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SCP-CN-120's screen during Experiment CN-120-███ (sensitive information redacted)

Item #: SCP-CN-120

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-120 is to be contained in a Standard Non-Biological Safe-class Containment Chamber at Site-CN-23. Besides approved testing, SCP-CN-120 is not to be removed from containment; violators will receive Class B amnestic treatment and be reassigned to other Sites. During testing, a computer running Windows 7 or higher is to be used. Following Incident CN-120-H, all testing has been postponed indefinitely until further information is obtained.

If a copied SCP-CN-120 disk is found, it is to be immediately collected and destroyed. All living subjects who have used SCP-CN-120 and any observers are to be administered Class B amnestics.

Description: SCP-CN-120 is a computer game, stored in an optical disk with 25 GB of capacity. When the disk is read by the computer, a single file can be seen on the disk, with its date of creation being 19██/██/██, occupying the entire capacity of the disk1.

Despite its date of creation, SCP-CN-120 can only be run on computers running Windows 7 or higher (i.e. Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10). SCP-CN-120 can be duplicated by burning it onto another disk, but not by copying its contents out onto a hard disk or USB.

After running SCP-CN-120, the screen of a game titled "Heaven's Gate" will be displayed. Testing has shown that there are only five levels; the names of the levels appear to be an age2, as well as an added section in English. SCP-CN-120's graphics appear to be drawn in pixel style.

When a subject executes SCP-CN-120, SCP-CN-120 will immediately jump to the level corresponding to the player's age and begin the game. The backgrounds, events and characters that appear mostly correspond to the subject's environment and history at that time. In addition, all negative effects that the subject accrues on their character will transfer to their physical body; the same does not occur for positive effects. This typically leads to the player dying from wounds accumulated in play. At this point, a message will appear next to the subject, roughly describing the player's cause of death.

In few cases, SCP-CN-120 will display a "Stage Clear" screen and continue to the next stage. Following this, the subject's physical and mental age will rapidly increase; testing has shown that the final age matches the information given in the name of the next level.

SCP-CN-120 can be closed by normal means. However, without external intervention, the player will not be able to exit the game, and must continue playing; except for the physical injury caused anomalously by the game, the subject cannot be injured normally, and in addition the subject does not need to consume sustenance, sleep or excrete waste during this period.

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