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Maria Soma, should have been the favorite of the stars
Her hair spread out in midday, hidden in the quiet undercurrent
Her eyes flickered in the morning light, brewing magnificent dreams

But because of unfaithful love, he gave birth to the offspring of the old son
So, no longer loved by the gods

Chronicle of the Old Ages Chapter of the Scarlet Star

Hello everyone, I am George Ainger (laughs) and I am honored to be here to listen to my speech. We are all people guided by Aquarius, gathered here for the future of mankind…

This is not my home.
What they did made my heart scarred. I just want to leave the city and start wandering.
Wandering to a place where no one will stop me from falling in love with Benny.

…That night, I dreamt that I was somewhere in the universe. The body seemed to have disappeared, but the spirit was soaring between the stars. I saw the dark stars in a line, swirling in the flawless white sky. They scattered the distant nebula, the stardust mixed with the fragrance of azaleas, and the starry sky was soft. Filled by the foam, the starlight melts under the refraction of the foam, dyeing the world into a delicate and sticky fairy tale. I wandered in the fragrance and softness of the stars, and walked into a silver corridor in a dim manner. The corridor passed through the stars and guided me to the distance. At the end of the corridor, I could vaguely see a light shining, reflecting a door leading to a new era. Outside the door, it was a brand new universe. I could clearly see the five men and women standing on the white spires dancing and singing, with happy expressions on their faces, and the song looked like J███ McLee and █ ██ Zhang's swan song…
…A gunshot destroyed everything. The moment the door closed, the stars fell into chaos, the world began to burst and fall… The children’s cries were endless, because they watched their father become a butcher, and this time the gun I pointed my mouth at them…that was hell! Hell! When I woke up it was already the next morning, and I wanted to find ███ Zhang for the first time, but learned of his death…
…We must let ███ Zhang or L██ Zhu be our guide. Yes, I’m pretty sure that without their guidance, human beings cannot resist the new era. We will spend the rest of our lives in dark wars and oppression. Black people, homosexuals, hippies, all disadvantaged groups in the United States must Unite and fight for our future…

Today, Benny and I followed George to bid farewell to the old times.
In the early morning, we followed the Protestants to the homeland of the New Era Church. Along the way, we sang with the birds among the bushes and played with the butterflies among the flowers. At noon, we shared sweet berries and delicious mountain springs. We were tired and lay on the soft grass to enjoy the sunshine, decorating each other with flowers and branches. The beautiful nature cuts off the corruption and hypocrisy of the old age, bright sunshine, clear streams, dense green shade… This is the wealth shared by all the people who pursue the new era.
In the evening, we opened a camp. The women were in charge of setting up tents and the men were in charge of raising the bonfire. My compatriots sat together and sang hymns, telling stories about myself and the teaching of the New Age under the sacred flame… Then I realized that Benny and I were not alone, Jenny and Blues, Zara and Simon… .We are all the same, we are all choosing New Age Education for eternal love and youth.
Under the night, embracing Benny in the tent, feeling each other's heartbeat. Recalling the fairy tale-like today in the hazy dream, and looking at a brighter tomorrow, I feel more happy than ever.
We, who wandered in the old age, finally found the way to the light.

Although ███ Zhang is dead, I can learn from the echoes from Aquarius: If we can eliminate the oppressors and discriminators in the world by 2018, and put their bodies together into a new body In the night of harmonious gathering, let the new body bathe the new body under the stars, sing hymns, and play silver bells. The gods of Shangnuo Aquarius can hear our call. They will call his name at dawn and let wandering The lonely soul is back in a new body…
Everyone who agrees with this approach, please stand up.
From then on, you are members of the Aquarius sect. You will take up the sword to fight against the wicked and guard our homeland…

Today, Benny and I moved into a new home in the new era. The home is not big, but it is very warm. The kind-hearted Jenny and Zara are my neighbors. They held a banquet for us. Thanks to Jenny’s apple pie and Zara’s Lang Mumu, they are all delicious, and I think Benny will also like it very much.
Tomorrow they will lead us to visit and get acquainted with the home of the new era, and we will also decide which sect we will belong to at that time.
I always think that Benny will choose Aquarius, but I still hope to join Let the Sunshine In. Jenny and Zara also suggest that… or make the decision tomorrow! Good night.

The method of resurrecting ███ Zhang is just to prevent emergencies. Retrieving L██ Zhu is our biggest goal at the moment. I will go to the universe on every starry night, listen to the whispers of the stars, search for his figure… Last time, I found his clues in Virgo, he is now in our east… No, I believe that he is not shirking responsibility. He was hurt by us, and we broke our trust in him. If we can use actual actions to prove the existence of the earth’s yearning for love and peace, the trust between Aquarius and the earth on the night of harmony Will be re-established… The gods of Aquarius yearn for love and freedom, medicine and sex must be a strong proof that the earth still has love…
Everyone who agrees with this approach, please stand up.
Since then, you have been members of the Let the Sunshine In sect. You will run through the old age, sing the glory of the new age religion, and eliminate hatred with love…

Starting today, Benny and I have officially become members of the Let the Sunshine In sect. We swear to Aquarius that we will always abide by the teachings of Let the Sunshine In and always believe in the teachings of the new age.
At the evening party, George announced exciting news: he successfully found Zhu lost at the end of Libra last night, and according to his calculations, Zhu is likely to be in the nearby town of ███ , Now we need a small team to look for, but it also means that we must re-contact the things of the old age, and everyone is in hesitation.
In the end, we stood up with two brave black girls. I remember they were a pair of lovers from Mississippi, one named Carola and the other named Gloria. Then two men from the Aquarius sect also stepped up to protect us. They had participated in the Vietnam War. Perhaps Benny would have a common topic with them.
We will set off at midnight, because then it will be the brightest moment in Libra, and the stars will shine for the brave pioneers and illuminate the way for the new era.
Let the Sunshine In

Hello everyone, today is the last time the New Era Church and I have appeared in public view. The New Era Church has always yearned for peace, only to pursue the eternal beauty of mankind; we reject violence and try to prove that there is still peace on the earth… Those capitalists who claim to be scientists and teachers attack us and satirize us all the time.. .We don’t want to shed tears any more, and we don’t want to shed blood. We will stay away from the old society and use our own way to find the new era and its guide…

We came to the town of ███ and distributed the candy and clothing we produced to the children in the town. The local residents received us very warmly and invited us to enjoy a sumptuous lunch together. After the meal, we distributed supplies and asked about L██ Zhu. The answers we got were all the same: I didn't know L██ Zhu, and there were no Asians living here in this town in recent years. Although we had a great time, there was no progress in the investigation in the day, and we would inevitably be a little bit disappointed.
As we were about to leave, one thing caught my attention: a middle-aged woman was standing in her courtyard, staring at us with an imploring expression-her face had severe bruises. …I guess there must have been a serious change in her family, but according to the canon we must leave. When we waved goodbye to the villagers who came to see her off, I saw her crying and turned and walked into the house. I feel very uncomfortable, as a member of Let the Sunshine In, I should offer her assistance.
Let the Sunshine In

…Hello, Professor Mark, we met a few months ago… After listening to your remarks, I think you have a deep misunderstanding and discrimination against new age education because of your superstitious belief in science and education under bureaucracy. . Please think about it carefully, what is education and science under bureaucracy teaching us? Teach us how to fight, teach us how to discriminate against people who are different from us, teach us to be a stepping stone for status and reputation… You must understand that just a few months ago, an innocent life, our guide , It was precisely because of the science and education that Professor Mark said… We did not abduct your daughter. All the believers joined voluntarily. They received the call of Aquarius to come and pursue a new era with me, if There are conflicts in your family. Members of Let the Sunshine In and I are also happy to participate in the adjustment….

The male owner of that family is Mark. The woman I met that day was his wife Elizabeth. They moved here a year ago. Their daughter ran away from home two years ago and there has been no news ever since. Mark always believes that the daughter's disappearance is Elizabeth's fault, while Elizabeth believes that the daughter's disappearance is due to the lack of control and love from the father. The conflict between the husband and wife has intensified and eventually turned to violence.
They also have a son named Benny (yes!), who is a soldier who retired because he lost his legs in the Vietnam War this year. He was taciturn. Elizabeth told me that since Benny retired, he seldom went out, but he likes to use the telescope on the balcony to watch things around the town, and he would use it to watch the stars at night.
“I heard that your religion believes in Aquarius. Aquarius is actually very dark and difficult to find… But if you are willing to stay for dinner with us, I can try to show you where Aquarius is and what it looks like.”
So I stayed for dinner with the Mark family, they were very kind to me. Until Mark tried to learn all aspects of New Era Teaching from me, I had to invite him to join us… Then he stopped paying attention to me. Did i say something wrong?
Maybe tomorrow I should ask Zara and Jenny, they should know something。
Let the Sunshine In

Uh, Mr. Mark, I’m pretty sure that your daughter’s name is not in the new era church roster… The person in charge of the mission must keep a record of the enrollees, and we also keep the retired teachers on file… Please you calm

Today, Benny and I personally buried Benny…I should have done this 2 years ago, but I got too deep.
The relationship between Mark and Elizabeth has returned to its original state. I am very pleased and grateful to see the harmony of the family. I am also very happy to be a part of this family. After Mary returns, I think we can also become very good friends.
Mark suddenly suggested that I should go to college during dinner, which shocked me. Actually, I also really want to… But I have been worried about whether going to university means sentenced teaching, but Zara and Jenny started to encourage me after listening to my wishes. They believed that university is the sacred place where ideas in the new era are born. That being the case, I think I will consider it carefully!
As soon as I got home, I found Benny's letter (sly boy) in my star chart. He invited me to the observatory where Mark worked tomorrow to watch the __ Aquarius meteor shower, the Aquarius meteor shower, how majestic and majestic it would be. Magnificent landscape…
It's time to rest, I'm tired of playing tonight, good night.
Let the Sunshine In

(Silence) I thought, maybe your daughter was not joining us… For safety, I would never allow our preachers to go to Zhang’s martyrdom to preach… Please don’t be so excited, I say everything It’s the truth… (crashing)

It was estimated that I would be very sleepy and tired when I came back, so I decided to finish today's diary ahead of schedule.
Actually, there is nothing to talk about today…then talk about the weird dream I had last night (to make up the number).
I can't remember the beginning of the dream clearly. I only remember that it was midnight and I was walking with an unknown woman (about 18-20 years old) holding hands by a road in the suburbs.
“do we know each other? "The woman suddenly turned her head and looked at me suspiciously, but didn't let go of her hand.
“I don't seem to know…Who are you? "I also turned my head and looked at the woman. It was strange that although I had never seen her, she gave me a subtle intimacy.
“My name is Marina, and I live in with my parents.”
“It’s a coincidence that I was also born in , but I have never met my parents.”
“It’s probably a good thing not to have seen it. It’s not a good thing to have troublesome parents.” She was silent for a while. “They quarreled again yesterday…this time it was also because of father’s alcohol problem.”
“It's so pitiful, so you decided to run away from home?”
“I want to find a place to be quiet, better than being with them.”
“Well, but maybe they have settled and are worried about you.”
“It’s okay, I’ll run away all night… You may be surprised, but I’m already the mother of a child, and I won’t leave my child because of these things… I have told my husband in advance if He can't worry about coming to pick me up.”
“Well, that's nothing, I'm almost done… Where are you going tonight?”
“Do you know, thanks to Halle, tonight will be the most spectacular moment of the η meteor shower, and I want to go to a suitable place for stargazing to witness this spectacle.”
“Oh, my boyfriend also invited me to see the meteor shower tonight, but I don’t remember the name.”
“That must be η meteor shower.”
“Hum, do you want to see it together? My boyfriend’s father is a professor of astronomy, and we can use the observatory in his university.”
She didn't speak, just looked up at the sky for a long time, and then let go of her hand.
“I realized that the starry sky we look up to may be different.”
“I can't understand your starry sky," she stopped, her eyes didn't move away from the sky, but her eyes gradually lost their brilliance, "their shapes, their colors, and their dances are all extraneous.”
“…Are the stars there arranged in a fork shape?”
“The stars in your state are not target-like, are they? Although the stars we talk about are not consistent…I still prefer our starry sky anyway…I think I have to go.”
A car drove from behind her and slowly stopped beside her.
“Goodbye, good luck." She got in the car, "Go to Aquarius.”
"Okay, go to Aquarius." The driver is a middle-aged man. I didn't see his appearance clearly.
The car drove away, and I stood there, looking up at the dark sky. There were only a few stars in the sky, and I couldn't recognize where Aquarius was.
Then I woke up.
How come you write so much before you know it! Just now I learned that Jenny and Zara went out to purchase supplies today, they can't send me! It seems that I can only go by myself. The appointed time is 7 o'clock tonight. I don't want to miss the appointment.
(There should be a picture of meteor shower or Benny when I come back)

Let the Sunsine In

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