, without a doorknob. The door bears the inscription in kaishu script "不得而入Do not enter". SCP-CN-096-1 appears to change in size to match the original door frame. SCP-CN-096-2 is a pale, thin human palm identical in size to the door it replaces, covered with the Chinese character "stop".

If an attempt is made to bring the subject closer to SCP-CN-096-2, the subject will attempt to violently resist and distance themselves from SCP-CN-096-2; if the subject is restrained and moved towards SCP-CN-096-2, the subject will be thrown back by an unknown force, maintaining a 2 m distance, and the image of a "no entry" traffic sign will appear on the subject's body or clothes.

Recovery Report: SCP-CN-096 was discovered in a home in [REDACTED], Sichuan after the [REDACTED] earthquake. This home was inhabited by one individual named ████ ████████; interviews with nearby residents revealed that this individual had not left his home for ███ days, and that the building irregularly and frequently produced the sound of a door opening or closing, which could be heard clearly from neighboring homes.

A skeleton was discovered near the object, with its right hand in a position as if trying to grab something. This skeleton was confirmed to have been dead for over half a year, and possessed no anomalous qualities. The entrance of the building matched the descriptions of SCP-CN-096-1. Located near the building were several patches of tan-colored liquid, most of which formed the Chinese character "stop". The remains of this building have been taken into Foundation possession, as well as some of the liquid; the rest has been cleaned up. (Results of analysis on the building can be seen in Addendum CN-096-A.)

Incident CN-096: On 2017/██/██, many instances of the character "stop" in varying sizes manifested on the walls of SCP-CN-096's chamber, as well as nearby corridors; all of these characters produced a constant 20 dB sound consisting of the character being read repeatedly in multiple voices. It has been confirmed that the characters were painted in a mixture of ink and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Investigation has revealed that all buildings in which SCP-CN-096 had been placed had similarly produced the same effect, but not outdoor areas.

It is unknown why this effect has not been observed until now. I have proposed to update the containment procedures and to reclassify the object as Euclid. — Dr. Yuan

Approved. — ████ ███, Area-CN-10 Director

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