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File Number:File-CN:19860610/SCP-CN-1050-AA2

Confidential:2/CN-1050 5/CN-1050

file type:Audio/video transcription

Description:SCP-CN-1050-AA2 is a 3:22-minute video taken by Wang █ and Ye ██, members of the Propaganda Department of ██ High School in Sichuan Province, China from 8 am to an unknown time in the afternoon on June 10, 1986. The foundation divides the video into 3 parts according to the shooting location and time: classroom, auditorium and school gate.

Classroom part:

<Start of photography, location: No. 1010 classroom of ██ High School in ██ City, Sichuan Province (at the time Class 8 classroom of 1986), time: 8:00-10:05 in the morning>
The 7 people mentioned above sat together to discuss the ideal university and work. From the dialogue, we can learn:

  • Ye ██ hopes to study at the same university as Wang █: ██ University of Technology。
  • If the college entrance examination results are not satisfactory, Li Yi █ may choose to join the army.
  • Liu Zeng █ hopes to become a journalist, but her family even wants her to engage in education.

When Ye ██ talked about going to the same university with Wang █, she immediately hugged Wang █ and kissed her on the forehead. The other 5 people laughed and applauded. At this time, the camera accidentally Liu Zeng █ was knocked down, and the camera turned to Zhang Ru's direction, but Zhang Ru was no longer in his seat at this time and seemed to have left the classroom. After Liu Zeng█ straightened the camera, Ye ██ found that the camera was about to run out of power, and the other 6 people waved goodbye to the camera.
<Photography interrupted>

Auditorium part:

<Start of photography, location: ██ High School Auditorium, ██ City, Sichuan Province, Time: 11:45 am-13:00 pm>
The camera was fixed in front of the dressing table. Wang █ and Ye ██ stood in the backstage of the auditorium, wearing formal dresses waving to the camera. According to Wang █, the Symphony Club is rehearsing the symphony that will be performed to school leaders in the afternoon. Wang █ took out a repertoire one-way lens to show the repertoire. I believe there are more than 5 repertoires. The recognizable repertoire includes:

  • Nie Er-"The March of Volunteers" Singing: All members of the Chorus
  • The 5th Dimension - "Aquanorius/Let the Sunshine In" Singing: ██ High School Class 8 of 1986
  • John Pound Otway, Li Shutong-"Farewell" Singing: All teachers and students of ██ High School Class of 1986

After the show, Wang █ and Ye ██ began to make up and talk, mainly based on the past campus life. From the dialogue, we can learn:

  • The two met in the last semester of high school and soon became friends
  • Wang █ was able to enter the symphony club because he was recommended by Ye ██
  • Wang █ was harassed by someone some time ago, but the incident was finally resolved with the help of Ye ██.

After talking for a long time, Ye ██ suddenly looked to the right in surprise. Two men in the same dress (Zhu Jun and Song █, respectively, the president and vice president of the symphony club) appeared in the camera and embraced each other. And had a brief conversation, from the conversation we can know:

  • Zhu Yue will study abroad in August. Both Wang Ye congratulated Zhu Yue
  • Zhu Yue invited Wang Ye to the party before going abroad, and both agreed
  • Zhu Jun asked about Zhang Ru's mental state. Wang █ and Ye ██ looked at each other for a while and did not answer. The three fell silent, and Song █ greeted the three to leave.

Before leaving, Ye ██ said he wanted to keep his dressing and dressing table, so the three of them left first. Ye ██ sat in front of the camera and looked around for a long time, then hid the camera in the locker and left.
<Photography interrupted>
<The filming started again. Location: ██ High School Auditorium, ██ City, Sichuan Province, Time: 16:00 PM>
The camera was held by an unidentified person in the auditorium. The camera was facing the stage. There were 31 students on the stage, of which 14 students were identifiable (identifiable persons are members of the Symphony Society and Chorus Club, except for The 6 people mentioned in the article (excluding Zhang Ru), the other 8 from left to right are Guo █, Lu ██, Liu Er █, Du ██, Yang Xin █, Deng Tai █, Gao ██, Ge ███). About 3 minutes later, Li Li █, a member of the Propaganda Department, stepped onto the center of the stage and read an opening speech on the theme of graduation and gratitude, and then announced that the concert was about to begin. With applause, Li Li █ left the stage after bowing.
At the beginning of the performance, the first track was consistent with the previous program list (Volunteer March"). The first track was played for a total of 1 minute and 40 seconds. After the end of the first track, the video fell into a silent state and began to experience freezing and screen tearing. When the second song "Aquanorius/Let the Sunshine In" entered the first chorus, the picture was completely distorted. The state on the stage is indistinguishable. After 15 minutes and 40 seconds, the picture returned to normal. At this time, the scene has been transferred from the auditorium to the school gate.

School gate part:

The picture returned to normal, the exact time is unknown, presumably in the evening. The camera owner is presumed to be Ye ██. There are 16 students (including 19 people known except Zhang Ru), 12 of them (including 11 known persons except Wang █, Ye ██, Zhu Jun, and Song █). One of them is unidentified. ) After bidding farewell to Ye ██ and others, he left. The remaining four people left after a brief conversation, as can be seen from the conversation:

  • Zhu Jun appreciated the emergency response capabilities of Ye ██ and Wang █, and thanked the two for their planning of the concert, the host, and the photographic equipment provided by Wang █.

*Ye ██ felt very guilty about what happened today, and finally lost control of his emotions and squatted on the ground and began to cry. Song █ stepped forward and hugged her. The camera slipped from her hand and fell to the ground.

  • Song █ comforted Ye ██ "there will always be a solution." Ye ██ nodded in agreement and hoped to spend the night at his house tonight.
  • Wang █ picked up the camera and put it into his backpack after inspection. After that, the camera lost its image and the video was still continuing.
  • Song █ said that he would take Ye ██ away first. He hoped that Wang █ and Zhu Jun would visit Zhang █ on their behalf. Wang █ and Zhu Jun both agreed.
  • After the two left, Wang █ let out a sigh and asked Zhu Yue "what should I do". Zhu Jun did not answer her, and then the camera's battery ran out.

<Photography interrupted>

Appendix A Follow-up Investigation
After the incident, ██ High School was quickly shut down by the police due to safety obstacles such as equipment disrepair. On August 24 of the following year, the school was declared abolished. However, the old school site remained in a state of desolation until September 2016. █Cultural Co., Ltd. bought it together with the foundation and demolished it.

After August 25, 1986, 34 students from the 8th class of ██ High School died and disappeared. Due to the lack of school information and the late attention, the foundation's protective measures for the 8th class of 1986 had little effect. . As of August 25, 2018, only 1 person is known to survive.

People appear in the video:

  1. Wang █: (Female, January 2, 1969-August 25, 1986, formerly a ██ High School Propaganda Committee and Symphony Member), studied at ██ University of Technology after graduation, and disappeared after August 25, 1986. On September 12, 1986, he was found hanged to death in an abandoned teaching building of ██ High School where he had studied. Local police investigations revealed that Wang █ committed suicide, but his motive was unknown, and his suicide note was not found at the scene.
  2. Ye ██: (Female, October 12, 1968-August 25, 1987, former ██ High School Propaganda Committee and Symphony Member), studied at ██ University of Technology after graduation, but on September 13, 1986 After leaving school on Sunday, her whereabouts were unknown until her dismembered body was found on a green belt in ██ High School, with her head replaced by an astronaut helmet.
  3. Liu Zeng█: (Female, October 12, 1968-August 25, 1993, a former member of the Symphony Society of ██ High School), disappeared while playing with her parents in Lugu Lake, according to an astronomical observation that may have witnessed three people The fan described that on the night when the three disappeared, he found three unidentified people dressed as astronauts walking along the road on the ██ Mountain, 120 kilometers away from Yunnan on the ██ Highway, after reaching a viewing platform. The three began to dance and clap their hands rhythmically. After about an hour, the three suddenly stopped turning to the witnesses and bowed to them, and then all jumped down the cliff. Searches conducted by the local government in the area failed. Three people were declared dead in 1992, and none of their bodies were recovered.
  4. Zhang Ru (female, October 12, 1968-August 25, 2018, was a member of the Astronomical Society of ██ High School, and later joined the Symphony Society). After the accident, she chose to suspend school for one year. She studied at ██ University in 1987, and in 1988 Was ordered to drop out of school by the school. After dropping out of school, he worked as a librarian in the ██ City Library until 2017. In June 2018, he quit his job and went to Hong Kong Tucong Culture Co., Ltd. as a history consultant. On August 24, Zhang Ru was admitted to the hospital due to illness and began to receive hospice care. He finally passed away on August 25.
  5. Li Yi█ (male, October 12, 1968-August 25, 1990, former member of the ██ High School Disciplinary Inspection Department), drowned while playing in Dongting Lake. His body was found in the pond of ██ High School in 1998. It was discovered that the corpse had been boned at the time of discovery.
  6. Deng Yi█ (female, October 12, 1968-August 25, 1989, former member of the ██ High School Symphony Society), attended the ██ Art Academy after graduation, disappeared in 1989, and his body was demolished in 2016█ █ Found in a wall on the fourth floor of the school building when he was in high school.
  7. Xu Jiao █ (female, October 12, 1968-August 25, 1988, a former member of the Astronomical Society of ██ High School, transferred to the Symphony Society in the last semester of high school), studied at ██ University after graduation, and was found in her home She committed suicide by burning charcoal in the bedroom. Her suicide note pointed out that she was depressed because she could not get out of the shadow of being harassed and threatened. She gradually lost confidence in her life and future, and finally chose to commit suicide.
  8. An █ (female, October 12, 1968-August 25, 1992, formerly at ██ High School). After graduation, she studied at ██ College of Art. She disappeared in 1992. After her disappearance, her family received a package The wrapping of its right ear.
  9. Song █ (Male, October 12, 1968-August 25, 2017, former deputy president of ██ High School Symphony Society), studied at ██ Art College after graduation, and in 2017 with his male partner in ████ They committed suicide by jumping off the bridge across the river, and their bodies were found 19 days later at a hydroelectric station on the lower reaches of the river.
  10. Guo █ (female, October 12, 1968-August 25, 1997, a former member of the ██ High School Chorus Club), disappeared while filming a music video in ██ Gobi. The body was not recovered. On the day of his death, the Chinese Internet began to circulate a section titled "The new song of the new generation singer Guo █ leaked in 59 seconds!", which lasted 59 seconds, was a video of Guo █ twitching on a sand dune in a music video shooting suit. At the end Within 10 seconds of, an unidentified man in a spacesuit picked her up and walked towards the top of the sand dune. Then the screen switched to a scene of a toy evolution rocket launching into the sky.
  11. Lu ██ (male, October 12, 1968-August 25, 1994, former member of the ██ High School Chorus Club), disappeared while playing with his daughter in a residence in Hunan Province, and was pronounced dead in 1999. Her body was found 4 meters below the site of her and her family in 2000. When the body was found, she was wearing a spacesuit with her limbs curled up and her hands covering her face.
  12. Liu Er█ (male, October 12, 1968-August 25, 2000, former member of the ██ High School Chorus Club), disappeared after going out to buy food at the ██ Shopping Center at his home, and was pronounced dead in 2002. It is worth noting that the children’s plastic ball pool in the ██ shopping mall has been reported to have a rancid smell after it disappeared. However, after the management cleaned the pool, no abnormality was found. Only a few abandoned children were found. Toy model: a broken limb of a toy doll and a small toy rocket.
  13. Du ██ (female, October 12, 1968-August 25, 1995, a former member of the ██ High School Chorus Club), was involved in the propeller behind the speedboat while riding the speedboat in Qiandao Lake, leaving only the remains of his lower body.
  14. Yang Xin █ (Male, October 12, 1968-August 25, 2003, a former member of the ██ High School Chorus Club), disappeared while working as a lifeguard in Liangzi Lake. The surveillance records of the day showed that Yang Xin █ appeared on the post during working hours on time, and heard the call for help at 10:20, and ran towards the lake. However, it is reported that the scenic spot was not opened to the public on the day of his disappearance to improve the environment. No outsiders entered.
  15. Deng Tai █ (female, October 12, 1968-August 25, 2015, a former member of the ██ High School Chorus Club), disappeared from her house in Beijing. Her parents found out that she had called that night the next morning Nearly 5,000 missed calls and 1 voice message. In the only voice message, a woman suspected of Deng Tai █ was singing a song in an unknown language, which was confirmed to be The Fifth Dimension song "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In" after the interview. Local government and foundation searches failed, and he was declared dead in 2018. Since then, the death of a class 8 student in ██ High School of 1986 has attracted the attention of the Foundation.。
  16. Gao ██ (female, October 12, 1968-August 25, 2004, a former member of the ██ High School Chorus Club), disappeared while conducting scientific research on Lake Baikal. Her body was found embedded in On a rock 1600 meters deep. The video recovered from his body can only tell the situation of Gao ██ after being trapped on the reef. It is worth noting that during the recording, the camera was suspected to have been switched on and off artificially several times and deleted. The existing recordings were divided into 10 segments, and the camera showed that the recording time of each segment was from 2004 to 2004. Year 2014.
  17. Ge ███ (female, October 12, 1968-August 25, 2016, former member of the ██ High School Symphony Society), has been monitored and protected by the Foundation since 2015, but in the same house in 2016 A three-person temporary MTF team disappeared, and the bodies of four people were found hanging on a flagpole at ██ High School.
  18. Li Li █ (female, October 12, 1968-August 25, 2005, former member of ██ High School Broadcasting Station). After graduation, she studied at ██ Vocational College. She started in Sichuan ██ Drinking Water Processing Factory in 1988. Work and disappeared during his work in 2005. The surveillance video that day showed that Li Li █ appeared in the workers’ dormitory for the last time. 15 minutes after Li Li █ entered the dormitory, an unidentified figure dressed as an astronaut (height does not match Li Li █) was dragging a luggage of about 25 inches. Box left the dormitory, and the last time he witnessed him was in the corridor leading to the rooftop.
  19. Jane Doe:(Female, unknown, unknown), unknown

No characters appear:According to available information, there were 34 people in the 1986 ██ High School. Excluding the 21 known, there are still 13 unknowns (one of whom has already appeared). The Foundation is tracking and investigating the whereabouts of the unknown person.

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