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Item #: SCP-CN-121

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-CN-121 is contained in a Foundation-standard storage locker at Site-CN-██. The storage locker is guarded by two armed personnel, who are permitted to non-lethally subdue any person making an unauthorized attempt to obtain SCP-CN-121. Proposed experiments on SCP-CN-121 must be approved by at least one member of staff with Level 4 or higher clearance. Following Incident CN-121-A, all experimentation with SCP-CN-121 is prohibited. Transport of SCP-CN-121 must be performed by personnel not of Han Chinese ethnicity. Foundation agents are to monitor for any objects similar to SCP-CN-121 and, when detected, immediately contain them.

Description: SCP-CN-121 is a circular plastic collar pin badge of diameter 17 mm. The object bears an image of the late Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat-sen on the center. Similar objects are sold at souvenir shops at historical landmarks throughout both Mainland China and the Taiwan Area.

SCP-CN-121's anomalous properties manifest when a person of Han Chinese ethnicity visually perceives it. Experiments have shown that people of other ethnicities do not trigger SCP-CN-121's anomalous effects. Subjects of Han Chinese ethnicity who view SCP-CN-121 will have a strong compulsion to put on the object. At this point, interrupting the line of sight between the subject and SCP-CN-121 will cause the compulsion to cease, with no side effects.

Subjects who put on SCP-CN-121 will disappear after 3 seconds. Attempts at locating the affected subject's location at this point have failed. GPS trackers attached to subjects will lose signal permanently.

The subject (now designated SCP-CN-121-1) will reappear between 12 hours and 3 days later in a meeting room currently in use by any local or national goverment agency in the Greater China area (i.e. Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau), wearing a green Zhongshan suit1, green-blue pants and black leather shoes, with SCP-CN-121 pinned on their shirt.2 SCP-CN-121-1 will immediately begin a speech. Barring directly harming SCP-CN-121-1, there is no way to stop SCP-CN-121-1 from speaking. SCP-CN-121-1's speech will consist of commentary on modern Chinese history, as well as recent political and foreign affairs matters pertaining to the Greater China area. From the speeches of affected subjects, it is clear that SCP-CN-121-1 gain a wide knowledge of these topics, including historical events that have never been officially publicized.3 SCP-CN-121-1's speech will invariably have extremely nationalist views, conveying strong views against Western culture and [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-CN-121-1's speech will also affect all other people in the same room, causing them to become excited, applauding vigorously and shouting slogans at the climax of the speech. Affected listeners will violently resist any attempt to stop SCP-CN-121-1 from speaking, and will attempt to block entry to the room in which SCP-CN-121-1 is speaking. People entering the room where SCP-CN-121-1 is speaking during the speech will also be affected by its anomalous effects. Helmets made with SCP-148 have been shown to resist the effects of SCP-CN-121-1.

After 3 to 7 hours of speaking, SCP-CN-121-1 will finish its speech with "Our revolution is still ongoing, please work hard!" and immediately lose consciousness. SCP-CN-121-1 will remain unconscious permanently at this point.

The Foundation conducted several experiments on SCP-CN-121 following containment. Locations where SCP-CN-121-1 appeared include:

Water Resources Bureau of ███████ City, ███████ Province, People's Republic of China
████████ Municipal Finance Bureau, People's Republic of China
Government Offices of ██████ Township, ████████ County, Taiwan
████ ███ District Council, Hong Kong SAR

Containment Log: SCP-CN-121 was discovered by the Foundation in 20██. A tourist from ██████ City, People's Republic of China purchased SCP-CN-121 at the souvenir shop of the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall while on vacation in Taipei. Upon returning home, he put on SCP-CN-121 and disappeared. The resulting SCP-CN-121-1 appeared ██ hours later during a plenary session of the Republic of China's Legislative Yuan. Foundation agents embedded in the Legislative Yuan immediately alerted the Foundation and blocked access to the Legislative Yuan building. However, the agents met resistance from the affected legislators and chamber staff when they tried to enter the main chamber, and █ agents were affected by SCP-CN-121-1's effects. Given the high-profile nature of the affected individuals, Foundation agents could not break into the chamber directly. SCP-CN-121-1 lost consciousness four hours into his speech. Subsequently, Foundation agents were able to enter the chamber and contain SCP-CN-121. This incident resulted in one of the largest collective amnestics procedures since the inception of the Chinese branch. The relevant SCP-CN-121-1 remains unconscious to this day.

Addendum: Incident CN-121-A

During an experiment on ██/██/██, SCP-CN-121-1-09, formerly D-98658, appeared in a meeting of the O5-CN Council at Site-CN-██ 42 hours after disappearance and attempted to [DATA EXPUNGED]. After ██ hours, SCP-CN-121-1-09 was successfully terminated. The following note was found on his body:

His dying wish is not yet accomplished. We are brothers in arms, and we still need to work hard.
Revive our great Chinese nation, and return our treasure. Expel the █████ barbarians, and [DATA EXPUNGED].
The fish jumps and the roc flies; winter leaves and summer returns. The azure sky becomes yellow; the natural way of heaven shall return.

Following the incident, the Chinese branch management unanimously approved an update of SCP-CN-121's containment procedures, and is currently conducting an investigation into a potential Group of Interest that may be involved with the creation of SCP-CN-121. For more information, please refer to Document TD-12535.

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