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The scene of retrieving 3 SCP-CN-116-A entities for the first time

Item #: SCP-CN-116-EX

Object Class: Safe Explained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-116-A entities shall be settled in independent underground Class D personnel dormitory of Area-CN-07, and shall be provided with supplies according to Class D daily necessities protocol. Supervising personnel should assist with living problems of SCP-CN-116-A depending on the situation. If the situation of the subject has abnormal changes, supervising personnel shall lock down the safeguard door and report to subject chief supervisor depending on the situation. Under requirements made by any researchers, SCP-CN-116-A entities can be substituted as normal Class D personnel for usage. Such personnel should be collected according to respective procedures after the application is granted.

Description: SCP-CN-116 is a series of brain neural signals of about █████████ byte in length. Till now there has been not any discovery of its means of propagation nor anomalous memetic property, that is, it is incapable of active propagation. Its propagation process has to rely on technical means to be achieved, therefore it is of an unknown origin.

Those infected with SCP-CN-116 (labelled as SCP-CN-116-A) will seem to unlearn all information they possess, including but not limited to labour skills, language and communication, instinct to struggle when being suffocated, etc. But by effective stimulation, they will gradually regain their obliviated abilities. For example, those infected will relearn how to undergo normal internal circulation within at most 74 seconds after being infected; relearn how to process preliminary analysis of signals from optic nerve within about 6 minutes; relearn how to walk within 30 minutes. For more complicated reactions, respective stimulation is required for revision: for example, basic communication skills require long term communication with the infected, but this is limited to simple questions and answers. Currently, the best result achieved is that a cleaner has regained the skills to clean sanitation facilities, and is employed at Area-CN-07.

SCP-CN-116 was initially discovered within three workers at "rest" at the entry of ██ subway station, ██ city, ██. Surveillance recordings showed that they can undergo normal breathing and internal circulation, and had performed several dozen times of complicated actions similar to scratching itch, flipping over and sleep talking. After this state had continued for 4 consecutive days, other staff members have reported the situation to the local public security station, and three SCP-CN-116-A entities were retrieved by the Foundation in the name of medical treatments. Due to no other SCP-CN-116-A entities being retrieved for █ consecutive years up till the moment, the object is classified as Safe.

Memetic and Infohazards Division of the Foundation has obtained the technology to create SCP-CN-116-A entities through adding memetic paragraphs of oriented propagation to SCP-CN-116, such that the host can infect other personnel by whispering unrecognizable information to the subject for 4 hours. The person in charge of the object Dr. Ecun has undergone a series of related technological researches after this.

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