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Doctor, there is not enough time for me to complete the next transcoding. For your safety, I do not recommend that you continue to read it.

The content to be corrected has been completed at the same time as transcoding, and all the change commands have been successfully executed.

No thanks, this is what I should do.

I am also honored to work with you, your work efficiency and execution ability are as good as your mentor :-)

Do you have any questions? Please note that issues related to SCP-CN-1050 require level 5 or higher authority, and your level 5 special enforcement right will be suspended when the agreement CN-1050-2018/8/20 is executed.

I can’t answer this question. The identity of the executor of the agreement belongs to one of the encrypted contents of the agreement CN-1050-2018/8/20, and the priority of the agreement CN-1050-2018/8/20 is higher than your 5 special Executive power

The modifier of the agreement is your mentor

The identity information of retirees will be eliminated after 48 hours of follow-up monitoring
During this period, you can locate it through the 5-level special enforcement power

Successful positioning
Zhu Jun Former 4/CN-level personnel Hong Kong Kowloon Update 2018/08/24/20:00

Do other commands need to be executed?
According to CN-1050-2018/8/20 execution, there are still 30 seconds

Logged out of the current account

Good night, Dr. Wang Rujun

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