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Item#: CN-1123
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A section of SCP-CN-1123-███

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the special properties of SCP-CN-1123, it is currently impossible to fully contain the anomaly. All ███ decoded SCP-CN-1123 specimens are to be stored in Site-CN-██'s Low Temperature Biological Sample Room █. By order of ██████, all research into SCP-CN-1123 has been terminated.

The Foundation has taken control of all 62 databases worldwide containing data on SCP-CN-1123, including the American National Center for Biotechnology Information database and the Chinese CBMDisc, and a team of no less than 15 personnel from the Media Monitoring Department are conducting monitoring on a constant basis in rotaitng shifts. All individuals or groups attempting to investigate, experiment, or decode information related to SCP-CN-1123 are to be located, made unconscious, and amnesticized using Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-CN-1123 is a segment of human DNA with no hereditary effect consisting of decryptable data. Following processing by the Cameron-Hernández self-decoding system1, a large amount of simple information can be decoded with no apparent source.

The anomaly was discovered in 200█ when data from the Human Genome Project2 was first discovered by a group of Chinese scientists to contain anomalous information. This attracted the attention of the Foundation's Chinese branch, which dispatched personnel to administer Class-A amnestics to the individuals involved in interpretation work.

After investigation into SCP-CN-1123, the Foundation conducted large-scale experiments and discovered that 87.3% of non-coding DNA in the human genome either deciphered to garbage data under this scheme or was [DATA EXPUNGED] that could not be decoded; 5.8% was completely decipherable, and up to 11.3% was at least partially decipherable. In addition, it was shown that all DNA segments containing decipherable information do not mutate or produce drift3, which may relate to the fact that Hume levels around these genes are higher than normal.

By observing the translated information, it was discovered that the information contains basic information relating to mathematics, physics, astronomy, [REDACTED], chemistry and biology known to a Type 0.5 civilization on the Kardashev scale4, as well as small amounts of religious and [REDACTED] information. It is theorized that the remaining undeciphered information consists of knowledge that has not been understood by humanity, and that a civilization capable of understanding 50% or more of the information in SCP-CN-1123 would be a Type II or higher on the Kardashev scale. Foundation researchers' views on the undeciphered information in SCP-CN-1123 differ widely, and some researchers theorize that SCP-CN-1123's information may come from [DATA EXPUNGED].

It is currently unknown whether other species' blank DNA segments contain SCP-CN-1123, and research is currently underway terminated on order of [REDACTED].

Warning: The following document is restricted to 4/CN-1123-21 clearance.

Unauthorized access will be recorded and subject to disciplinary action.

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