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The philosophers, carrying the limbs of the sinner, staggered in the night
The oracle hasn't appeared in ten years / drank the blood / dries up the tears / still disappears
The sacrifice carries the eyes of sinners/returns to the origin of the epic
“We haven’t seen him come, and the light on the promenade is hard to trace.”
“He has not yet come, because the shadow of the sinner has not yet dissipated”
“Application of agate/jade/fluorite/sand stone/graphite and crystal”
“Inscribe his name and deeds on the boundary between the old and the new”
“Wipe away the blood that has been splashed by the sinner, and ring the silver bell”
“And I will give you an enlightenment and call his name before dawn”

Chronicle of Old Times White Star Chapter

"████ Entertainment Newspaper", March 11, 1969, the first edition of the twelfth issue "The 5th Dimension member ███ Zhang's extramarital affair was exposed within the band?"
Author:Max King
In early March 1969, relying on the great success of the previous album, the 5th Dimension, a famous American chorus of soul songs, released their fourth studio album "The Age of Aquarius", according to the choir's lead singer J███ McLee According to the introduction, this album will convey a new era of voice to the audience, and the producer of the album declared that The 5th Dimension will open a new era for the American music scene through a new album concept and artistic style. However, J███ McLee seems to have taken the wrong turn on the road leading the audience to the new era. He accidentally led us into his bedroom, and ███ Zhang, who entered the marriage hall with himself in January of this year, Lying on the bed and turning over and over, the worst thing is that the person lying next to her beloved husband is not her, but another person; to make matters worse, the other person seems to be a male.
After the release of "The Age of Aquarius", some listeners who bought the album found that after the first song, Medley: Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures), the follow-up tracks did not appear as expected, instead An audio of about 10 minutes in which two men are lying in bed flirting with each other, kissing and having sex. During this period, one can clearly hear one of them calling the other's nickname, "Zhang".
After the incident was exposed, Soul City, the record company to which The 5th Dimension belongs, quickly withdrew all the albums of "The Age of Aquarius" with abnormal audio. In the face of public doubts, The 5th Dimension and Soul City have not yet provided any explanation or response, and ████ entertainment newspapers will continue to follow up and report.

"The ████ Entertainment Newspaper", March 18, 1969, the 13th issue, the first edition ""The love between us is pure and loyal…? "J███ McLee came forward" to clarify "rumors, band members: The two have separated
Author:Max King
Since the sex audio incident came to light last week, J███ McLee and The 5th Dimension have become the focus of public attention. So how did she respond to this as the lead singer? She made no mention of this when she was a solo guest on ███ Music Radio this week to promote the new album. Faced with the issue of sex audio, she said after singing the song Sunshine of Your Love, "The love between us is pure and loyal. I hope the public will not make unwarranted suspicions and slanders."
But is this really the case? Since the love between each other is pure and loyal, why did Zhang no longer appear in the public eye after the incident? Why J███ attended radio events alone?
We recently interviewed Lily and Amanda, members of The 5th Dimension, and the two also confirmed in the interview that the relationship between the two has been ruptured, and it has even ended:
"It is also difficult for us to assert how their relationship is now… J███ McLee moved out of Zhang's house last week. I think it will take some time for them to ease their misunderstandings and conflicts."
"We all believe that Zhang is innocent, but he seems to have been evading this incident. J███ believes that public opinion has caused him too much damage. He is a sensitive and delicate person."
"Tour? We don't know. If Zhang doesn't return, I'm afraid it will be difficult to proceed."

"████ Entertainment Newspaper", April 15, 1969, Issue 17 First Edition "The band finally disbanded! J███ McLee announced that he would hold a farewell tour, but Zhang was absent."
Author:Max King

"████ Entertainment Newspaper", April 15, 1969, Issue 17 Sixth Edition
The 5th Dimension-"The Age of Aquarius" Rating: 0 Author: Max King
"Amidst the public's consternation, anger, and doubt, J███ McLee's "New Age Dream" may have fallen into vain."

"████ Entertainment Newspaper", April 22, 1969, Issue 18, first edition "J███ McLee was attacked backstage at the concert, Zhang's whereabouts are unknown, and he is suspected to have escaped."
Author:Max King

"████ Entertainment Newspaper", April 29, 1969, issue 19, first edition "Latest investigation: J███ McLee was suspected of being violated during his lifetime! Zhang's house was searched by the police"
Author:Max King

"Comet News Daily", April 25, 1969, the first edition "The large-scale anti-Asian anti-gay movement broke out in ████, and the ban on the same voice intensified."
Author:David Thompson

"████ Entertainment Newspaper", April 29, 1969, Issue 20, First Edition "J███ McLee died in an accident? Ten Doubts About the Murder of J███ McLee"

Author:Max King

"Comet News Daily", September 11, 1970 First edition "Privacy incident occurred in ███ Town, ████ State, and the deceased is suspected to be Chinese singer ███ Zhang"

Author:David Thompson,Erik Lizee
…The angry people began to pour gasoline into the house where Zhang was hiding and set it on fire. Zhang tried to climb the roof, but was shot down by the police officer with a shotgun. The police dragged him out of the courtyard, and the people rushed to beat him…
…His body was hung on a burnt house. The police removed him two days later and buried him in a wasteland outside the town. However, his head and genitals were taken away and his whereabouts were unknown….

"████ Entertainment Newspaper," August 25, 1989, Issue 17 Sixth Edition
The 5th Dimension-"The Age of Aquarius" Rating: 89 Author: Manfred Berg
"The original gospel of the Aquarius people, the voice of the times buried by public opinion."

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