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Item #: SCP-CN-114

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A greenhouse has been constructed around the location of SCP-CN-114; the roof of this structure can be opened. During SCP-CN-114's proliferation period, the greenhouse should be completely sealed to prevent SCP-CN-114 from spreading. All direct contact with SCP-CN-114 requires approval from 2 members of Level 3 personnel, and must not exceed 2 hours.

Investigation into "Nirvana" is underway.

Description: SCP-CN-114 is an unknown plant organism of the genus Pinaceae, located in [REDACTED]; besides SCP-CN-114, no traces of life have been found in this area, and no SCP-CN-114 exist outside this area. SCP-CN-114 possesses a high hardness and cannot normally be damaged; in addition, it does not need to carry out photosynthesis.

With the exception of the main trunk and roots, all parts of SCP-CN-114 are composed of an unknown smoke-like material; this smoke is dark gray, typically appears to be floating upward1, and is not affected by air currents. Analysis of the smoke shows that it contains traces of skeletal material from a large number of unknown humans. The parts where the branches and leaves of SCP-CN-114 join are composed of a web-like structure similar to screen, with prominent burn marks. SCP-CN-114's "leaves" are spherical dark purple granules. SCP-CN-114 has not been observed to bloom or bear fruit; it has been confirmed that the "leaves" have taken over the function of flowers and seeds.

Every six months, SCP-CN-114 will begin its proliferation period. At this point, SCP-CN-114's smoke-like part will begin to scatter to the surrounding areas, reducing visibility in the area. The granules will slowly become lighter in color and produce red powder. SCP-CN-114-1 will manifest and assist SCP-CN-114 in spreading the powder. At the end of the proliferation period, the area in which SCP-CN-114 can survive increases in size2

If a human subject comes into physical contact with SCP-CN-114's smoke-like parts, their mental and physical state will suffer alterations, including:

  • Skin turning pale, starting from the area of contact
  • Loss of memory, both anterograde and retrograde
  • Loss of vision, beginning from 10 seconds of exposure
  • Consistent hallucinations (see Addendum 114-A)

These changes are irreversible, and increase in intensity with repeated exposure. All subjects exposed for more than 2 hours have been lost.

SCP-CN-114-1 is a type of unknown entity, of which a specimen has not been successfully captured. These entities appear as light gray, net-like triangles, and are capable of passing through obstacles and through the air. It is currently unknown whether these entities are alive and how they are produced. All attempts to make physical contact with SCP-CN-114-1 entities resulted in the entity disappearing.

SCP-CN-114 was discovered after one agent was lost and a task force of three agents returned having been affected by its anomalous effects, and was swiftly contained. At the same time, the area was searched for relevant documents. For information on the documents recovered in the area, see Addendum 114-B.

Addendum 114-A: Description of Hallucination

Preface: After exposing multiple Class D personnel to SCP-CN-114, their descriptions of their hallucinations were recorded (Information has been compiled and unified; slashes denote parts that differed between descriptions)

Once I came to, I found that I was standing at the top of a [building/tower/mountain], looking down at my surroundings; the sky was pale, and all around me were the sounds of [crying out/howling/screaming], like there was an intense struggle. I looked around and discovered the ground was covered with corpses, and my hands were stained with the blood of all sorts of creatures.

Once I saw the blood on my hands, a voice spoke into my ears: "This is the environment this place is in now, vastly different from where you are, because you fulfill your selfish desires in an even more subtle way." I realized that there was a hole in my chest. But no blood came out; rather, something else sprayed out: many granules, and when the granules touched the corpses, they turned into black smoke; every being that touched the black smoke turned [into bone/into white clay/pale] and stopped moving.

And I turned into a tree, tall and grand, and besides my trunk I was producing that smoke. I continued, up until the suffering of that struggle came to an end, and the result of that suffering, too, came to an end.

Addendum 114-B: Retrieved Document

This is reserved for those who can continue our work:

We have created this tree of awakening through the sounds of nature and the twilight in order to liberate life from suffering. All you need to do is to allow whoever wishes to be freed to touch it, and he will be able to leave their worldly self behind and ascend to a higher level.

Perhaps you may not have the time to do so, but this tree automatically expands its range of control, making it more likely to lead those who are lost to the truth.

Of course, we too sincerely hope that after you finish reading this we can let you join our ranks, if you too wish to allow people to free themselves of suffering. We just need to become one again

- Nirvana

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