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Item #: SCP-CN-1099


Image of SCP-CN-1099 prior to containment. Photographed 19██

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1099 is contained in a specially constructed containment chamber in Site-CN-██, and is to be inspected and maintained on a monthly basis. Access to the chamber is prohibited except for Class B or higher experiments and regular maintenance.

Description: SCP-CN-1099 appears to be a tin of sardines produced around 190█. It is 6 m long, 3 m wide and weighs a minimum of 2.8 t; when the number of people within the object exceeds ██, the weight of the object reaches a maximum of 6.4 t and does not increase further with additional occupants.

The object can be driven normally, and it has been discovered that it does not require any fuel, though it will still produce exhaust which has been confirmed to be composed of [REDACTED].

The tin appears to have a strong mind-affecting effect; the organism sitting in the driver's seat and the sardines in the carriage experience different effects.

The anomalous effects of the object manifest when the interior of the carriage becomes "crowded"1, with the mind-affecting phenomenon becoming more apparent as the number of occupants increases. It has been discovered that the number of occupants the object is capable of holding is inconsistent with its external appearance, with the highest recorded passenger count being ███ sardines at the same time. There does not appear to be an upper limit.

The mental effects experienced by the sardines consist of:

  • Mental dissonance, in which the subject believes they have always been a sardine
  • Believing that other "passengers" are sardines
  • A nonexistent smell of sardines
  • Believing the object is a tin of sardines

The mental effects experienced by the "driver" consist of:

  • Explosive temper
  • Changes in speech patterns, increase in usage of vulgarities; however, the meaning is always "something [REDACTED] related happened with the object"

The effects on the object itself consist of:

  • As the number of passengers increases, the object will shake while in operation
  • An explosive black smoke from the exhaust pipe
  • Surrounding observers believe the object has always been a tin of sardines and perceive an unpleasant smell

All organisms who are affected by the object's properties will not wish to leave the object; however, besides the above effects, affected subjects retain normal behavior.

When the number of occupants reaches ██ or the object has been driven for ██ h, the object will produce a noise at over 90 dB, a large volume of black smoke will be produced from the object's exhaust pipe, and the object will cease to move. At this point, all living beings inside the object will exit it. The person in the driver's seat will access the engine and attempt to inspect it, and will be able to restore it without using tools. Following this, the driver will leave the object behind of their own volition; however, the effects caused by the object will still occasionally manifest.

In the following 2 days, the anomalous qualities of the object will not manifest, and the object can be normally operated and boarded without mental effects up until the 2 days have elapsed and the activation conditions are once again fulfilled.

All effects of the object on organisms will automatically dissipate within 2 days of leaving the object. Research into the area of effect and intensity of the tin of sardines' effects is still being researched further.

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