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SCP-CN-1145 prior to construction of advertising billboards (partial blurring applied to image)

Item #: SCP-CN-1145

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As the object cannot be moved, Foundation agents undercover as mall employees have been stationed to monitor the area. The glass panels on the exterior of the building, through which the object is visible, have been covered with opaque advertising billboards; these billboards are equipped with high-definition cameras mounted on rails that are to maintain recording of the interior of each cabin; if any anomalous effects are detected, the Foundation PRCD department is to be notified.

Description: SCP-CN-1145 is the collective designation for a set of three elevators located in a shopping mall in ██████ District, ███████ City, ███████ Province, China, and the external glass panels adjacent to the elevators. These three elevators cannot be entered, and the locations where the doors for these elevators should be on the ██th through ██th floors are instead structural walls, with no signs of being altered. All attempts to break through the walls or external glass have failed.

The three elevators are continuously in operation, and have no known source of energy; in addition, the elevators only have only been seen to serve the 1st through 7th floors. It is conjectured based on the recording that the interiors of the elevators seen through the exterior glass panels are the interiors of random elevators somewhere in the world serving 7 floors or less. People within the elevators do not perceive any anomalies. All elevators involved in the anomaly are standard elevators with opaque internal walls; no record of glass elevators, maintenance elevators, or any other elevators with opaque carriages being involved exists. Only observation can be carried out from the exterior; all attempts to date to interfere with the interior of the elevators have failed.

The mall was built in 200█, and analysis of the blueprints and construction process did not reveal any anomalies; these elevators did not exist in the blueprints. The reason for which this anomaly manifested is currently unknown; however, it is confirmed to not have manifested later than 200█/0█/██, when it was first discovered. The mall employee who first discovered the anomaly has been amnesticized and released.

A request for further experimentation is pending approval.

Addendum 1145-1: Notable recorded incidents
Date Contents of elevator Suggested location Notes
200█/█/█ Dr. ███ (who was at Site-CN-██ at the time) Site-CN-██ Security camera footage from the interior of the elevator showed no anomalies; actions of Dr. ███ were consistent between SCP-CN-1145 and the actual elevator
200█/█/██ The current President of the United States of America and several security personnel NORAD headquarters After video processing, portions of the information in the documents being held by the President are now available
200█/██/█ A middle-aged man sexually assaulting a student [DATA EXPUNGED] Review of police records identified the suspect and the victim; physical descriptions matched those shown in SCP-CN-1145
20██/█/█ A bloated corpse [DATA EXPUNGED] [DATA EXPUNGED]
20██/██/██ All transparent surfaces in the elevator were covered in red liquid Unknown The location of and events that occurred in the elevator are unknown, pending investigation
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