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Item #: SCP-CN-111

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-111-1 and -2 are contained in independent containment chambers in Site-██. Relevant procedures apply for standard humanoid containment protocol and animal containment protocol.

Every year, starting at 0:00 on ██/██, security personnel at relevant containment facilities are to take extended precautions and seal the exterior of the facility; intelligence personnel are to keep close watch for any possible anomalous occurrences within 100 km of the facility. These activities are to continue for 30 hours. If SCP-CN-111-3 instances are found, assigned teams are to conduct an assessment of the threat posed and, when required, send out a Mobile Task Force to deal with the anomaly. All personnel on site are to receive Level 2 memetic resistance training.

Description: SCP-CN-111 is the collective designation for a series of entities. SCP-CN-111-1 is a male humanoid (previously Chinese citizen of Han ethnicity Zheng ████████), confirmed to be a mid-level member of the Galactic Federation. The subject's body hair is uniformly golden; DNA analysis shows that this is a non-anomalous genetic mutation. However, according to testimony from SCP-CN-111-1 and related personnel, this kind of hair color mutation is seen as having a certain meaning to the Galactic Federation, which led to SCP-CN-111-1 being venerated as "Great President, Venerable Jinshen" by its branch of the Federation.

SCP-CN-111-2 is an anomalous organism, measuring 2 m in length and massing 60 kg. In terms of structure and behavior, it is similar to a female housecat (Felis catus); however, its entire body is covered in black fur, with occasional spots of silver light emitted from its body. Genetic analysis shows that SCP-CN-111-2 does not belong to any known species. Investigation showed that SCP-CN-111-1 became aware of SCP-CN-111-2's existence in 19██; following this, the latter has been in the care of the former. SCP-CN-111-2 possesses similar intelligence to a 5-year-old human child and is heavily dependent on SCP-CN-111-1; it refuses any attempts at communication by humans other than SCP-CN-111-1.

SCP-CN-111-3 is a series of anomalous entities. On SCP-CN-111's birthday, █/██ of each year, at irregular timings, a set of SCP-CN-111-3 entities will manifest in a location within 50 km of SCP-CN-111-1 or -2. SCP-CN-111-3 is always composed of a humanoid entity possessing intelligence and capable of communication in Chinese and a non-humanoid entity. SCP-CN-111-3 always move in tandem, and will attempt to contact SCP-CN-111-1.

After making contact, the humanoid entities within SCP-CN-111-3 will use various means to request that SCP-CN-111-1 and -2 establish some form of specialized relations. During this process, SCP-CN-111-3 may use violent means, and in some cases the non-humanoid entities within SCP-CN-111-3 may possess dangerous anomalous properties. Approximately 25 hours after manifesting, the two SCP-CN-111-3 entities will ascend into the atmosphere at a speed exceeding 346 km/h and eventually disappear (in some cases, they will disappear immediately); no material has been able to prevent this ascension.

In all █ of the SCP-CN-111-3 manifestation incidents recorded so far, SCP-CN-111-1 has constantly rejected all requests from SCP-CN-111-3, for the reason that "they are demons from the Boxun Devil Star Sect, and cannot be trusted". Regarding whether these instances have made any agreements with SCP-CN-111-2, SCP-CN-111-1 has not provided a direct answer.

On 1994/█/██, an entity similar to a Tyrannosaurus rex manifested in [REDACTED] City, causing a gathering of Galactic Federation adherents. Foundation intervention and investigation revealed the SCP-CN-111, and the incident is confirmed to be a SCP-CN-111-3 manifestation event.

Addendum: Recorded SCP-CN-111-3 instances (excerpt)
Year Description
1990 SCP-CN-111-1 states that this is the first time it encountered SCP-CN-111-3. According to its testimony, the entities that manifested were a male with glowing patterns on its body and a white rabbit-like entity. SCP-CN-111-1 stated that the humanoid entity referred to itself as "Premier Protector of the Great Rabbit Star α"; the entity allegedly broke into his home, killed an observer claiming it was "a threat", and requested to "marry" SCP-CN-111-2. SCP-CN-111-1 stated the rabbit-like entity possessed a large number of teeth, and upon being rejected it ate the pet tortoise in the house and bit SCP-CN-111-1's cousin. Foundation investigation revealed that SCP-CN-111-1 did not possess any living relatives in 1990, and there is no evidence to show this incident actually occurred.
1994 The first SCP-CN-111-3 in Foundation records. Manifested as a female humanoid wearing ethnic clothing of an unknown group and a 10 m tall entity resembling a Tyrannosaurus rex. Both entities manifested in a city, causing hysteria. After being detained, the humanoid entity stated it was "Protector of the Dharma, from the Dharmic Ship of the Heavenly Dragon Star β". For the interview with this entity, see Addendum 2.
1996 Entities manifested consisted of a male humanoid with golden hair wearing a blue uniform and a white cylindrical entity. The cylindrical entity was constantly floating and was capable of achieving speeds up to 490 km/h; the humanoid entity was riding upon it. When the entity manifested, it broke through the window of an office building. Upon attempting to break into SCP-CN-111-1's containment chamber, the humanoid entity hit its head on a door frame and fainted. During its flight trajectory, the entity left a large number of flyers behind it; the print quality of the flyers was poor, and analysis of the ink did not reveal any anomalies. The contents of the flyers consisted of excerpts from the Galactic Federation scripture The Buddhist Fairy Discusses the Wonderful and Joyful Life of the Galactic President Buddha, with the text "Announcement from Rider γ Preacher, Supernova Officer" added.
1999 Entities manifested consisted of a naked male humanoid and a 30 cm golden sphere emitting light fixed to its [REDACTED]. Entity requested to meet SCP-CN-111-1, and upon being refused stated it wanted to "preach the Great Sun Lion's Roar" and began to [REDACTED], the sphere continuing to produce a large amount of light. Following this, all personnel in the Site, regardless of whether or not they were specifically at this location, claimed to be able to see SCP-CN-111-3 manifesting in front of them and performing this action. SCP-CN-111-1 also claimed it had seen this, but could hear the entity attempting to persuade it. Following this, 16 members of Site staff requested counseling.
2000 Entities manifested directly above Site-██, approximately ████ m above the ground and outside of the atmosphere. Only a blue sphere ██km in diameter was observed; the humanoid entity has not been discovered. The entity maintained geostationary orbit and constantly sent out a wireless signal towards the ground; following analysis, the signal was found to consist of audio, namely a female voice claiming to be "Venerable Disciple Envoy of the Master who Perceives the Solar System from Uranus" making constant requests to SCP-CN-111-1, and posing a threat that non-compliance would lead to "dangtou banghe"1. The signal interfered with wireless communications in a large radius around Site-██, and caused serious containment failure. The signal was later confirmed to have memetic qualities similar to those used by the Galactic Federation to transmit their teachings. Approximately 14 hours after manifestation, the entity began to descend towards the ground at a speed of 2 km/h, but disappeared before the Foundation could take further measures.

Addendum 2:SCP-CN-111-3-4 Interview Log

Dr. ██████: Who are you?

SCP-CN-111-3-4: I am Protector of the Dharma, from the Dharmic Ship of the Heavenly Dragon Star β of the Galactic Federation, Xieli Bafeite. That is my steed, Divine Dragon Xiaotian.

Dr. ██████: So you're an alien?

SCP-CN-111-3-4: No, no! You know, the galaxy is very big, and there are various kinds of life. All beings are equal, a happy family. We are all led to attain nirvana by the guidance of the Great President.

Dr. ██████: So why did you come here to look for Zheng ████████?

SCP-CN-111-3-4: He is the newly chosen one of our Zodiacal Protection and Venerable Nine Stars, as dictated by karma. Karma is very strange, as you might know. That the stars of the galaxy have a Great President is all arranged by karma…

Dr. ██████: [interrupting] Could you tell me what this "newly chosen one" entails?

SCP-CN-111-3-4: Oh, the Zodiacal Ministry is missing a Cat. The Great President designated him to take on that role, under the title "Golden-Haired Prince Watching Over the Celestial Cat E".

Dr. ██████: And so you came to get him to take on that role?

SCP-CN-111-3-4: Yes. My friend, you must know the Federation's lives are full of joy; our Enlightened Preaching Starship of God's Light is making its rounds in the stars every day. You see, in the Great Bodhisattva Officials' glory, the Great President explains the scripture every day on the Capital Star, and the Starship encircles the lasers in the sky…

[SCP-CN-111-3-4 continues to speak on a large volume of incomprehensible and logically inconsistent content.]

Dr. ██████: Please, we can talk about this later. Those people who manifested before you, are they your, erm, Protector colleagues?

SCP-CN-111-3-4: Yes. Our Zodiacal Protectors and Venerable Nine Stars are in charge of passing on and protecting the Dharma in this secondary area of space, in order to ensure everyone can accept and learn the teachings with the help of the Great President and the Buddha's Light. This kind of work is very flashy; the Buddhist Fairy Bodhisattva told us so.

Dr. ██████: So these people before you also came to persuade this chosen one, but they failed?

SCP-CN-111-3-4: That's right. For some reason, he just doesn't want to! Why doesn't a good life under the Federation move his heart? There's no trouble at all to combine rooms. The beings under the Federation are all a happy, indivisible family, why doesn't he…

Dr. ██████: Wait, combining rooms?

SCP-CN-111-3-4: Yes, combining rooms and resonating with the galaxy's energy is a holy truth all Venerable Protectors must understand; only those who have combined rooms can take flight and protect the Dharma. Every day, I must devote myself to my spiritual growth, like Xiaotian, for two hours, which allows the Buddha's light in this sun, moon, and galaxy to flow through my body, becoming the senses and allowing me to find the great balance between life and the galaxy. Only then can I take flight where I stand.

Dr. ██████: Just to confirm: Your goal is to persuade Zheng ████████ and that… cat, to [REDACTED]?

SCP-CN-111-3-4: That's not wrong! My friend, though you haven't heard the scripture, you are a bright one! The Federation needs people like you!

Dr. ██████: And if he refuses?

SCP-CN-111-3-4: The Seventy-seven Disciplines One Must Respect in Federation Meditation, as published by the Great President says it very clearly, seeing a lost citizen and not teaching him to walk the right path is against what the Great President said in the [incomprehensible] Summit; these citizens' lives will not be happy. We will take turns leading him to the right path - if the Zodiacal Protectors cannot do it, then the Venerable Nine Stars will try, and if the Venerable Nine Stars cannot do it, well, the Galactic Federation has never seen such a stubborn citizen.

The two entities comprising SCP-CN-111-3-4 rapidly ascended at █:30 pm on 1994/█/██, breaking through the containment chamber's ceiling and rapidly ascending into the atmosphere before tracking was lost. No further research measures could be taken against these entities.

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