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Item #: SCP-CN-1169

Object Class: Enochian1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-1169 is currently uncontainable.

Description: SCP-CN-1169 is a blackhole-like intrafictional construct in the form of "a mysterious organization that collects and studies anomalies", manifested by the SCP Foundation itself.

Upon activation of SCP-CN-1169, the object inflates to fill the narrative in which it resides, attracting those who observe the object to be incorporated into the contents of SCP-CN-1169, a process that proves irreversible. Affected people (referred to as SCP-CN-1169-Ω) will appear in the object's narrative mostly as "members of the SCP Foundation", but to a lesser extent as D-class personnel, members of other organizations in the narrative, etc.

During this process, SCP-CN-1169 fabricates narratives in which an object that defies reality is discovered by the Foundation. All incorporated entities (including SCP-CN-1169-Ω) become characters in the narrative, showing personalities and attitudes that are common in the genre. The makespan of a narrative is variable, but the anomalous properties of the fictional objects it describes do not affect the real world. After the completion of a narrative in SCP-CN-1169, the makespan of the next one is extended to a variable amount of time.

So far2, the narration of SCP-CN-1169 has been maintained for 2 months 15 months 4 years 13 years up to now, creating 2000 5000 █████ anomalous objects.

Addendum CN-1169-Ω: The last narrative created by SCP-CN-1169, completed on ██/██/20██.

I As A Novelist Turns Out To Be The One Who Would Save The World


After a stupid author created a work that says "the Foundation's narrative level is an anomaly itself", the SCP Foundation narrative collapsed into a non-selective narrative black hole. It crushes everyone and is going to turn everything into Foundationverse.
So the author who made the mistake goes on the road to redemption with his creation.

Chapter One: Breakage! Crisis of the Narrative Level!

Dr. Ninth: I … What? What's going on?

??????: Hello.

Dr. Ninth: Who are you?

Ninth BBNinth BB: Your creator. Can you see the synopsis?

Dr. Ninth: Sure. So what's going on?

Ninth BBNinth BB: I became one of the characters, and I forgot why I wrote this article. Scroll up further. Can you see containment procedures and description?

Dr. Ninth: Dammit, you wrote this?

Ninth BBNinth BB: So I'm gonna delete it. Help me, please.

Dr. Ninth: But why do I coexist with you?

Ninth BBNinth BB: Because I was diagnosed with mild schizophrenia before I joined SCP to write. I don't wanna sound rude, but you're my...

Dr. Ninth: Stop, it's too fake. What psychotic would admit to their psychosis? And what the hell is wrong with this bullshit dialog????

Ninth BBNinth BB: I deliberately wrote it as an isekai light novel that would be discarded in the first chapter. At least no matter what happens, I can turn the tide, right?

Dr. Ninth: To be honest, so it is.

Ninth BBNinth BB and Dr. Ninth walk through the streets, which have been turned into ruins by various anomalies.
Influenced by the narrative black hole, even the uncle next door became an active MTF member.
All in all, even Satan would be shocked by the hellish sight of reality.

Dr. Ninth: So, what should I do?

Ninth BBNinth BB: You belong to the Pataphysics Department. What about deconstructing this thing?

Dr. Ninth: Lemme see—Wait?! You're the author. Aren't you the one to explain the shit you wrote?

Ninth BBNinth BB: Have you heard of the "Death of the Author" …?

Dr. Ninth: No need to explain, I've heard it many times before. All right, I'll deconstruct it from my own perspective.

Dr. Ninth unfolds the source code, and it doesn't take her long to see the title.

Dr. Ninth: An Impure Fiction Society? What does it mean?

Ninth BBNinth BB: It's not a random choice, but to be honest it probably doesn't matter.

Dr. Ninth: Wait, this object only sucks people into the narrative. Since you call it "society" in your title, you mean the SCP Foundation is essentially a social platform?

Ninth BBNinth BB: Well, maybe. Here we are.

Dr. Ninth: Where?

Ninth BBNinth BB: SCP Work Exchange Salon.

Chapter Two: Intrusion! Darkness of the Author Salon!

Where We Left Off: To save the world, Ninth BBNinth BB and Dr. Ninth enters the SCP Work Exchange Salon.

Member A: Ahhh your work really makes you a Big Name. I got high—

Dr. Ninth: Huh?

Ninth BBNinth BB: You'll get used to it.

Ninth BBNinth BB clears his throat, opens his work in the Salon's computer, and projects it onto the wall.

Ninth BBNinth BB: What do you think of this?

Member B: What's this? It's not Foundation at all.

Member C: Yeah, that's not my Foundation.

Member D: Not as good as their works.

Ninth BBNinth BB: Okay.

After that, he dragged Dr. Ninth with him. They found a corner to sit down.

Dr. Ninth: What the hell is this place?

Ninth BBNinth BB: I don't wanna write tortuous sarcasm. It's a waste of time and brain power. Just watch.

Then someone called "Big Name" shows their work, and the surrounding members swarm around them, screaming in an amazingly high pitch like fans seeing their idol, with some kneeling to them.
After that, one or two people come to Ninth BBNinth BB and draw a minus sign in the air.

Member E: Narrative-heavy articles by normies, ungood. Narrative-heavy articles by Big Names, good!

Dr. Ninth: That's it?

Ninth BBNinth BB: That's it. Let's go.

The duo walk down the street.
More and more anomalies are attacking the city, and even conceptual ones are twisting the passersby. Meanwhile, everyone on the street, immersed in the sense of excitement and accomplishment of being part of the Foundation, chases after the anomalies to contain them.
Somehow, all the anomalies fail to affect the duo.

Dr. Ninth: So what do you wanna convey?

Ninth BBNinth BB: That's the reason I started writing this article, well, at first. I just wanted to write a sarcastic sketch, and I don't know why it ends up like this.

Dr. Ninth: Ugh, you mean bootlickers?

Ninth BBNinth BB: Ah, sorta, maybe. But it should be more than that…

Dr. Ninth: Where should we go?

Ninth BBNinth BB: To the SCP-CN site server. It's a bit far. Let's take a drive. I have a license.

The duo find an abandoned police car on the side of the road and drive off into the distance with their sirens blaring.

Chapter Three: Betrayal! Outcry of the Author!

Where We Left Off: Ninth BBNinth BB and Dr. Ninth head to the SCP-CN site server to save the world.

The people in the streets have shown their fatigue, but they ignore it and work day and night to contain the anomalies that continue to flood.
As a result, several blocks have been razed to the ground.
If this continues, all of humanity will shamefully die of exhaustion.
The situation is alarming.

Ninth BBNinth BB: One question, remember SCP-CN-546?

Dr. Ninth: Ah, it makes people talk nonsense?

Ninth BBNinth BB: Yep. Have you ever wondered how it spreads?

Dr. Ninth: …I dunno. Those infected are extremely xenophobic. I have no idea except for that document … Document? Wait a minute?!

Ninth BBNinth BB: Here's a joke: All an█me fans are brothers.

Dr. Ninth: LMAO, naught out of ten for your humour. But i've kinda got your point.

The car stops in front of a building.

Ninth BBNinth BB: Let's go. The only guard here is an orange cat, that is to say nobody.

After boarding the elevator, Dr. Ninth shakes out a cigarette from the pack in her pocket and hands it to him.

Dr. Ninth: Do you smoke?

Ninth BBNinth BB: I don't smoke.

Dr. Ninth: So why do you make me a smoker?

Ninth BBNinth BB: Because in the virtual world, you don't have to think about lung cancer. I just don't write about it. Actually, I would like to smoke, but the smell of secondhand smoke is too strong and affects my health in the real world.

Dr. Ninth: Is this a canon you've imposed on me?

Ninth BBNinth BB: That applies to all avatars. Think about SCP-3309. Both of you are made up of canons. since that's how characters are created in literary creation. Well … I've got some clues.

Dr. Ninth: Me too.

Ninth BBNinth BB: What is it?

The elevator reaches its destination, the 18th floor.

Dr. Ninth: Nothing. Let's go.

The duo approaches the server. The server is blinking innocently with red and green lights.
It is getting dark, but the affected still contain every anomaly they see for the sake of faith in SCP, destroying everything they reach.
Some have even fainted from exhaustion.
But it seems the riot has nothing to do with the orange cat on the computer room windowsill or the duo.

Ninth BBNinth BB: Here we are.

The computer room is suddenly filled with explosives. The detonator for the explosives appears in Ninth BBNinth BB's hand.

Ninth BBNinth BB: Let's do it.

And Dr. Ninth quickly pulls out her pistol.

Dr. Ninth: I fucking knew it. If you push it down, I'll shoot your hand before you do.

The duo are frozen in place as the orange cat stretches and jumps off the windowsill to leave the area.

Dr. Ninth: I know what you're trying to do, but I still don't understand your motivation. If you wanna blow this place up just because of ignorant fans and cliquism, then you're no different than those stupid fans.

Ninth BBNinth BB: I'm tired of it.

Chapter Four: Echo! Expectation of the Foundation!

Where We Left Off: Ninth BBNinth BB basically wants to blow up the SCP Foundation, and Dr. Ninth points a gun at him.

Ninth BBNinth BB: I'm tired of it.

Dr. Ninth: You don't have to repeat it.

Dr. Ninth slowly approaches Ninth BBNinth BB.

Ninth BBNinth BB: Do you know how long I spend every day after work at this shitty Foundation? Just to come up with some crappy sci-fi fantasy hodgepodge novel? I'm tired. I want to end it all.

Dr. Ninth: But that's not why you wanna fucking blow it up. Gimme the full story.

Ninth BBNinth BB: If I remember correctly, minors are not allowed to join the Foundation site, right?

Ninth BBNinth BB: But do you know how I fucking felt when my 12-year-old brother secretly applied for membership, only to be rejected by the site staff, and threw a g█dd█mned tantrum at me!!!?

Ninth BBNinth BB angrily kicks over a chair in the computer room and holds up the detonator.

Ninth BBNinth BB: The Foundation has become a "thing"! It's hopeless! Look at those negative-rated articles. Have they really read the writing guide before!

Dr. Ninth: But what the hell does that have to do with the good works here?!! Do they have to die too?

Dr. Ninth shoots at the ceiling, breaking a light.

Dr. Ninth: If you find newbies annoying, just teach them. If you can't, just spit behind their backs instead of blowing it up with that "righteous" arrogant excuse!

Dr. Ninth: How are you different from these people? Standing high as a critic to satisfy your noble, cliquey ego?

Ninth BBNinth BB: Have you ever heard of the saying "normies ruin everything"? Are Foundation authors, who huddle together to flatter each other, ever capable of writing good stuff? If you think the Foundation needs such people, are they just stepping stones for good writers?!

Dr. Ninth: That's the path for every meme! You're trying to make the Foundation exclusive even though it's just a subculture. Think about T█kt█k you've never install. The mainstream culture is vulgar! Listen to me. Let it go. Contempt is simply meaningless.

Ninth BBNinth BB: Contempt is indeed meaningless, but how do you save the atmosphere?

Dr. Ninth: That's a necessary evil to become a meme. The path was set the moment they posted 173 to the forum.

Ninth BBNinth BB: ……

Dr. Ninth: Think about yourself. Weren't you a chuunibyou when you heard about the Foundation? I know it. The SCP Foundation is fancy. If I saw such a miracle of cooperation, I would also think it was badass.

Dr. Ninth: However, everyone is essential for SCP to reach its status. Old guards guiding newbies in this new blood. Of course, we don't need pretentious guides… I …

Ninth BBNinth BB: I see your point. But look at the crowd out there. Look at their exhausted look.

Ninth BBNinth BB: They seem to put their lives on the Foundation forever so that they can live in a world of freedom. They can feel close to each other as long as they type on the keyboard, and they can hide in their own world as long as they chat and brag. It seems that the machines in their hands can bring them more warmth than the cold world.

Dr. Ninth: I know. You are me, and I am you. It couldn't be clearer to both of us. You know, of course, that it's ultimately a problem of our times.

Dr. Ninth: The cyberpunk-style reality digests innovation into a plethora of memes and tears creations into various electronic signals. I remember you being exposed to the computer at the age of 6. You certainly know the information age better than I do.

Dr. Ninth: This is how the world works. In a world of information overload, everyone is a distorted ant eating the breadcrumbs of information that the world throws at us. The only thing to do is to compromise. Dude, let it go.

Ninth BBNinth BB: So?

Dr. Ninth: As I expected?

Ninth BBNinth BB deleted the explosives.

Ninth BBNinth BB: I admit you are right. It is the wheel of time and there is no way to stop it. Even if I pushed the button, I just did a stupid thing that I would regret for the rest of my life.

At this point, the orange cat returns from nowhere to the computer room.

Orange Cat: Meow

Then the world returns to normal and Dr. Ninth disappears with the anomalies.
Outside the window, the bright moon hangs high, as if tired of this farce.



Authored by SCP-CN-1169

Dr. Ninth played by Ninth BBNinth BB

Ninth BBNinth BB played by himself

Orange Cat played by an orange cat

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