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When the stars are juxtaposed, the seventh house shines light,
The supreme joy, the narrow gate will reveal the silver corridor under the caress of the believers,
The oracle descended, drawing the people into the dawn of a new era in the eyes of deep space.
Let the sun shine in—

When the sun shines into Eden, the people sing for joy,
Let the white doves fly, and wish the son of God soar in the sky under the praise of the hymn,
The pure tail feathers allow the angels to draw traces of the clear sky in the long long night.
Let the sun shine in—

Item #:SCP-CN-1050

Object Class: Cinclocerthia

Special Containment Procedures: Updated on May 10, 1989
According to the "Secret Code of Eight Stars", whenever the gods stare at the world, the body of a sinner will be thrown into the abyss of the Death Star, which is regarded as a celebration to call the saints; if all sinners fall into dead silence, the guide will be Wake up and lead the philosophers into the new century.


  1. —α Aqr 1986/6/19 The victim was thrown into the abyss—
  2. α Aqr 2028/8/25 Return soon


  1. 49 G. Aqr 1986/8/25 Hang, give a spine
  2. 115 G. Aqr 1987/8/25 The car is torn apart, and the head is sacrificed
  3. 94 Aqr 1988/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice, sacrifice the lungs
  4. 258 G. Aqr 1989/8/25 Hang, give the sternum
  5. 94 G. Aqr 1990/8/25 The car is torn apart, and the hair is sacrificed
  6. 255 G. Aqr 1991/8/25 The car is torn apart, and the left eye is given
  7. 198 G. Aqr 1992/8/25 Hang, give left ear
  8. 274 G. Aqr 1993/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice, sacrifice of leg bones
  9. 241 G. Aqr 1994/8/25 Behead, give right ear
  10. 213 G. Aqr 1995/8/25 Behead, give up your right hand
  11. 113 G. Aqr 1996/8/25 The car is torn apart, and the left hand is given
  12. 100 G. Aqr 1997/8/25 Be loved by the gods and give all
  13. 189 G. Aqr 1998/8/25 Be loved by the gods and give all
  14. 138 G. Aqr 1999/8/25 Listen to the whispers of the gods and give up your throat
  15. 255 G. Aqr 2000/8/25 Face the Death Star, give your right eye
  16. 268 G. Aqr 2001/8/25 Become a beast in the Colosseum, give up your heart
  17. 119 G. Aqr 2002/8/25 Become a beast in the Colosseum, give up its intestines
  18. 144 G. Aqr 2003/8/25 Become a beast of the Colosseum, give up its spleen
  19. 136 G. Aqr 2004/8/25 Become a beast in the Colosseum, donate its kidney
  20. 236 G. Aqr 2005/8/25 Leaving the car, giving up the skin
  21. Gliese 898 2006/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice, sacrifice the left brain
  22. WASP-165 2007/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice, give a big finger
  23. HD 214810 2008/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice, ring finger
  24. HD 219659 2009/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice, offering a little finger
  25. HD 214448 2010/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice, offering the middle finger
  26. HD 213429 2011/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice, sacrifice the left brain
  27. HD 210434 2012/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice
  28. ω2 Aqr 2013/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice, tooth sacrifice
  29. ε Aqr 2014/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice
  30. λ Aqr 2015/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice
  31. β Aqr 2016/8/25 Voluntary sacrifice, sacrifice nerves
  32. ε Aqr 2017/8/25 Hanging/car torture/beheading, the rebels are not worthy of giving themselves

Maria Soma, the prostitute who betrayed the stars
Use your own blood to guide the old man out of the attack
Use my love to block the way of fleeing for the philosophers

The sun was silent on the night when the meteors passed, and only Aquarius could illuminate the way forward. Under the attack and persecution of the old sons, the philosophers of the new era had nowhere to go. The children and women drank the tears of the galaxy and fled to Aquarius under the cover of almond breath. The man lit his old homeland and fought the old son to the death. Few people favored by the gods escaped by chance, and more brave men turned into cuckoos in the flames with the leaders.

There is no way to go, only towards the end of the east,
Wandering, without a permanent home.
The philosophers are wandering in the starless desert.

There are no more beautiful dreams, only dry tears pass by,
Fallen, drown in the bubble.
The dawn of the stars seemed to sink in the boundless sky.

After the sun was silent, the remaining philosophers followed the guidance of the new leader and crossed the ocean to the far east. This was the place where the guides descended and will be the last hope of the philosophers.
Endless rush and search, finally in exchange for a ray of light

"That girl has the same surname, the same hobbies, and the same pure appearance…"
"There is no doubt that she is destined to be the saint who leads the philosophers! The philosophers often recall her graceful figure in dreams.
"She will grow up under the watchful eyes of the New Era Church until she is inspired by the stars and regains the power to change the world…"

Good but not long

Heresy, framing, discrimination, robbing her eyes of light
On the night when the angels fell, the world fell into the chant of the stars' grievances:

On the night of the saint’s fall, the princes tear the sun
The blasphemer will be annihilated under their anger
Use hatred to stain this blue sky with their blood
And she will pour down billions of swords
For the bloody warriors to wash away their sins

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