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    Item #: SCP-CN-1109
    Object Class: Thaumiel
    LEVEL 5/CN-1109

    Special Containment Procedures: Except modules necessary for the maintenance of the operation of the system, all redundant narrative imprints related to SCP-CN-1109 have been erased, including its construction history, participants and housing facility. SCP-CN-1109 has been locked and anchored on the narrative buffer level. Access to information related to SCP-CN-1109 is restricted to the Overseer Council and Class A personnel with level 5/CN-1109 clearance.

    If the logical stability index of SCP-CN-1109 falls to below -2, Procedure "Tapered Spear" will be activated and deconstruct SCP-CN-1109 in 72 hours.

    Current Stability Index: +99.

    Description: SCP-CN-1109 refers to Project Longinus directed by the Pataphysics Department of the Foundation and its principal product, whose subsystems are as follows:

    • Static Logic Locking Array

      The Static Logic Locking Array can anchor and lock a specific narrative domain in order that its logical continuity remains static and relatively independent of the current narrative plane. Once the narrative domain is locked and the stability index is higher than -2, its metaphysical structure will not be disturbed and overwritten by the outside world, thus it can safely extract other subsystems from the current location and deploy them to the designated location.

      At present, the complete "Project Longinus" system is stored in the Static Logic Locking Array, including the Array itself.

    Message from Dr. Penelope Panagiotopolous, Director of Pataphysics

    Overseers, I'll go straight to the point: We have already known that our world is a fictional story written by a group of authors, also known as swn001-1 entities. Their writings are unquestionable objective reality for us.

    After the Pataphysics Department was allowed to analyze the Category-Aleph Room ("Greatest Concern") reality modification database position, we realized that its true nature was strongly metaphysical. Over the next few years, the Pataphysics Department devoted a lot of energy to the field of metafiction, and the final result was the Static Logic Locking Array, a stable and controllable extradimensional solution. It is a container that allows us to write a special chapter of our own.

    • "False Echo" Basic Narrative Imprints

      The "Project Longinus" system's Basic Narrative Imprints have been completed. In order to ensure the stability of the system in different narrative planes, elements of characters, plots and environment are compressed to a minimum. Dr. Penelope Panagiotopolous is the only character written into the narrative as its principal guide.

    Message from Dr. Penelope Panagiotopolous, Director of Pataphysics

    Narrative Imprints, generally called "canon" and "script", are not very new in Pataphysics. Extranarrative operations date back to 2010, among which Operation ÓverMeta is the largest one. Although it cannot replace our gods, the Pataphysics Department has the ability to put our characters and plots into books or out of the screen.

    However, "Longinus" is not a investigation mission or a containment one, or even to break the fourth wall and write a super meta story, but to build a weapon.

    • "Shining One" Passive Probe

      Due to the locked logical continuity of the "Project Longinus" system, it is impossible to recalibrate the system's target. The only practicable plan is to utilize the Passive Detection Device.

      The "Shining One" Passive Probe is an improved model of the old "Θ" Type Detection Device. After an swn-001-1 object interacts with the "Project Longinus" system, the Probe will be activated and obtain the metaphysical imprint coordinate of the object, then retrieving "SCP" narratives that match the object.

    Message from Dr. Penelope Panagiotopolous, Director of Pataphysics

    If you look on every anomalous item in the database from a metaphysical perspective, you will find that object classes and containment procedures are all irrelevant. Threat Levels, ACS Classification, canons, stories and narrative techniques are all duckweeds floating on the stream. There is only one thread that really intertwines all the beasts, demons, heroes, villains and gods in the world: authors.

    • Warhead

      Inject the Anti-Narrative Concept to "SCP" narrative blocks with the Abstract-Metaphysical Structure Injector, in order that its narreme interdependence collapses and causes echelon effect, neutralizing designated anomalous items on the current narrative plane.

      According to the observation results of "Shining One", there is a metafictional resonance among narrative domains concerned with the same swn001-1 imprint. After the Probe locks the target, the anti-narrative injection attack will proceed synchronously among all the narrative blocks, triggering a chain reaction.

    Message from Dr. Penelope Panagiotopolous, Director of Pataphysics

    Without footprints left, has a traveler really crossed the jungle; Without being told, has a story really been written? Once the project is completed, this unordered and chaotic world will be forgotten.

    There will be no more forerunners disappearing in the dark, no more screaming sadness. This is our way to kill gods. This is our Spear of Longinus.

    Procedure "Passover"

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