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Item #: SCP-CN-1138

Object Class: Safe


Wild SCP-CN-1138 instances discovered in ██████ Flower Garden, Xi'an

Special Containment Procedures: Ten instances of SCP-CN-1138 are to be contained in a 3 x 3 x 3m Standard Anomalous Plant Containment Chamber. The interior of the containment chamber is to follow Level 2 biohazard protection protocol, and is to be equipped with automatic nutrient supply systems to maintain the continued life of SCP-CN-1138.

MTF-庚午-93 "Lone Flowers, Admired Together" is to search for, contain and incinerate wild SCP-CN-1138 instances worldwide.

Copying or broadcasting of artistic media influenced by SCP-CN-1138 is forbidden. Foundation webcrawlers are monitoring for such copies of affected media and will block and remove them upon discovery. Repeated exposure of media to SCP-CN-1138 is forbidden without special authorization.

Description: SCP-CN-1138 is the collective designation for a type of plant similar in appearance to pink multiflora roses (Rosa multiflora var. cathayensis). Besides their superior growth activity1, their physical and chemical properties are roughly identical compared to standard pink multiflora roses.

The anomalous properties of SCP-CN-1138 manifest when their flowers bloom, producing an anomalous pollen from the stamen.

When a human consumes more than 200 mg of anomalous pollen, they become incapable of normally perceiving any form of "anime" media2; the observed media greatly differs from the original work and is dependent on the subject of viewing, but typically differs in a way that would elicit a negative reaction from the viewer. These subjects are referred to as SCP-CN-1138-1.

This anomalous property only affects SCP-CN-1138-1, but affects viewing in any form, including but not limited to audiovisual media, textual media, viewing recorded copies, and using other observational devices. If unaffected human subjects observe the same "anime" media along with SCP-CN-1138-1, only SCP-CN-1138-1 will observe the anomalous media; however, other human subjects can view the affected media through copies recorded by SCP-CN-1138-1. For further information, please see Experiment Log 1138-1.

SCP-CN-1138-1's anomalous property is irreversible; dissection of SCP-CN-1138-1 has not revealed any discernible pathological features, and it is unknown how SCP-CN-1138 causes its anomalous effect.

Experiment Log 1138-1: The following experiments are to determine the mutual interactions between SCP-CN-1138-1 and affected media. Where otherwise unspecified, the description section is derived from a copy recorded by the subject, compared to the original media. For further experiments, see Archived Experiment Log CN-11383.

Discovery: On 2022/03/28, the Foundation internet safety department discovered a large volume of anomalous artistic media being broadcast and discussed. In response, they sealed the information and began an investigation. The Foundation security department locked down an apartment building in ██████████, Xi'an, which was at the source of the anomalous information, and isolated and contained the occupants of the building. The Mobile Task Force discovered the original specimens of SCP-CN-1138 in Room ███ of the building; however, its occupant has not been located.

A card was found inside the soil in which the original plants were grown:

My feelings are far more important than all the things you love.
— A certain heartbroken Florist

It is thought that SCP-CN-1138 is related to the Group of Interest "Fixed Flowers". Further investigation is underway.

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